How Many Bee Will You Earn With 1,000 Bee Power?

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Bee is the native token of the hive-engine. It is one of the most liquid tokens. You will turn the token into cash easily. There are many ways to earn Bee tokens. You can be a liquidity provider, purchase workerbee tokens, post on the hive blog using the hive-engine hashtag, and stake Bee tokens to earn curation rewards.

How many Bee token reward you will get from 10,000 Bee Power?

You can be a curator in To get reward, you should stake some bee. Here I would like to try to calculate how many Bee you will get from 10,000 staked token. I have only 18.5 Bee Power. My curation reward is around 0.0018 Bee. It means that my curation reward is around 0,0018 / 18.5 = 0.000097=0.0097%. If you have 10,000 Bee power, you will earn 10,000 x 0.0097% = 0.97 Bee.
The price of Bee is 0.38 Hive or $0.19. If you stake 10,000 Bee you will need to invest 10,000 x $0,19 = $1,900. Your investment in 10,000 Bee power will yield 0.97 x 0.38 = 0.37 Hive or $0.18. If you curate 10 posts daily , you will earn around $0.18 x 10 = $1.8. Is the investment profitable? Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy my post. Correct Me If I am Wrong!


First, I don't think that math works for all tokens. Some older tokens run on scotbot and newer ones work on SMT. My understanding is SMT has less time variant factors (factors that affect curation closer to payout than post date). That difference might not quite be right though.

I also run the @hivephoto account and that tribe account currently has 5017.71903074 staked BEE. Round that down to 5,000 BEE for approximation. A 100% power/weight upvote with 5017.71903074 staked BEE for @hivephoto is 1.04102611 BEE on Round that down to 1 BEE.

If I am understanding your math:

1 BEE / 5000 BEE = 0.0002 = 0.02%

5000 BEE x 0.02% = 1 BEE

I am not sure if BEE has moved from scotbot to SMT but for its scotbot settings BEE is 75% author/25% curator split.

I suspect that BEE is still scotbot. Taking 25% from that 1 BEE calculated above matches close to the 0.22 BEE comments_curationReward_stake @hivephoto is currently receiving.

Hope this was of some help to you.

The payouts you see in BEE suggest that it has moved to SMT as it is single payouts for individual posts and comments, not entirely sure if they have changed the split between authors/curators though, but it comes 50% staked and 50% liquid in any case, and curation rewards are good, much higher APR compared to WORKERBEE, and yeah correct voting value can be seen on, plus it has 2 tags that I know of, #hive-engine and #tribes.

Thanks for correcting!, in my post reward, I understand that the reward is 50/50 going to Bee power and Bee liquid. I might make mistake in counting the curation rewards.

0.22 Bee seems to match to 25% split. I do not know much about scotbot and SMT. However, 5,000 Bee power is still good reward because the price of Bee is quiet high.