LeoFinance Has Solved Onboarding on Hive | Demo of The New LeoInfra Signup Integrations

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Onboarding new users to the Hive blockchain has always been an incredibly difficult task. Many have often talked about the massive opportunity that was missed during the last major crypto bull run when millions of users flooded a certain site that ended in it but weren't able to get an account.

This was one of the most disappointing times to be on the platform back in the day. It was simultaneously one of the most interesting times to be on the platform because of the money that was to be made during the bull run. HODLing at the time and leveraging the various tools to earn rewards on the platform were incredible.

That said, many people who tried to sign up back in those times had to wait weeks for an email confirmation saying that their account had been created. This type of onboarding sequence is unacceptable.

Hive today has much better onboarding capacities than back then. These onboarding capacities are still far from where they need to be.

The key to onboarding is realizing the different groups of users you're targeting. Some users may want to download their keys. Others may not want to know about "private keys" at all.

To service these different groups of users, we need multiple sign up options with both "full" and "lite" accounts.

With the newest release of LeoInfra (releasing officially on Monday, December 7th) LeoFinance has created both.

In this clip from our last roundtable podcast, I demo the new onboarding sequence that we created for LeoFinance.

Now, you can sign up to Hive/LeoFinance with 3 different options:

  1. Direct Hive Account Signup ("Full" Account)
  2. Metamask "Lite" Account Signup
  3. Twitter "Lite" Account Signup

The new direct Hive account signup process is very interesting. We ran into a number of issues with Hiveonboard and this led us to the conclusion that we needed to build our own direct-to-Hive signup option from the ground up.

I'm really proud of how this solution turned out. When you select "Create a Hive Account", it offers you two methods for verification:

  1. SMS
  2. Twitter

This means that there are essentially 4 different options for creating an account - again, built to serve the different potential users that we're targeting

  1. SMS ("Full" Hive Account)
  2. Twitter ("Full" Hive Account)
  3. Metamask ("Lite" Hive Account)
  4. Twitter ("Lite" Hive Account)

As our LeoInfra project matures, we'll also add new integrations to serve an even wider audience.

*@leo.voter - something we infrequently promote, but needs more attention

@leo.voter HIVE POWER delegations have been something we do and don't talk about very often. Users can delegate HIVE POWER to the @leo.voter account and earn a 16% APR on their HIVE POWER paid out in LEO tokens every 24 hours.

Despite us hardly ever talking publicly about it, @leo.voter has over 1.15 Million HP delegated to it currently.

This HP is now more important than ever - having more HIVE POWER allows us to claim more account creation tokens. These account creation tokens are used to create accounts for the LeoInfra integration.

On top of all these benefits, @leo.voter is also used for 100% manual curation of LeoFinance content (content posted from https://leofinance.io). We use the account to upvote content made from our UI every day based on a number of factors: author consistency, subjective quality of any given piece of content, other actions in the community, etc.

Moving forward, we'll start promoting this more frequently so that we can scale our onboarding program and get more account creation tokens each day. If you'd like to support LeoFinance and our onboarding initiatives, consider delegating your HIVE POWER to @leo.voter. We've also set this 16% APR paid out in LEO tokens strategically: it's one of the highest APRs you can earn on your HIVE POWER (even higher than many of the more efficient curators on the entire blockchain).

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While I think many of the innovations are very good, I am enthralled with the Twitter Lite Accounts and Micro-blogging. I think it will be big and maybe a turning point in really boosting the number of members of the Leofinance and Hive Communities!

As for the Leo.voter thank you. I have delegated to this one since the very beginning and remember that it was in my very first post about earning Leo. I will have to find it and send you the link as a blast from the past.

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I found it...
Post Link

I found it...
Post Link

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I've been excited about it for a while now.

It truly is a game changer.

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Haha that is awesome. You've been in the community since the start.

I agree, the microblogging + lite accounts changes the game in a lot of ways. There are other plans in future releases that will continually change the way content can be created/viewed on the site and I think this is one of the most important aspects of the future of LeoFinance.

Right now, we're long-form blogging. That narrows our audience quite a bit. Adding things like Microbloging, video content, etc. improves our width drastically

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I think this diversity of author content opportunity is huge, it is great to hear you feel this way also. I hope the servers can handle the traffic :)

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Someone help me I want to know how to delegate to @leo.voter

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Go into your leo wallet and go to the hive section.


Then enter the account and amount you want to delegate.

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Hi @fabian98! I`m here to help :) If you want to delegate, please make a comment (for example replay to this one) like this:
I want to delegate X sp to @user
Where X is the amount of SP and @user is the steem user you want to delegate to. For example:
I want to delegate 100 sp to @khaleelkazi
@tipU will answer with a delegation link. Hope this helps!:)

But i want to delegate HP, can i do that too?

That is great news and a major step forward! Onboarding is the top hurdle in joining the crypto world. That is why it lakes acceptance as it is not easy to use.

  • if you are out and need some more account credits, let me know to donate.
  • here some love to @leo.voter


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That is good news.
Ease of account creation can increase the number of users.

