How to Start Investing in Bitcoin!

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Khal explains the Dollar Cost Averaging strategy and how it's a great way to help you get started investing in BTC slowly over time to avoid dips and emotions.

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That's very interesting to know. It's just like savings plan for stocks where you invest a certain amount each month. I wonder if there's a website that you can use to set up, like a debit from your account to buy btc each day. I think you would need to just buy some each day manually yourself. Or perhaps buy it once a week !

I believe this is awesome making that huge amount in five years like you explained which is huge to earn after investing Because many individuals lose the strategy to invest due to the fact that they can't take risk, I really appreciate this and thanks for sharing.

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Dollar cost averaging strategy is really a good strategy one can use to invest in their future.

Because Even when BTC is dropping you won’t have an issue with it as it enables you to buy more and invest.

This strategy is really nice as it helps you break down your investment plan.

Being a risk taker in investment have to deal with patients. The strategy of getting stack on Crypto without getting dip is involving little effort of giving yourself a more information you need to know

Really great strategy of investing. DCA is the perfect strategy has it helps one catch the lows. Started employing it since the beginning of the year and it has been a good one.

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Dollar cost averaging is one strategy that has proven to a successful one to smart investors. This periodic purchases helps reduce the impact of volatility. For BTC, one buys more unit with same amount when price falls and less when prices rises

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This strategy patience amongst many other things which every investor needs. Little wonder proven investors use it. It reduces investment risks and helps one gain more unit of a token compared to one who buys lump sum

This is a very huge one and for you to have sum.up such value in five years is something of great business mindset.

But one thing I noticed is that some investors don't want to take risk,all they want is returns or profit by all means and this is one thing that as close contributed to their financial breakdown in the Crypto Market today.

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Great one from you and honestly it is just a perfect way to have this mind of an investor, irrespective of what will tend to achieved or gain , knowing when to take risk too is very important.

Thanks for sharing this update

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Really great strategy of investing which will make people gain huge amount of money in each month because most people have lost the strategy to invest which they can't take the risk of investment. Appreciate you boss