The Canada Trucker GoFundMe Incident and How Crypto is the Solution

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For anyone who missed it: there is a massive issue in Canada with Truckers over vaccine requirements and Covid restrictions.

It seems that global governments have continued to push a heavy hand in encroaching on all of our lives. This trucker incident is just another in a long line of outrage over the way that governments and companies are behaving.

It's obvious that a change is necessary. With GoFundMe, they came out against the truckers and nearly stole the money raised in the campaign by pledging it to various charities of their choosing.

Instead, social media won out and the company faced so much backlash that they had to walk back their statements.

This situation and many others continue to feed the narrative that Crypto is the solution to many of these problems of government and corporation overreach.

GoFundMe can be entirely replaced with Crypto. We're seeing the advent of DAOs and other organization-level technology being built out to support the raising of money through cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. This is the future.



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It wont happen overnight but things like this will start shifting how people view businesses, governments and the entire "system" Crypto is pretty much the ONLY thing that's offering up a solution and why I feel it's so powerful. Returning power back to people as a mass instead of a select few. The way it should be.

Pretty wild about them not refunding and "donating it" super sus

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Pretty wild about them not refunding and "donating it" super sus

This part is terrible ! The donator must be so disappointed, their money is not used to support what they wanted to support, they will not get it back and as I understand GoFundMe will be the one who choose which charity to give that money, not the people

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They were actually forced to refund the money and they were threatened with a law suit - this is a huge problem at the moment...these organisations like GoFundMe see government essentially doing whatever they want and trampling on the legal standing of citizens, they decide to follow the example and try to do whatever they want. Trudeau is going to have a huge problem (already does) and a few of the states in Canada have already walked back their mandates. The Canadian military have come out and refused to be used against the people of the protest if they are called, but the police on the other hand, they are being given directives that go against the laws of the was even ruled in a court that their actions were unconstitutional.

I think that this protest (which is now spreading worldwide) is going to do something - what - remains to be seen, but I think that crypto adoption is going to eradicate so many of these issues, it's just not happening fast enough.

This situation is really messed up.

The government's actions are really crappy and I hope that will leads to some changes somehow or other.

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Even if GoFundMe refuses to deliver the donations where they need to go, the only thing to do then is to refund the donations. "Diverting" these donations to "other" causes is both theft and fraud, and GoFundMe should be sued in criminal court if it proceeds along those lines.

(Things may have changed since I last saw that development, but the principle is the same.)

People may not understand #CryptoFixesThis, but they understand the Freedom Convoy. Combine these two things, and we have a winning conversion tool for bringing people into crypto generally and to Hive specifically.

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If you hold any unpopular views this should be a warning shot to get your money out of the banks and into crypto where you hold the keys!

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Not your keys, not your coins.

A word is enough for the wise.

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What we have going on here in Canada is crazy, We are at war with our government and them hitting banks now is why we need BTC, They now are freezing banks as of today so no one is safe.

The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. - Thomas Jefferson

Hi @khaleelkazi
True words.
When I read about this incident I couldn’t believe it. It is such an extreme example of centralized platform abuse, that it feels like they want people to flee centralized platforms!
This incident is such a good advertisement for what is wrong with centralization that I almost though it was a false flag event. But then I realized that perhaps it is better characterized as an excellent example of absolute power corrupting absolutely.

GoFundMe is so rich and powerful that they had a Let them eat cake moment, which showed how out of touch with reality they are and how drunk with power they are..

This story is better then a super bowl ad!

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This story is better then a super bowl ad!


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This situation and many others continue to feed the narrative that Crypto is the solution to many of these problems of government and corporation overreach.

Definitely crypto have come and it will continue to stay because many corporation and government have recognized crypto and it view of them that haven't make crypto as a means of payment. Crypto have changed must people's lives both individual and public bodies.

Add the US confiscating Afghan central bank assets and Russia being threatened with being removed from the SWIFT payment system.

Financial censorship is real.

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The free trade and monopoly countries have a role in this.

Some countries has too many power on others. Like Russia making all the energy in the world go really higher because they now want to keep their gas and the whole World is weakened by that.

Every country try to have power on other and the big ones like USA are really going far like trying to confiscate afghan bank !

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Russia is producing more or less the same amount of energy as it did in February 2020, but energy prices in 2020 were half what they are in February 2022. Energy production by the United States was cut drastically by the United States, and that took place on 20 January 2021 when more restrictive energy production policies took effect. We know what's happened since then.

As for the central bank of Afghanistan, that situation was wrong all around. If the more enterprising Afghans could figure out how to access the USD 1+ TRILLION in mineral resources, they would have a major source of F-You money they could use to keep out interlopers in the future.

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10 years ago, Russia being removed from the SWIFT system for payments processing would have been the kiss of death. Since then, Russia has seen the writing on the wall and moved with other nations to work on establishing an alternative to SWIFT which would be open to any nation.

Additionally, Russia had moved to de-dollarize as much of its economy as possible, and conducts trade with China and a couple of other nations in local currencies.