I will Delegate to @leo.voter when there have over HP 500 in my wallet.
Thank you.

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I have one question for you no one asking so far:

How many accounts were creating since Metamask sing up is available?

Another question:

I'm delegating 50K and want to increase another 56K.

If I type 106K it said:

There was an error broadcasting this transaction: : available_shares >= delta: Account oldtimer does not have enough mana to delegate. required: {"amount":"107026305766160","precision":6,"nai":"@@000000037"} available: {"amount":"106298371342097","precision":6,"nai":"@@000000037"}

Should I just type 56K?

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It's not letting you delegate 100% of your HP because you're VP is currently 97%


If you let it recharge to 100% it will let you delegate the lot.

I think you type in the new amount you want to delegate. So in your case 106 000 - give it a few hours and you should be about right unless you've got some Hive Autovotes going.

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All manual voting. No bots for oldtimer.

So no vote for you and no voting on Leofinance as well.

I'm losing money here man, hehe.

Oh, thanks for the help. I'll try it out.

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Well you shouldn't have to wait too long - if 20% of your VP charges in one day, 3% will take around 4 hours!

Then you can get back to voting as usual, purely through leofinance by the sounds of it!

I think I've got more faith in Hive than most - even Khal said he's been buying in the vid.

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I have a fate in Hive as well. That's why I bought 110K hive recently.

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I think people are going to regret not buying more at these low low prices!

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You should delegate some 100k, but it will drain your maximal vote power. That is it.

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I don't need voting power on hive. Voting on hive is a joke.

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I know, but to be able to delegate, you can't move lower than 0% with your voting power, that is why 100k shall be sufficient.

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How many accounts were creating since Metamask sing up is available?

More importantly how many were actual sign ups?

There were a lot of accounts set up to test the service. I know I set up on. Khal most likely set up a few dozen. Other did the same.

I have a feeling Twitter will be a lot more successful.

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i think the number of created accounts through steem.leo accounts is 207, but they might be using some other accounts for it, so i am not sure.

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Keep up the good work team LEO

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This is awesome - and assuming we stay on Hive, it's great for Hive too.

That figure of 10 Hive is enough for most people to interact now - BUT the busier the chain, the more expensive it becomes in terms of RCs to do anything, so that minimum could well double or even treble if we get a sudden influx of users - especially if other projects start to take off too.

I've seen the 'cost' of doing anything vary by up to 3 times as it is depending on how busy the chain is at any give time, let alone in the context of new users coming on.

But it's not so difficult to solve - it ultimately just comes down to buying or leasing more Hive. And you've probably noticed that there are markets for that!

Great work on the onboarding - I'm like Roland - I just wanna get on Twitter and start banging on about Leo!

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No words except, outstanding, superb, marvelous.

Signing up for a new account might not be that easy ever, someone from my family was asking to create an account, I'll direct him here.

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5K delegation sent... keep onboarding those noobs

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Good job friend @khaleelkazi

Thank you!

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Good Job my dear friend @davedickeyyall

This is super impressive. I don't get why Hive heads haven't moved in this direction. Are they too comfy over there sucking off their own honey?

I'm wondering.. are you going to present the micro blogging as it's own (somewhat) separate platform? It's quite possible that this is the start of something big. Something that could become a real alternative, like Parler has become.

Micro blogging is definitely part and parcel of social media that all industries, and identities from all walks utilize so this could really be a gateway for Hive. A stream into Blockchain that could unblock the blocked chain that this chain became.

The user experience thus is key and it's why Parler have gained high amounts of users fast. Marketing obviously brings users but retention is down to the user agreeing that the platform provides all that they need.

Anyway I think this video/post marks a milestone and maybe the start of a new era.

Hive 2021: we're finally making Web_3.0
Really behave like it's web three point O!

This is why the RC pooling is vital.

We need to be able to delegate RCs to those projects that are growing.

I bet I dont use 98% of my RC power on a daily basis.

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Damn, the development is on fire 🔥 I’m continuously impressed. I have like at 1000 account tickets- I wish I
we had a way to send them your way

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Hopefully we will see a way to make use of the excess account and RC that we are all holding.

In the meantime I keep claiming more accounts. At some point, they will be needed.

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Okay this is amazing. Will this be a "real" hive account aswell so they can use the other front-ends of Hive aswell or is it just for Leofinance?

And when will this go live?

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Would also love to here an answer to this one... it's a hive account so the answer should be yes.

With this new integration is just a seamless sign up to Hive and Leo Finance and takes out from the equation the hassle related to underlying wallet layers, keys and so on. Any user should find this as easy as to signup on any website, thus lets go to mass adoption!

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My goodness wow, I looked at the demo and it truly solves onboarding issues like you said. sign up with a phone number, an email or even the traditional Facebook account. It seems like something we wouldn't be able to do, but I just took a peep and I realise that making it easier for people to hop in is one way we might even possibly go far. So far I'll be looking forward to the microblogging options. These things are happening way faster than I thought

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Boss you have to rescue a friend maybe we talk about this on discord @josediccus

Excellent news. I am very courious on the dynamics that may unfold now. Can´t wait to see the number of onboarded users in your next update post.

