Making a living out of Hive - #Hiveisrealmoney

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Hello to everyone around the globe.

There is a really awesome challenge going on these days organized by @sergiomendes and it's called #Hiveisrealmoney.
Sergio wants us to talk about why #Hiveisrealmoney and how you can pay for your expenses using Hive.

Check out the post bellow if you want to take a deeper look to the challenge and how @sergiomendes used Hive to pay for his coffee :

Some Things About Me


Hey, I'm Haris and I am a 28 years old professional skateboarder from Greece.
If you've been following me for a while then you most probably know that my main source of income comes from sharing my content on Hive.

I was sharing my content on Hive for 1 year when I decided to quit my shitty job and focus all my time and energy into building something of my own and I am not talking about casual businesses like shops etc.
I am talking about building my own online skateboarding "empire".

My salary was around 550E and the money I was making for sharing my content on Hive were around 100E at that time. I knew it was a risk but I just had to take it.
1 and a half year later and after a lot of economic struggle I am now finally able to make more than 300E every month just from sharing my content on Hive.

My plans on building my own skateboarding empire are going more than great. Our skateboarding community called @skatehive ( has more than 140 subscribers and supports every skateboarding post on Hive with more than 50,000 Hive Power ($0.60 upvote on every skateboarding post). But enough about me. Let's talk about Hive

Hive is real money

Hive is a cryptocurrency and the main currency of Hive blockchain. Hive can be bought from various crypto exchanges (like all crypto) but you can also earn Hive for transacting on Hive blockchain.
Hive is an entire ecosystem and people use this ecosystem to blog, share videos, play games, stream their favourite games, gamble and a ton more things.

More about Hive here :

The magic thing about Hive is that you can earn money (Hive) when you transact on Hive and by that I mean when you share or comment on a post, when you play games and god damn, you can even earn $$ just by hitting the upvote (like) button.

Unlike traditional social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram etc.) which make money out of your work, Hive does the exact opposite. It gives power back to the people!

I mostly use Hive to share my skateboarding videos, photos and travel vlogs like I used to do on other platforms in the past. The difference is that I am now making a living out of my content without loosing time and energy working on a stupid job for pennies.

As a matter of fact, here are some things I managed to buy by cashing out some Hive I made just by sharing my content on this platform


Post Title : FINALLY! Unboxing my new Monitor and my Fresh Skateboarding Gear
Post Link :


Post Title : My new PC bought with Hive money is here!
Post Link :

People might think I am exaggerating so let me show you how fellow skateboarder and member of @skatehive community @dikayskate is paying for his skateboarding gear just by sharing his skate clips on Hive. Keep in mind that he is only 16 ;)


Post Title : My new deck with Hive money!!!
Post Link :

As a full-time Hiver, you can pretty much guess that I am using Hive to earn the money I need to survive like paying my rent and bill, buying food and of course enjoying life!

I am finally feeling more financially free than ever and the most amazing thing in all this is that I know that my post payouts will increase if I keep sharing my content on Hive and engaging with people.
Hard work pays off

I highly suggest everyone reading this post to take a deeper look into Hive and try it out! It's free to sign up so there is nothing to loose. On the contrary, you will connect with new people around the globe and start earning money for your work.

You can sign up on Hive at the link bellow (affiliate link)

Thank you all for watching and supporting me guys. As a full-time online hustler, supporting my content allows me to keep doing what I love.
Much love to everyone and always have fun.

Find me Here

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I'm Haris and I am a 28 years old professional skateboarder from Greece.
If you've been following me for a while then you most probably know that my main source of income comes from sharing my content on Hive.

Love seeing this bro

$HIVE is real money 💰

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As real as it can get Nathan!

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love this. Thank You for joining. Share this on twitter using the hashtag and tag me @thesassysergio so I can RT eheheh

It was my pleasure! Oh shit, I forgot to add the tags but I shared it on twitter! There is a tweet link at the comment section bellow!

If they can have the patience to keep going because sometimes starting on hive at fresh might be a little bit discouraging

I agree but it's all down to what type of person you are. There is no get-rich-quick sceme on both hive and real life.
Those who give up fast on Hive are probably not so patient in real-life too!

On the other hand, it's on our hand to educate new users and support them and the best thing is that there is no central authority behind Hive. That means that it's on us older users if new users quit!

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My #posh Tweet

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This is fantastic! It's amazing what you can do with #Hive. It may take time & can be quite a journey, but when you stay consistent & push on, you can make leaps & bounds.

I am so happy you went for your dream & that you're reaping the rewards of a living that you're passionate about.Being paid with HIVE is the icing on the cake.

Thank you for joining @sergiomendes' challenge. I wish you all the happiness in the world! :)

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Thank you @pixiepost. The possibilities on Hive are endless and we are just getting started. Who knows what the future holds for us with so many great people in this community! Just reading the comments on this post makes me so happy!

We are a real community and using a blockchain who affects people lifes for the better. I really believe that there is no other platform in the world right now who has so much real impact on peoples lifes!

Much love and I wish you all the best :D

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I’ve thought about how great it would be to be able to pay my bills via hive. That’s a tall task, but some supplemental income would be amazing. Currently I’m reinvesting my hive into HP because to earn a passive income to make a tangible difference you need significant HP at the current prices.

Stacking HP is the best way to earn more on this platform.
Everthing is so cheap in mY country so I'm kinda lucky!
Just imagine that my rent and bills are around 100-150E/month and that's pretty damn convenient! Hehehe!

My bills are significantly higher than that. If I could get to $700 usd a month that would be life changing.

I wish you all the best buddy and I know you can do it! Most of the people around the world dream about living the life they want but do nothing to achieve their dreams. Hive community might be the one who shows everyone that everything is possible!

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Here’s to hoping!

It's inspiring to read your story and how Hive helps to live your life the way you want. Hive has a huge impact on my people's lives. Thank you @knowhow92 for sharing this.

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It was my pleasure sharing this blog @rezoanulv.leo
I really want to show (and maybe prove) to people that everything is achievable as long as you work hard and have a goal/plan in your mind.
One of my least favourite words is the word "impossible". Everything is possible ;)

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Well said my friend well said

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Thank you Marie! The opportunities out there are endless, we just have to keep our eyes open and take advantage of every situation ;)