Voting upon weekly dividends - 2nd vote

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Dear LBI holders,

3 months have passed, since we had our initial vote on the payout of weekly dividends.

As announced in the latest post regarding the roadmap, we will proceed with the vote on the dividend payout.

Should LBI postpone weekly dividends for another 3 months?

Please comment either...

  • YES
  • NO

Voting for this will last 1 week from the upload:

  • Results will be uploaded the day after voting finishes
  • If YES wins, we continue to reinvest 100% of earnings and vote again in 3 months
  • If NO wins, we start paying dividends from the 28th of March

If yes wins, we can review our position in 3 months. The longer the dividend payment is been held off, the stronger the foundation is for the project, as everything is reinvested.

If no wins, we will pay out LBIs first weekly dividend on the 28th of March. That would be 50% of earnings to be split up between token holders, 40% going to reinvestment and 10% going to the @spinvest-leo for @silverstackeruk's services.

Voting Weights

LBI governance voting is based on weighted voting tiers dependent on your LBI holding. We have 5 tiers ranging from 10 tokens worth 1 vote to 10k+ worth 5 votes.

1/ 10-99 LBIs will earn a vote equal to 1
2/ 100-499 LBIs will earn a vote equal to 2
3/ 500-2,499 LBIs will earn a vote equal to 3
4/ 2,500-9,999 LBIs will earn a vote equal to 4
5/ 10,000+ LBIs will earn a vote equal to 5

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My preference is for dividends to commence and people to have the option to buy more LBI if they choose, or put the income elsewhere if they choose. Originally, LBI was promoted as having dividends from Jan. This was delayed initially by popular vote - fair enough. I will be quite disappointed if it is delayed again, as dividends where a significant part of my investment decision.

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No. No man. Hell no man.

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just for being 100% safe, this is a 'NO' vote, and then you agreed with the emission of weekly dividends right? Can you confirm please?

If no wins, we will pay out LBIs first weekly dividend on the 28th of March. That would be 50% of earnings to be split up between token holders, 40% going to reinvestment and 10% going to the @spinvest-leo for @silverstackeruk's services.

Sorry if you find the answer annoying, but pref to be safe than sorry. (I'm @empoderat counting some early votes).

I confirm my vote is correct, as I am capable of reading.

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Thanks, I'm sorry If my question annoyed you a bit.

I misunderstood the first comment (as if you were against dividends).
I meant no disrespect to your intelligence if that's what it sounded like.

My fault there. Apologies.

Ha no apology needed. I was just playing with ya.

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@themightyvolcano you are doing a wonderful job sir,people like you keep encouraging people to post good contents....keep up the good work sir....

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No. I agree with JK position on this. People will have the choice to reinvest dividends to buy more LBI, if they want to.

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I vote NO, which means please start dividend distribution. This was exceptionally delayed and is not the "raison d'etre" of the Fund.

My main reasons:

  • I'm aware that it will be a low dividend, even if for some of us is not that small, but I have the feeling that the people with less resources or less LBI bought want this to happen and I don't like LBI to be a big ballers club. We need to be sensitive with plebs.
  • Please everyone remember that even if we get dividend, still 40% of it is coming back to LBI to reinvest, so we keep growing no matter what.
  • The recent CUB airdrop and CUB fantastic current and future behaviour , plus project blank proceedings will guarantee LBI is going to be on steroids way more than anticipated. So let's start moving the happiness!

Hope it all makes sense. It's nice to have different views and cool to feel how we are all passionate about our project. Cheers

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  1. Honour the proposal to pay dividends, three months is long enough to put a foundation in place. LBI-token is already, in its short life, one of the biggest LEO holders and earners. That's plenty.
  2. Maintain and build confidence in the LBI token by releasing dividends. Experience from SPI is that confidence changed once the fund started paying dividends and the value of SPI has continued to grow exponentially in its second year. Keep existing LBI investors, make LBI attractive to new entrants, widen the base of LBI holders and grow the LBI fund through volume.
  3. Release funds through dividends back into the community so that the creative energy of the 174 accounts that hold more than 10 LBI can work in multiple and compounding ways to add value to Hive, in addition to focused growth within the LBI fund.
  4. Poor responses by governments to the pandemic has exacerbated global poverty: demonstrate an investment and growth model where even the poorest person has an opportunity to come to Hive and improve things for themselves and their families. Encourage mass adoption and widen the base of Hive.