It won't be fun for Russia to get kicked out of the SWIFT system, but if it ever came to pass Russia would be ready to survive.

Russia could benefit from being friendly to crypto, yet it isn't. Why this is the case, I have no idea.

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Crypto can help humanity, but only if the people fight back.The Canadian truckers and other freedom fighters are being attacked by Trudeau's thugs at the moment. It will be harsh, but we will never surrender, because living under the New World Order is not a viable option.

Seriously this is totally tyranny, how low can governments go. No wonder why they fear cryptocurrency so much, Crypto solve major centralization issues worldwide and bring new possibilities. Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies at root level governance will totally change the world.

Yes, crypto gives control and power back to individuals. Governments don't want this which is why they are making so much effort to stop crypto. Unfortunately for them, they can't stop the tech nor gain full control of the space.

But with centralized crypto projects, they can have some control though.

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Quite a terrible situation to go through for the truckers. Cryptocurrency and decentralization is certainly the way. It helps solves lot of issues, little wonder the government continually kick against it. It is the future whether they like it or not

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The government never fail to show their ugly side every now and then. Incident like this is a testament to why crypto and the Blockchain is the way to help get rid off this corruption and tyranny

Well said!

I mean this act is so uncalled for.

I just hope people learn to rely more on crypto in case a funding issue like this arises again.

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This situation and many others continue to feed the narrative that Crypto is the solution to many of these problems of government and corporation overreach

I have said this and will continue to because I believe crypto is here to stay to change so many things around the world with it's positive impact it has to offer which definitely we can't neglect and I believe sooner or later everyone will embrace and welcome the new future of crypto

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Fortunately it does ! Crazy to see all these tolerant and progressive governments being the MOST authoritarian while picturing their adversaries as the worst dictators.

This will resonate as it is in a West democracy.

Trudeau is done.

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Trudeau is not tolerant and progressive. He tries to show he is but absolutely not.

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If the last 23 months-- from March 2020 through today-- have shown us anything, it's that terms such as "tolerance" and "progressive" are devoid of meaning. These words don't mean a thing these days. Besides people being fed up with things and taking control of their lives back, we should also take back those 2 words and restore them to their traditional meanings.

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Trudeau is done.

Don't be so sure about that. I want to say he is done, but there are a couple of factors which give me reason to no go along with it:

  • Just as in USA, the Canadian schools promote socialism over free enterprise, and Canada is more accepting of socialism than USA;
  • Despite his socialist tendencies, he was re-elected.

As a New Yorker having survived 2 terms under comunist mayor Bill DeBlasio, I make this comment as a cautionary tale. I understand being elected the first time; but even knowing how epically bad he was during that term, he was still re-elected by a majority of the voters of New York City. It could be similar for Canada. I hope I'm wrong here.

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They are already calling crypto the software for white supremacists lol 🤦🏻‍♂️

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Even if I think I'm not supporting the trucker, the government really made shit all over this.
They absolutely stole money from the donators and that's not a good news.

For sure there will not be this kind of problems with crypto. !PIZZA

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Am very sure that we help of cryto they will be a solution to this can solve any problem with cryto.cryto rule the world.

This is where we see clearly the flaws of centralized enterprises. They could only make that decision because they are in full control of the funds in that account. On the other, crypto proves to us that we can be in charge of our funds.

CryptoFundMe is more reliable.

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Definitely true that crypto would be the solution. Especially since I just read that the new funding site has been hacked.


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This situation is free marketing for crypto. It’s funny how centralized entities keep playing into the hands of bitcoin and the entire ethos of decentralization.

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pray for canadian bear

Why I am so pissed at the government is that

  1. they freeze the truck drivers account to silence them.

  2. the vaccine is not doing it's job, it doesn't prevent nor protect you form getting Covid

For this Canada truck drivers is some how. They should take the vaccine and rest down causing problem.

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I don't see how crypto solves corrupt politicians and corrupt laws. True. It's decentralized, so, "How could they enforce this?" That doesn't matter though. It just gives credence to those that argue crypto aids those trying to break/avoid the law by creating laws specifically with the intent of encouraging people to bend/break them.

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May be one of the unpopular opinions on the platform. It is okay to have freewill and call for no censorship. While doing so, the freedom of all other individuals who are on the crossfire should not be neglected. I am all in for financial decentralization but there should be boundaries and rules. The Vaccination mandate could be a stretch and its a personal choice just like getting vaxxed is.
Crypto is definitely a start of the new economic order but while revolting for the new order let's not call for anarchy.

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This makes sense, but I think it's also where decentralization can be a solution. For example, democracy allows everyone to have a voice, but it also makes it easy for a majority to oppress minorities. They have a vote, but they're always voted down. They can speak, but no one listens. When these forums are decentralized, minorities still have a platform and a voice. I'm not saying laws are bad, but I think that too should be decentralized. Otherwise, laws will benefit only the majority and probably exist to continually suppress any disagreement with that majority to keep that majority in power.

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