Introducing LeoInfra V2: Onboarding to Hive Made Easy | Twitter Lite Accounts

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Introducing LeoInfra V2 Onboarding to Hive Made Easy  Twitter Lite Accounts.png

For years, one of the toughest problems on this blockchain has been onboarding. No matter how far back in time you go, it's been hard to sign up to Hive and therefore, hard to sign up to LeoFinance.

When this project was started, onboarding was always a core focus. You can go back to any of the number of interviews that I (@khaleelkazi) did on various podcasts on this chain.

LeoFinance is a growth-first project. We care about growing our KPIs more than anything else. One of the most important performance metrics for LeoFinance is how many new users we can bring on board. This doesn't mean new users from Hive. It means new users from outside of Hive.

To solve this issue, we've had to build countless layers of infrastructure. You can look at this problem as requiring a great number of dominos to fall in place:

  • We need a community for users to come to
  • A great UI for them to get started on
  • A vibrant token with great economics and value-based incentives
  • Proper marketing pillars
  • etc. etc.

Today, we put a key piece into place: Twitter Lite accounts and 2 direct Hive signup options.

In this post, you'll see an overview of what we've built and why. The various signup methods will be explained from a higher level. In other posts (from this account and videos from @khaleelkazi), you'll find more ground-level tutorials on how to use each of these methods and more detailed explanations of the backend.

One marketing strategy that we've deployed recently is the building of Twitter threads to explain various parts of the LeoFinance ecosystem. With so many different aspects of our project, we need threads to build awareness and educate new/existing users on fundamental concepts.

An example of a thread we built is this one about WLEO. A lot of work has been going on behind the scenes to build similar threads about fundamental LeoFinance concepts. The next one to drop will demonstrate how to Get Started using our new sign up options.

4 Signup Options:

There are now 4 different ways to signup for an account on LeoFinance:

  • Create a Hive account (with Twitter verification)
  • Create a Hive account (with Phone # verification)
  • Sign up with Metamask
  • Sign up with Twitter


Regardless of which option you choose, a Hive account is created. The difference between "Create a Hive account" and the other 2 sign up options is simply based on how the keys are stored and how the user can sign in.

This means that a user can do every single function that another user can do. It doesn't matter how you sign up. When the user selects "Create a Hive account" they are prompted to download their keys and LeoInfra does not store any sort of backup for them.

When a user selects sign up with Metamask or Twitter, LeoInfra stores and encrypts their Hive keys on their behalf. We've defined these accounts as "Lite" accounts even though they have every single functionality a "full" account has. Again, the only difference is that the user doesn't have to download/store their Hive private keys unless they choose to download them (which they can do from the wallet UI on

Since this is a common question, I've decided to include a more in-depth section here about Lite accounts and how we define them:

Defining Lite Account vs. Full Account

Many on Hive have long talked about this idea of "Lite" accounts. Accounts that could essentially perform similar functions to full Hive accounts without causing the user a burden of signup which includes keys and the whole Hive signup process that requires a lot of extra work.

With our LeoInfra integrations, we took a slightly different approach to "Lite" accounts. These accounts are real Hive accounts. For example, when someone signs up with Twitter, they are actually creating a Hive account.

The key difference is that they don't have to download their keys. Instead, we leverage an integration (either with Twitter or Metamask) to confirm their ownership of the Hive account which we custody for them.

It may sound complex - because it is - but the user experience on the frontend is as simple as it could possibly be.

Users can sign up using nothing other than a connection with a previous app/wallet (i.e. Twitter or Metamask) and start using LeoFinance/Hive without even downloading their keys and learning about how all of that stuff works.

Over time, we will prompt these users to take full control of their account by downloading/changing their keys. For new users, it's a daunting task and that's why it is so important to scratch this out of the onboarding experience for the vast majority of people.

"Full" accounts under the LeoInfra definition are simply accounts where the user has decided to take control of the keys from the very start. The user chooses to do this by selecting "Sign up for a Hive account" instead of "Sign up using Twitter" (or Metamask).

The important note here is that Lite & Full accounts really have no difference other than the explicit ownership. They both carry the same level of functionalities from the User perspective: vote, comment, post, send transfers, power up, etc.

The new LeoInfra Integrations:

Now that we've got some of the backend discussions out of the way. Here's how the integrations look from the User's perspective.

3 new options for signing up:

  • Sign Up With Twitter (Lite Account)
  • Sign Up Using Phone # Verification (Full Account)
  • Sign Up Using Twitter Verification (Full Account)

Sign Up With Twitter (Lite Account)

When a user selects "Sign up with Twitter" they are prompted to choose a username (for their Hive account) and then verify using Twitter.