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I said yes but you make great points, Sensible Aunty 💖

upvotes for you!

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I appreciate that small LBI investors may get small dividends: those that want to maintain faster growth in LBI have the option to reinvest their dividends to increase their LBI stake.

Fair enough @Shanibeer, but the dividends you can get from LBI won't help you much when you're a small LBI investor. Better to post and comment if one wants to earn LEO to invest in other projects or back in LBI.

If I'm correct in my memory, it took SPI a full year before they paid dividends? I honestly see no reason why LBI should pay them now. The fund of LBI is much bigger to start with, and thus much harder to grow significant. Because of reinvesting all earnings LBI was able to grow to 1.10 leo now in 3 months. Imagine where we would be if we had paid dividends from start. Maybe at 1.04? Or even less ...

The bigger the fund is, the harder it is to grow the fund. And LBI is a token for the long long term. I think of it as my retirement for example. And since I only own 328 LBI's now ... what would I do with less than 1 leo a week dividend?

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Hi @hetty-rowan,

I'm with you on the long-term approach to the token, having been an original investor in SPI and a member of the SPI support team since it was set up.

SPI was based on a different dividends proposal to LBI and, speaking as one of the original investors, that twelve months was a very draining experience. I was opposed to the cap on SPI as I wanted more people to benefit from what I saw as great opportunity, but there is no doubt that it became a lot easier after we'd made that decision and started paying dividends and SPI has soared in value since then once energy was released to develop other options.

I worry a little about the narrow investor base of both LBI and SPI, part of the reason I am doing work with the @eddie-earner account to try and widen the investor base for the spinvest token family, and I do wonder if there is an opportunity to do things a little differently with LBI. The LBI investor base is less than 5% of active posters, and something like 0.5% of active users. It could follow the SPI route of no dividends for an extended period, or it could take a different, more pro-active approach to releasing dividends and use that to leverage widening the investor base.

I guess the LBI constituency will decide 😍.


Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.


I am not in a rush to get dividends right now. Even if we don't, LBI's value should appreciate over time.

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This is the crypto bull year. If you compound now, we will all be better off in the second half of the year.

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I vote YES

Note: From the linked post, (The roadmap post ):

This voting window will remain open for two weeks at which time it will close, and we will begin counting and certifying the election results.

I do not remember for sure if it was fully settled but I did think everyone decided on a 2 week vote window, I could be mistaken, but the discrepancy between the two post should be rectified.

With the recent activities of leo-finance, and them building a stronger foundation for their token and projects, I think it would be wise to hold off just a little bit more so that there is more liquidity to diversify LBI even more making it stronger in the long run.

I am still not sure what project blank is from them, Dividends would be nice, but with the current up-trend on both Hive and Leo, my gut is telling me to stick it out another three months then run the dividends


Hey, @empoderat at the wheel.

Thank you for pointing this out. The original post has been modified (changed the voting window from 2 weeks to 1).


Have a nice Sunday.


I am very much aware of what it takes to let LBI grow its value. With this big amount its hard to grow. Now we're steady growing. When LBI is going to pay divs the growth will slow down or even come to a standstill in some weeks.

I prefer to grow LBI as my div payout would be very small anyway.

So I vote YES, even when that's not the most popular now. For me growing LBI is more important than getting small divs

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Awesome Advice from a top-notch content contributor!

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I vote YES.

I like the idea of compounding a bit longer especially with everything going on with Leo. But, if the votes go the other way I will use divs to buy more. So, either way I will accept to communities decision.

I should really have used this account to Vote YES.

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Thanks 👌

In the spirit of transparency, the updated count is as follows (updated the 16/03/2021; ~14pm) :


You're not in a rush to vote as you still have ~4 days. but don't leave it to the last minute, please.

Have a nice day everyone.

This could be a little confusing since should be phrased the opposite way.

Yes is voting for no dividends, No is voting for dividends.

Everyone needs to be clear.

The longer the dividend payment is been held off, the stronger the foundation is for the project, as everything is reinvested.

This is why if vote YES to delay the dividends.

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I vote Yes to hold off the dividend payments.

