Introducing INLEO | Leo's Rebrand is Officially LIVE

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We've been talking about this rebrand for quite some time now. The past several months have brought an interesting atmosphere to the LeoVerse... and yes, we can still say LeoVerse!

We've been ramping up on all fronts from development to onboarding to marketing and now, to rebranding LeoFinance to a much broader and friendlier name & logo.

Keeping LEO in the name wasn't a requirement but it was desirable. We went through many different name iterations and even launched a community competition to help come up with a name.

Through all of that, we couldn't find a name that really stuck. If any of you met me (Khal) in Vegas for the Breathe! conference in September, then you may have heard me spitballing some names. At the time, the #1 name was "Roarly" which I didn't love but also hadn't found one superior to it.

I was collecting feedback about that name and a few others from anyone I met. 99% of people did not like Roarly when they first heard it. Some came back and said that it was growing on them, but ultimately, the name did not stick. It wasn't catchy, it was hard to say phonetically and it just didn't feel right.

Introducing INLEO | Leo's Rebrand is Officially LIVE

This all brings us to INLEO! So many names and brainstorming sessions later and it struck me while I was flying back from Vegas.

This was my first message to Eric mentioning the name. I had just gotten back from Vegas and I spent the whole plane ride back reading a book and just taking any words that made sense and trying to jumble them together.

INLEO was born when I started thinking about the platform. You're on LEO. You're using LEO. You're threading on LEO. You're consuming content in LEO. You're *in LEO"... INLEO

INLEO Takes Shape

At first sight, the name took the #1 spot. Eric and I both liked it and we decided to ruminate on it some more. We had already begun working on the Roarly logo and during the design process of that logo, we then changed gears and changed the text to INLEO but kept the rest of the design, typography and logo the same.

Rebrand Rollout

If you visit the UI - or, you'll notice that the rebrand is now live. The logos, typography and overall styling of the site has been completely overhauled.

We're now in the era of INLEO. The Domain changes will take some time to cache and catch up. So you'll slowly start to be redirected from the old domain ->

A few people asked during the Live Launch Party if the (experimental new feature testing grounds) will be

The answer is yes, that will get redirected as well.

Everything you used to do on will now be done on

Is Any Content Allowed?

I'd say the second most-asked question is about the content types on INLEO. In the past, LeoFinance focused specifically on crypto & finance.

The vision for what we would become has evolved quite a lot since we decided on that niche topic structure.

Now, any topics are allowed on INLEO and any topics can be curated by our community and by our community voting account, @leo.voter.

The Vision of INLEO

We're going to release a 30,000 foot bird's eye view of the vision for INLEO. This has been something I've been thinking about, writing and refining for weeks now. Ironically, on that same flight where INLEO was born.

The vision for INLEO is to be The Everything App. This is a key driver in the name change. We need something friendly, open and broad enough to handle this vision.

INLEO's mission is to build a sustainable creator economy that is centered around digital ownership, tokenization and communities. Some may question if this actually has any value to the world. Do we really need another social media platform? Can a tiny startup and tiny community compete with the big dogs of Web2? Aren't all altcoins just scams? Do we need another token?

No, maybe and kind of all come to mind as answers to these questions. The odds are incredibly not in our favor. Battling incumbents is never an easy task and they will throw everything in the book at you so that you fail and they continue to succeed. This all being said, the mission is necessary. It doesn't matter how you slice it - our data is becoming increasingly commoditized and it has never been more important than now to democratize digital identities.

The strategy of INLEO is to build a small (but powerful) initial base of users and a product that is nearly indistinguishable from Web2 (on the surface). Utilizing this base of users, we're able to build a massive content library that drives attention. Attention is monetized and that monetization drives value to the LEO token. People go where there is value and the value that LEO accumulates through this increasingly monetized attention ultimately leads to a pinwheel effect where more attention is gathered, monetized and driven back to - you guessed it, more attention.

Other Web3 platforms like INLEO have popped up all over the place. The idea of creating a "tokenized social media" is not entirely new. Why will INLEO succeed where others have not? The strategy of building an initial base of users on top of a product that is nearly indistinguishable from Web2 (again, on the surface) has not yet been successfully carried out... by anyone.

Now, we are onward to onboarding the next 10,000 Monthly Active Users to the Hive blockchain 🚀

See you in LEO, frens

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I like the rebrand, but I think the font you choose could backfire. To people who aren't already aware of it, that could very very easily be misread "InLED. The O in that font is very ambiguous and could be read as o or d. Especially with the sci-fi look to the font, LED is a natural guess.

Otherwise I'm excited by this rebrand, but I think that font might be a mistake.

When I saw it first, I read it as INLED until someone corrected me.

A small bug: some accounts are displaying their correct reputation number, but many are defaulting to 25.

Am I the only one who thinks Leofinance sounds better?