After selecting their username, they are prompted with a Twitter dialog to approve the LeoFinance app:


Once approved, their account is created and they are automatically signed in.

Since this is a "Twitter Lite" account, the user isn't prompted to download any blockchain keys. Instead, we create a Hive account for them on the backend and link it to their Twitter account. This means that the user can sign out and then sign back in on any device using only their Twitter account for the sign in process. It looks like this:




The user can do any operation a Hive user can do on They can comment, upvote, post, etc.

"Posting Key" operations do not require a verification from Twitter but when the user tries to do "Active Key" operations, LeoInfra re-prompts the Twitter verification operation. Note: if the user is signed in with Twitter, then they don't have to enter their login details. It automatically signs the confirmation.

Think of this as being similar to a Hive Keychain confirmation window that pops up each time you do a transfer. This confirmation window only prompts itself when you're doing active key operations and not when you're doing things like upvoting/commenting.

Metamask Binding

This is an interesting feature. You may recall that in LeoInfra V1, we introduced the "Metamask Binding Feature". This feature allows you to broadcast a custom JSON from your Hive account which links your Hive account to a particular ETH address.

Binding your Hive to your Metamask address allows you to unlock extra Ethereum-based features on i.e. wrap/unwrap LEO/WLEO.

We've built LeoInfra to be cross-compatible with Twitter/Metamask binding. This means that you can actually sign up using Twitter and then subsequently bind a Metamask address to the same Twitter-enabled Hive account.

Effectively, this means that you now have a Hive account created for you that is linked to both your Twitter and your Metamask accounts. This means that you can do cross-blockchain interactions like using Wrapped LEO. It also means that you can sign in/broadcast transactions via Twitter or Metamask.

This probably sounds complicated, but from the user perspective it is incredibly valuable and efficient. A video will drop soon that will show this off in more detail but I want you to close your eyes and picture a LeoFinance where you can login with any number of integrations and seamlessly link your account to multiple blockchain wallets for instanenous interactions across blockchains.

In one minute, you could upvote/comment on a post. In another, you can send an ETH-based transaction or interact with an ETH-based swap. In yet another minute, you could be managing a Thorchain liquidity pool position.

How does that saying go? The possibilities are endless.

I've often said that LeoInfra will be one of our largest-scale projects and this is the reason why. Multiple blockchains. Multiple apps. Multiple web2/web3 wallets. All seamlessly connected while using Hive as the backend database to link them all together.

Sign Up Using Phone # (or Twitter) Verification (Full Account)

These next two integrations weren't actually planned in our original scope of work for LeoInfra V2. We ran into some issues with Hiveonboard and decided to go our own route to build direct-to-Hive sign ups on This again brings a limitless world of possible integrations and it allows users who are familiar with blockchains/private keys to choose ownership over ease of use.

1). The user is prompted with the "Get Started" dialog:


2). After selecting "Create a Hive account" they are given details on what this means and how to proceed:


3). Selecting continue takes them to the signup screen. The user is prompted to choose a Hive username. Then they select the verification method (either Phone # or Twitter)


4). After the user downloads their keys, they hit register and are prompted with a Twitter verification popup:


5). Once verified, they are welcomed to LeoFinance. They can then go back and hit "Sign In" to choose either Hive Keychain or Hivesigner (if they don't have Hive Keychain, they are prompted to download the extension):


The sign up process for phone # verification is identical to Twitter. As the name suggests, it simply prompts an SMS text instead of a Twitter login.

Welcome to the Lion's Den

This is a fun channel we created in Discord where we drop links to new users so that the community can welcome them and follow for their future posts.

One of the most vital aspects in the onboarding process is actually what comes after a user has been onboarded into an account. Once their profile is created and they start creating posts/comments, we want to make sure that they're having a good experience with the site.

Earning rewards is awesome, but the community and engagement is what will keep these new users coming back. I love seeing how engaged our community is on all content - especially that of new users. It's not uncommon to see 50+ comments on a new signup's post. We need to keep these efforts up and have a good system for alerting all of us when new users sign up and create content.

A new bot in our Discord server has been setup to track new account creations. Whenever a new account is created via LeoInfra, we send out an alert in this special Discord channel. It looks like this:


As time goes on, we may also add more functionalities. At the end of the day, the important part of this is that we welcome new users with both our upvotes and our engagement so that we hook them into this ecosystem and get them as addicted as we are.

Where Do We Go From Here?

This has been one of the most important issues to solve for me for as long as LeoFinance has existed. Now that we've got 4 different sign up methods for 4 different groups of potential users, where do we go from here?