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As you said in the video about word of mouth, we need to as a community, get our asses out there. No more excuses, we have the tools we need.

Great work team, glad to see SMS too.

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That's so good about Twitter sign-ups - click and go, simple and how it should be to create an account which is what most people will be interested in. There may be a few who stick around after signing up that may want to have the full account but unlocking easy Twitter sign-up with the "twitter-esque" microblogging is flipping massive!

I'm already delegating Hive Power to leo.voter but once a few delegations have returned, I'll be adding to it so you can hopefully use it to get more accounts. Like you say, unless you're a dapp developer, there's not too much of a reason to have all this HP in your account (especially when the Hive rewards pool will likely be moved off the table in the next couple of hard forks)!

Keep up the great work!

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Now would be an awesome time to announce an affiliate program...?🎅

man this is amazing,the signup system that was since Steem days was horrible and almost made me walk away when i found the site back then so i am really glad the things that are being done nowadays to make it so much easier for people to join,so thank you to all of you who are working on all these projects!

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Yup. Infiltrate Facebook groups and anywhere else people gather but don't realize they can monetize their habits.

This HP is now more important than ever - having more HIVE POWER allows us to claim more account creation tokens. These account creation tokens are used to create accounts for the LeoInfra integration.

That's why I leased most of my Hive Power (sadly only around 950HP) to leo.voter couple of days ago (. I knew just by looking at the RC of leo.voter that you guys were claiming account creation tokens so I wanted to help out.

I wonder what ever happened to the idea of RC delegation pools. Seems like nobody is talking about it anymore.

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Help me to understand this platform. I am on hell.

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I have just posted something, but I don't see it in my Personal Blog.

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I should have deleted my Twitter out of principle a year ago. I wish I had known about the bitcointalk method to sign up when I did. I didn't find it hard to get an account when I got it. I had to use my Facebook account to get a Steem account. It started out easy and then (based on what I heard) became difficult.

no full podcast?

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This is pretty awesome! Can't wait to see how it performs in production and how well it helps onboard some new users.

I will definitely be promoting this in my social channels.

Are there plans to integrate any other 3rd party social signup options such as Facebook or Google?

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Awesome work guys, Having a simple way to sign up like twitter is great and I keep saying this is a problem.

Quite a few people I know get scared away by the keys and why they need 4.

Awesome work

What a good time for me to try this out - I have a friend whom I wanted to bring on Leo - He runs a whatsapp news channel which has Everyday Finance news as a main ingredient. I was talking to him yesterday. And he was asking to train him. This will help a lot to onboard him faster.

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We've also set this 16% APR paid out in LEO tokens strategically: it's one of the highest APRs you can earn on your HIVE POWER

So how much 20k hive delegation would earn daily ? And may be give some links ?

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Read my post.

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Any option able to bridge Hive even more to the less tech-savvy users will be a great benefit to the platform as a whole. Outstanding move. 💪

It's finally happens now people can sign up with Twitter account and that will be easier for them and more and more people will join @leofinance leading platform for blogging and it will help more photo developed this platform

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Hi everybody,

I want to delegate all I have of hive power to @leo.voter but I got this message :

Oops, something went wrong. Here is the error message:
"available_shares >= op.vesting_shares: Account hasmez does not have enough mana to delegate. required: {"amount":"9557479317510","precision":6,"nai":"@@000000037"} available: {"amount":"8818992736987","precision":6,"nai":"@@000000037"}"

someone can help please?

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ok the problem is solved.
I managed to delegate 4k of HP successfully
goodluck @leo.voter

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

The TwitterTM onboarding is a game changer. Went ahead and gave a little bit of HIVE delegation towards @leo.voter. I am not really doing anything else with the HIVE! 🤣

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Keep doing this good work, @khaleelkazi.

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I believe the multiple sign up methods will definitely help new users to come to leo platform, good work, keep it up!

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Very good tutorial, thanks for the information :-)

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From now on I'm delegating everything I can to @leo.voter ! :)

Great to see Leo forging ahead with on boarding made easier, which is really needed! Leo has become the base foundation of Hive engine and the example for all to follow to make the Hive engine the market place that will set the pace for the industry. Keep up the great work.

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Excellent work!
I've delegated to leo.voter to support your work (and earn more LEO).

I didn’t know that I could earn interest by powering up my account. Good topic thanks for sharing

This is truly amazing, a game changer that will benefit us right away. Thanks guys!

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Yo. This solution is really elegant. Very nice work. I would love to highlight this on my next decentralization episode on YT if that's ok. It's tomorrow at 7 pm EST. I have @crimsonclad on to talk about NFT's but this is too good to pass up because I had a 1 hour tutorial on starting an account and this turns it into 2 minutes. I would also like to highlight LeoFinance on an episode if any of you are willing to come on for an interview.

hahah, this is part of why I shilled LeoFi as a project to watch so hard last time :D

nice writing 🤌🤌 🤙

I love being part of this platform

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