Introducing Khal Tok! | What's the Current Status of the Crypto Market?

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Welcome to Khal Tok! This is my new account for short-form video content that is mobile-native.

With the help of the LeoFinance marketing team, we've been expanding the LeoFinance marketing efforts to all sorts of new platforms.

Video clips, live AMAs on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.... We've been doing it all lately.

Getting the word out about LeoFinance is our objective. We're following the mission statement that I always talk about:

Expand the width and depth of the LeoFinance Web3 Community

We're the #1 Web3 crypto community on the planet. Our mission is to keep expanding that as we build our existing and future applications.

As we look to expand developments, we must also focus heavily on marketing. The marketing team has been taking on new initiatives to grow our platform and community.

Introducing Khal Tok!

@khaltok on Hive is where the videos will be archived via @3speak's decentralized video platform on the Hive blockchain.

We're taking clips from the weekly podcast on @khaleelkazi and @leofinance and turning them into mobile-native, short-form video content.

These videos are then posted on YouTube Shorts and Tik Tok. The goal is to reach a much broader audience than our current video clips - which are posted on YouTube and 3Speak.

We'll continue to post those clips as well, but Khal Tok is intended to drive us toward the ever-expanding, mobile-native audience.

What's also interesting about this move is that we now have LeoMobile. This is all exciting and the marketing team is going to heavily take over on this account and clip up the podcast six ways from Sunday.

Get ready for massive levels of LeoFinance content on all of the platforms!



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This is a great idea, Seems short clips are more and more popular these days.

Better! Short clips will likely get more views and engagements because it consumes less internet data and not lengthy compared to the full podcasts.

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Nice, short clips get people’s attention better these days. Glad to see how you are spreading the crypto and Leo awareness

Awesome, the short clip will keep people more engaging because people love something short for there data

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Wow! this is another amazing approach to get hive on people’s lips. Khaltok on tiktok will definitely be a banger!

With short clip the thing now, this really a cool one. Awareness is really one thing we need. Great marketing move to expand our outreach. Leofinance to the world

honestly this is a very good one and irrespective of how short it is,it is very important to the market right now

Short clips gives direct messages. It is really a good idea. The LEO team are really working very hard. Alot of things to be excited about.

Leo to the world!

Irrespective of how short it might be,the needed message is been passed and that is what is vital and important right now

Leofinance seems to amaze me all the time this particular clip will definitely attract users to view because not everyone do watch the full clip to understand the particular information and message Leo got for the day it's really awesome. Leo to the world.

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Wow! this is another amazing approach to get hive on people’s lips

Great idea! As I mentioned before, I don't have the patience to listen to an hour or longer video. I really prefer these shorter ones. It made me check these daily. So for me, it's a win and I'm sure it's a great way to get new users from platforms like tiktok and youtube.

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