1000 HBD Giveaway: Tell Us Your Top Crypto in This Bull Run

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❓ What

Write an article about the crypto project you think has the biggest upside for the next bull run, it can be any kind of project.

🌎 How

  • Create an InLeo account by clicking here using your X or Google account to authenticate
  • Click the "Publish" button and start cooking
  • Add some images
  • Use the tag #alpha and #bullrun on the bottom left tags section
  • Publish your post from InLeo
  • (IF you're a new user) Add your X Profile URL to your INLEO BIO by clicking your profile page and "Edit Profile", "Add Link" so we can verify you're a new signup
  • That's it!

🏁 When

You have until February 29 at 23:59 UTC to publish your UGC, be original and creative.

🏆 Prizes

The best 10 articles will win $100 and an InLeo Premium membership for a month.

🚀 Bonus

InLeo is a platform where all User Generated content can receive rewards and Advertisement revenue. Make a great post and you will most definitely receive some tokens for your effort, no matter if you win the contest or not.

InLeo is a web3 platform where you own your brand, you cannot get deplatformed, there are no shadowbans, and where you can earn tokens for your content.

Start building your brand here!

Edit your InLeo profile and add your X account -> Link your InLeo audience to X!

Tip: Go deep into the tokenomics, potential, reasons you are bullish, how strong the community is, and everything that excites you about the project

*You may still participate in this competition if you're an existing Hive user, but this campaign is targeted toward new signups

Hint: You can repurpose the UGC piece you just made on InLeo to make a kickass thread or post on X, but that's up to you!

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See big giveaway, @wealthwess @peniel2010 @sammyhive come and chop giveaway 😂

Hehe, thanks for the mention😀

funny enough, it's for new users mostly

Are you not a new user? 🙄

😂 hahaha we done too old 😂😂😂

It's a good initiative but this giveaway needs some good promotion :)

I have asked on thread if the giveaway is only for new users or for anyone, but no one seems to know anything about it.

Wow.. Let me tag some Lions @ibbtammy @wongi @kingsleyy come here ASAP

Thank you for the mention ✨

Thank you.

...and I'm not a crypto person🤣

Hahahahaand what are u doing boss man🤣🤣

Lol 😅
This crypto thing is not for me😅

Hahaha deh play🤣 Borrow borrow me yiur HP since is not for you

Acquiring my HP didn't come by crypto knowledge na.

Go and check, I don't right on leofinance community because I don't have knowledge 🥹

Hahaha 😂 deh play eh... mahn

count me in

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This sounds interesting, I just published a post about an interesting topic of a possible crypto with a good revaluation.

I shared this contest with my friends at discrod and hope more people will join in.

@philings @chichieze @nattybongo come and get some give away.

thanks for the invite. I will definitely make an

Oh great! Just waiting for this announcement.. Now, to some research work.

@lorddiablo @rqr4 bros might be interested..

This is huge, I've already started working on it and will be publishing it in a few days.

it's awesome, let's support.

This is really interesting topic I would assure my participation soon :)

I will try my best to won it, thanks for providing an opportunity to us

This is awesome to get the community involved. So many people like to write about tokens they are interested. !PIZZA


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dkid14 tipped leofinance

It is an awesome initiative and I can't wait to read all the projects that other peoples have in their mind, maybe I will share mine as well if I will have enough time to write it! Good luck to everyone and have a nice work! 😇

Good luck to all participants and I look forward to seeing more people here in the community. They will be welcomed and I have no doubt about that.

I will try to bring someone and hope they participate.

The article could be written in any language? Thanks!

~~~ embed:1761241166157054453?t=hL_bc7OE3SZFmhMdS5jj6g&s=19 twitter metadata:THV6c2NhcmxsZXR8fGh0dHBzOi8vdHdpdHRlci5jb20vTHV6c2NhcmxsZXQvc3RhdHVzLzE3NjEyNDExNjYxNTcwNTQ0NTN8 ~~~

Great opportunity to win 100 HBD, will definitely participate in this... thankyou @inleotasks for such contest....

I am not sure if we should link our article here or not?
Anyway, hereby my entry: https://inleo.io/@stekene/what-should-i-buy-for-the-next-bullrun

just discoved this giveaway post, what an amazing initiative by team inleo! @burlarj @sayee @bhattg check this out!

@leofinance @khaleelkazi
Has there been any update / overview of all the participating articles?
I would like to know who won / which tokens people are having interest in :)
Thanks in advance!

@tsunsica will tag you as you're on @leofinance team as well :)
Thanks in advance for the help!

Hi! well, I actually don't have much info about this initiative, but the last I read was that it didn't reached the goals so winner was still desert

Thanks for the update! :)