This post marks the release of two major parts of our roadmap:

  1. LeoInfra V2
  2. LeoFinance V2 P2 (full release notes will come in a separate post, so this one doesn't run 10,000+ words)

If you spend a lot of time in LeoFinance chats on Discord or elsewhere, then you'll know that we've been spending a lot of time on a few different marketing projects. We'll release yet another post outlining our marketing plans and also our first DAO proposal (which LeoFinance community members have been bugging me to release). This proposal will be aimed at marketing and actual account sign ups using LeoInfra will be used as our milestones - with today's announcement, you might see why I've been waiting to launch the proposal 😉

LeoFinance has a lot of different irons in the fire right now. Some of them you're already aware of (i.e. upcoming Cache layer for, the Microblogging release in mid-late December, CEX listing announcement in January). Others haven't been publicly discussed yet.

The number of releases we've had in 2020 is pretty mind-blowing, but all of these releases have really served to set the stage for 2021 where we focus on further improving the UI/UX, building new apps (one with the name LeoFi) and most importantly: onboarding the next generation of LeoFinance/Hive users.

It's a few days late, but we are releasing the December roadmap shortly. Toward the end of the year, we'll reveal the 2021 roadmap which is just 🤯

Thank you for being a part of this community and our journey. Now get out there and start onboarding people through LeoInfra. I know Mitch @scaredycatguide is out there shilling LeoFinance to investors and getting them onboarded through Metamask. Now he's got Twitter in his toolkit and so do you.



LeoFinance is a blockchain-based social media community for Crypto & Finance content creators. Our tokenized app allows users and creators to engage and share content on the blockchain while earning cryptocurrency rewards.

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Delegate HIVE POWER to @leo.voter and earn a 16% APR in LEO. Paid out daily. This supports our onboarding efforts since we use the HIVE POWER to claim new account tokens.

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Amazing news! I wish hive Devs could see the importance of it and make it a priority. Without this there's no going forward, just struggling.

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Simplifying the way to register in Leo Finance and Hive, a very old desideratum that has not been achieved so far and supporting the new members will be the engine of a development of LeoFinance but also of Hive, as a consequence. It paves the way for the collective marketing to promote our platform.

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Yeah we really need to focus on the newbies and welcome them to Leo.

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I let my friend create Hive account by
Leofinance. He said very easy and comfortable. Leofinance are doing mmazing! And Thanks a lot. 💛

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Cheers to that.

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Hi khal i wrote you by discord because we are going to work on bringing users to leofinance. In this post we talk a little

I wait for your answer, greetings

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I may need to put my hands in ice after writing that much 🔥🔥

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Voice typing.

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Yes, a very good advice!

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For the amount of work you do you need to set up a giant bucket of ice beside your laptop. Sounds like a kickstarter campaign.

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Haha. I just need to figure out how to get liquid cooled implants and then I am good to go

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Stanford has a solution for athletes though it may prevent you from typing.
Magic Cooling Glove

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lol now that would be a real kickstarter campaign.

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I just tested out the Twitter sign up. Was ridiculously easy. Lite account idea the way you set it up is smart. Great job!

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

So you still have twitter? 👀👀

Regardless of which option you choose, a Hive account is created.

That's what I wanted to hear! That's massive! That's a gamechanger!

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

The number of releases we've had in 2020 is pretty mind-blowing, but all of these releases have really served to set the stage for 2021 where we focus on further improving the UI/UX, building new apps (one with the name LeoFi) and most importantly: onboarding the next generation of LeoFinance/Hive users.

This tells me to hold those little LEO (or LBI tokens) with all your might.

It's a few days late, but we are releasing the December roadmap shortly. Toward the end of the year, we'll reveal the 2021 roadmap which is just 🤯

If other tribes want to see why Leofinance has the trust of the users, it is right here.

Releasing a road map and sticking to it (as closely as possible) is vital. This allows everyone to see what is going on and know that there is a plan of action.

Leo is making progress. This coincides with the first non core team Leo project, LBI.

Hopefully others will get the idea to put other leo-based projects together.

Now he's got Twitter in his toolkit and so do you.

Paging @nathanmars.

Time to do your thing my friend. Get your troops riled up.

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I honestly think this project has the most trust from me in almost every project I'm involved in in cryptocurrency. From the community to the hard work of the team there is little room for doubt.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

I would agree with you. The goal seems to be united, everyone wants this thing to be huge and is willing to do what is required to get there.

This is rare since, in crypto (well everywhere), people tend to put their own self interest ahead of everyone else.

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This is really great. I joined Hive a few months back and the on-boarding was really not easy for a newbie. Lots of new stuff to deal with that you don't see on non-blockchain websites. Good job as always!

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Onboarding made simple is the key of this game and it was solved. Seeing also the DAO proposal should propulsate this community and the witness on new highs, great to see this approach being taken. Hopefully it meets the criteria and gets funded, you well deserve it!

