"You are on Hive, you are already a gold miner"

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"You are on Hive, you are already a gold miner"

I don't usually do this but I have to hand it to @taskmaster4450le for the single greatest quote I've seen on Hive.

So yea, I'm sucking up a bit but I have to hand it to the guy. I recently watched a video about MKBHD became so rich off youtube. In this video, his success came from the fact that he rode a wave early on. So to taskmaster's point, you are in fact a gold miner if you're on Hive in my opinion.

Hive is the wave and no matter where you go here, you're in so early there is so much opportunity ahead it will be hard not to get rich like MKBHD did from being an early youtuber.

It Won't Be Free

Check out what @gerber has done with dcity, he's just one example of many more to come.

Source: dCity

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However, it's important to not that not every early Hive user is a Gerber. So what's your channel for earning Hive?

Author Rewards

Being an author on hive can earn you a ton of rewards.

It also allows for you to make Hive followers who have better chances to curate your content in the future. Receiving author rewards can be a bit of a strategy at times, but maybe you can be inspired from the guy in the video who became a youtuber and find your content stream.

Author Tips

  • Explore communities
  • Be smart about tags, use appropriate tribe tags.
  • Curating and commenting other Hive posts

If you look at my profile, you'll see that I'm an account for only shit posting. That's the avenue I chose to take here, let's see if I become the next MKBHD for shit posts! That's the goal for me.

Community Tips

Other goldmines exists within Hive too. If you notice, I love earning Leo and any time I talk about earning money I make sure to start from https://leofinance.io/

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  • Hive.Blog
  • Logomaker
  • Konda's Opinion... the internet has taught me a lot www. you name it!

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I have been a miner for 3 years @tipu curate 2

Our activity here pays dividends down the road. Amassing tokens and filling out bags will provide a nice payback in the future. While not all tokens will have value, a few will. The key is to get involved with those we feel have a chance to appreciate over time.

Over time, I found things just compound.

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Yea and you can always slowly sell some off to hedge a bit of risk too. Dividends are paid in so many ways on Hive, such as engagement like this!

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