A World Where Crypto Payments Are Accepted Everywhere

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For a while now, I have been imagining how life would be if crypto payments were accepted everywhere especially since my only earning right now is in crypto, and even though most days, I would shake it off saying I was surviving well without it, today made me see the importance.

What happened today if you may ask? Well, a bit of a storytime; so, I haven't been feeling well for a while and since today I was feeling way better, I decided to get some ice cream as comfort food.

To get the ice cream, I had to go a distance with my brother, and when we got to the supermarket, we realized that the prices of the ice cream had been inflated due to the flood situation which meant I didn't have enough money to get it.

Now I had money in my hive wallet but the whole process of getting it out is long so I had to call my friend for him to send me money which he did and I took the ice cream to the counter.

I got there and tried paying with my card but, the POS machine had issues and It was declined but still, I was debited which brought another drama and I had to start withdrawing from hive because there was no other option.

While I sat down trying to withdraw, I kept thinking about how amazing it would be for crypto to be another payment method and how easy life would be not only for me but a whole lot of other people; I would have easily paid.

I also thought about how much it would help crypto in general if more people used it in their day-to-day life as a payment method but alas, we still have a long way to go, particularly in my country, and I feel like we aren't even close to getting there.

I do hope that one day soon enough, this would be normal and I wouldn't have to wait almost an hour to change my crypto to fiat while looking like I was homeless and begging my friends to send me money.


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Posted Using LeoFinance Beta


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Nigeria must really be facing it right now. There’s already the global economic crisis, and there’s the flood situation to make things worse with overpricing goods.

It’ll take a whole before crypto gets the adoption we would like to see today. The food thing is, we can start it ourselves and teach other people to use crypto instead. A flier in your store or house saying BTC payment accepted will have people ask questions for sure. And if even you don’t get to educate and make 1 person receive crypto crypto as payment for goods, you might get at least 1 person every month who genuinely will adopt crypto as a payment method. That one person teaches another, and that one another. There’ll be exponential adoption this way and we’ll get to the future we want sooner.

The thing is that you can't do that because first, it isn't legal, and lost people consider crypto as a scam.

Oh I forgot Nigeria doesn’t consider crypto legal yet. It seems that’s the case for even my country, but I haven’t heard anyone publicly say anything about it so.

Let’s pray for the lost people to find their way😂. The future is crypto and you’ll miss out big if you don’t get on board now.

Indeed praying about it because more needs to be done.

Similar thing happened to me last week that made me wish if crypto tokens were accepted as payment. I needed to fix my laptop and the money wasn't enough in my account. I checked my hive wallet and I started thinking of ways to transact and this would definitely be a waste of time for the man as he was in an hurry for me to pay since items I needed are ordered from Lagos to Ondo. I had no choice than to put a call through my sister and she helped me out.

I got home and took my time converting my Hive to Fiat. It would have been the easiest if we can pay with crypto and there wouldn't be any delay.

It would truly be easier if we could pay for things with hive, so tired of the process.

Exactly. Let´s hope for the best in the future.

What I can't believe is the hatred they have for those who use crypto in this country. But its going to be fine.

They love us being poor 😆 so hence

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Like this as been a long time wish for me but really I didn't see my dear country walking in that path anytime soon.

But it is what it is, life continues. We move always

Maybe one day soon, it will be a reality.