It will take some time to get used to it but I'm glad to have a rebranding of LeoFinance.

Soon, everyone will be #inleo 😉

See you In Leo too

Congratulations to you @khaleelkazi for pioneering this big dream with @anomadsoul and all in the Think Tank team.

A bigger congratulations to the Leo Verse users that hoped in to give the needed hype and push for this project. The rebrand is on point and self explanatory.

rust me, big things are gonna be birthed in Leo and INLEO would soon be a socialmedia to reckon with.

Roarly sound terrible and it doesn't even make sense but inleo is cool and I love it

we all are in Leo "INLEO" it's really a name that fits itself because looking at it inwardly, you we see that it's INLEO . He that is in-leo is greater than he that is out there. Long live all that is inleo .
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How cool. I really like the name and the new style. It has a very striking style. Now let's put the new ideals into action
Many successes for all of you in this new stage

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Congratulations Khal and Erik for this cool rebranding. Needless to say that the new name is not just cool but catchy. Logo is awesome and I believe that this change will make leo-verse even better. The new is short and simple but cool.

Now, any topics are allowed on INLEO and any topics can be curated by our community and by our community voting account

This is another big Change and I am sure this will enable more users to part of the Leo family.

The power you have over the incumbents is that their main goals will always be to increase shareholder value... this often means squeezing every drop of profit out of their customers and users. Inleo doesn't have that disadvantage... this platform can just build relationships with creators and advertisers and make everyone happy.

Congrats on the Rebrand!!!

Doors to bring users is opened and good to see things keep getting better over the time in Leoverse.

fracking awesome. So happy I went all In Leo last year.

I like the new name! I would pronounce it #inleo, one word, and leo, not lio. Not sure if that sounds ok for native English speakers, but to me it sounds perfect.

I remember when I suggested "Roarizy!", there were also very good proposals.

INLEO is something I didn't see coming, but it reads well. The orange tone gives it a greater presence. Not bad at all!

It sounds cool,Keep up the good work Team👏👍

Congratulations! And thanks for a great job!
Rebranded version looks amazing and stylish! I am sure it will attract more new Lions and Hivers here!



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I like the name and while I heard most of this about the vision in your Podcasts/Spaces, I'm glad I'm seeing its breakdown in written form.

I good feat. A welcome development. Thanks to @khal and the entire team of developers.

see you In Leo

I'm joining you guys to inleo, gathering my luggages from finance room.

Change I believe is the only constant thing in life. InLeo you are welcome, we embrace you with both hands.

This rebrand is amazing. I love the new name and I think the expansion of the concept it means is great. By the way, the fact that we can now publish posts on any topic is simply brilliant. I think InLeo is here to stay! Congratulations to all the InLeo developers, you are doing great!

Nice update.. I absolutely love the name and the fresh look. I also appreciate the fact that INLEO is opening up to all kinds of content. Can't wait to see where this new era of INLEO takes us!


Congratulations on the successful rebranding! I must say, the new logo truly caught my eye. By the way, I was curious to know if there's an app available for Inleo? It would be fantastic to have the convenience of writing on the move.

What a cool name rebranding... see you in Leo and we're all glad to be in Leo... INLEO a great name

Inleo sounds very cool and the logo is nice . am glad the didn't wipe out Leo guess we'll always remain the lions.

I just read all this and, I take a breath because although "Roarly" was not so bad because it still kept the spirit of "LEO", I feel that it would not have looked so good even though we users might have got used to it later on. I am very happy to know that despite having already decided on a name you didn't stay there and kept looking until you found the one that in a way most of us who use LEO have loved. Congratulations to the whole team.

This is an amazing improvement, I am enjoying my experience here on inleo

What's the point of the rebrand? It sounds like you're trying to do what Hive has already done and do it on the Hive blockchain. lol

Now, any topics are allowed on INLEO and any topics can be curated by our community and by our community voting account, @leo.voter.


@leofinance! Your Content Is Awesome so I just sent 1 $BBH (Bitcoin Backed Hive) to your account on behalf of @kopiko-blanca. (1/1)

We're going to release a 30,000 foot bird's eye view of the vision for INLEO.

I will be eagerly awaiting this release on GitBook. Best of Luck!

This is really catchy, not just new but is working already. Inleo we thread, create, curate , engage and reblog.

Let the sky be the strating point as Inleo welcomes everyone



I love it.

I admit I was thinking LeoVerse was a natural evolution of Leofinance from a single topic and single application project to a multiple topic and multiple application project.

But I think InLeo is superior to LeoVerse in creativity, uniqueness, and Coolness.

I am not a Marketing expert, but this new name seems to be the product of marketing focused thinking, and I think it may be one of the missing elements Leofinance needs to become a household word.


I congratulate Khal and Eric for this bold step.