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okay (72.6 tokens) so 1 vote yes

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Allow time for time to fall into place as SPI has done in the past


I was #1 SPI hodler for the first year plus, and I can tell U that not reinvesting and cashing out are the worst things possible!! I even made money when I cashed out, but could have made MOAR.

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YES for postponing dividends another 3 months. 5000 LBI owned, 4 voting power

Hey man, do you have a running total?
I see a lo of bigger HODLers saying yes, but
a lot of unknown balances saying NO. It could be close
or Yes might be leading, just my gut feeling.

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It was very close when I did a preliminary count on Sunday.


. Give me some time and I'm updating again (surely the numbers have changed a bit, last counted vote is from Sunday ~13:00 pm).

YES, reinvest for another three months!

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I need a little more time to increase my LBI participation :)

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Yes - i can wait longer for better dividends.



So yes, I do want dividends to start being paid as laid out in the original roadmap.

Why was the question worded like this haha??

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Wasn't the question worded as a yes or no question or wasn't it not?


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I personally want to say 'yes' but I think you gave the impression that Dividends would be paid early on so that should be honoured.

Besides, anyone voting yes can always re-invest.

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YES for delaying the dividends.

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YES. Please do delay. This is just getting started :). (3 votes)

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Vote YES. We are only in March and holding and re staking will only be better long term. The growth is great and don't see any point in taking rewards now.

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Yes, LBI should postpone weekly dividends for another 3 months.

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As a small investor, I don't care much 😜

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I will be happy either way though. :)

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YES, delay the dividends for another 3 months

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no (232 lbi = 2 votes)

I'm going no this time - we have had a phenomenal start - and even though I can't really 'cash out' I could start using dividend payments to invest in other things (or play stupid internet games - one of those LOL)

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You realize based upon the last earning report, you will get .57 LEO as a dividend?

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well , since you put it like that LOL

I guess there's not a whole hell of a lot i could do with 50cents

It's time to start dividends to flow :)

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NO, please gimme those Dividends, Hehe. Another 3 months and I miss on a lot of things which I do not want. Momentum is all I got. I might choose to reinvest and buy more LBI tokens but for now it would be great to get them in my pocket.

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If we observe on secondary market, LBI is oftem trading slightly lower than leo price or sometimes equivalent. Also Sales are also slow. If Dividends are paid out, that would drive more market volume as well more people interested in project. Making a good foundation is a good point but I'm gonna pass on that this time. We had a great start and a nice foundation. Let's payout dividends and spread the words.

that's the whole logic, if you have to have sell LBI today, then what a great waste of our money.

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I also want LBI to have some official buy back policy too.

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it's called MARKET
official buy-back policy

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PS: there is also an official buyback policy of 95% but that will be activated at a later date "TBD". The fund will need to have some kind of liquid assets in place before that can be accomplished. This will also lead to price stability and confidence in the assets...

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But look like it is nowhere implemented that's why I am voting for dividends.

The comments show it's quite divided, I vote No.

Yes. Let's keep compounding

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My voting weight is in the first category...

1/ 10-99 LBIs will earn a vote equal to 1

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Yes, hold three more months.

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Honestly, I'm on the fence about what grade to give because I see advantages and disadvantages to both situations.
With the Yes vote the Lbi project would become stronger.
With the No vote the first payments would arrive and other users could be incentivized to join the project interested by the distribution of dividends.

If Yes would win for me it would be fine
If No would win I would use my small div (I have 10 LBI) to buy other LBI,

For these reasons I don't vote and I accept the community vote :)


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Sit on the fence, snag your bag...



I'd love to see what kind of divs would be paid out for
10 LBI
100 LBI
1000 LBI
10000 LBI

We are on opposite ends of this scale. I'm pretty sure it's jsut a flat rate so theoretically, I'd get 1000x bigger return. 🤷‍♂️

Glad to have you here regardless of the minimal stake. If SPI is any indication, you should really throw a lot moar in than just LBI Dividends...
SPI was capped at 100k and now, not quite 2 years old, it is worth almost 5x of the underlying asset, and the underlying asset is running about 2x versus the U$D. Fabulous Gains!

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I say YES, postpone them for another 3 months. The bigger the base, the better the returns later. Not sure where the line is that the larger delayed returns outpace the earlier smaller returns but I don't think it's too far out. I'm willing to wait since I plan on being in this thing for probably the next 5 years or longer anyway.

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Yes Reinvest !!!