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We can all agree that this is a major step! Will now probably need to open a twitter account. @nathanmars, look what you have done, you will be the first one to follow.

Onboarding is still the number one issue for every crypto project. Even BTC has this problem, as people find it still hard to get to buy and hold it.

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Wow.. I really do like the twitter signup/signin.. Would be really great and good for onboarding. Go Go Go Leofinance. 😁🤗

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It is a game changer.

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Wow it will be good to see now twiter users can easily create hive account

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YUGE news! Well done LEO Team! This should make marketing on Twitter easier than ever.

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This is a great and innovative approach to provide a variety of options for easy onboarding.

When a user selects sign up with Metamask or Twitter, LeoInfra stores and encrypts their Hive keys on their behalf.

I must say that with Metamask and Twitter added, we are going to have many more people joining us. Leo is making this easy and smarter and Thanks for doing the wonderful work and making this blockchain a great one.

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I must say that with Metamask and Twitter added, we are going to have many more people joining us.

Only if we get the word out.

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For sure, the tools are great but the community needs to do their part.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

That sounds powerful, this is the Alpha Lion dominating hahaha.


That means we, the community, now have the tools to make this site something special. Get your asses to work :p.

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I will try to do better @whatageek.

I promise.

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lol I don't know if there is room for you to do more, your engagement on here is insane. We will need to get you those liquid cooling implants that Kal is getting for all the typing you do.

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Find a Buy one get one free deal.

Two for the price of one.

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I couldn't resist... 😂 💛 🦁

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You deserve some ice for your hands and for your favorite beverage! You deserve it!
Thank you so much for your hard work, your "crib" is getting better and better 😁


Lite account creation is easy for new users who might lose their keys in a few days 🤣

Onboarding is now really more concrete with over a billion Twitter potential users. Is there also Facebook in future programs?

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Kind of makes me wish I had more things to post about in LeoFinance, but at least I know where the primary Finance page of Hive Block Chain resides.

Twitter sign up! Twitter sign up!
Finally, I got a tutorial on this.
These guidelines and steps look simplified, I hope it is as easy as it is explained here.
I will be sure to direct newbies to the post if ever they need any help of any kind.
This is such a great post.

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Everyday is a day to be excited in leo, easier and better signup options, onboarding just got simpler and smarter. Take it way khal

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We'll release yet another post outlining our marketing plans and also our first DAO proposal

cool, looking forward to it

pff omg this its perfect, as im promoting the hive ecosystem the sign up was the hardest problem by far. But i assume if someone wants to use another dapp he will need their keys or how do the sign in?

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Nice info

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What's your target demo? The finance name makes me thing I'd have to care about the monetization part of things to play with you.

There's nothing the public likes more than people taking responsibility for them - has the legal team reviewed your approach?

Where Do We Go From Here?

You have conquered all demons but one..

If you spend a lot of time in LeoFinance chats on Discord or elsewhere..


Toward the end of the year, we'll reveal the 2021 roadmap which is just 🤯

OK. Confidence restored.

Amazing. Is there any other word that I can use to describe this? yes, there are many :P
I think the way team is developing and moving ahead with intent, the community is also beaming with confidence. Good luck with everything. Leofinance is moving to world-dominance. It will take time but it will happen.
Cross chain operability is huge and this unique position Leofinance has positioned itself in will help the platform prosper.

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Incredible changes that favor us as a community. Thank you for your excellent work.

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Are lite accounts ever in danger of running out of resource credits where they are unable to post, comment, or upvote? Just wondering because I remember when Steem was growing that some noobies ran out of RCs and weren't able to comment,upvote, or do anything at all until their RCs recharged in a couple of days. People tried explaining RCs and SP to them but some of them didn't understand or didn't care about learning why.

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Excelente felicitaciones por tan tremendo trabajo, saludos

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All sounds like progress to me. Great work!

Wow... congratulations!

You have managed to accomplish what has been missing from both St€€m and Hive: Easy onboarding! That has always been a stumbling block in the past when I have tried to get people fired up about Hive: It's too complicated.

The co-branding with Twitter is a psychological stroke of genius, and plays precisely to what I have been yelling to (mostly!) deaf ears for years: the "general" user expects "log in with Facebook" levels of utility and ease of use.

I do believe LeoFinance is on its way towards something great!


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Users can sign up using nothing other than a connection with a previous app/wallet (i.e. Twitter or Metamask) and start using LeoFinance/Hive without even downloading their keys and learning about how all of that stuff works.

I think, most new users will want this only - However, why can't we use the phone as a second factor auth even though you store everything ? Most sites now a days leverage on OTP for sign up. That's the most convenient option of authentication with less chance of compromise.

Is there a way or is it helpful to link my Twitter account to my already existing Hive account?

This is going to be my default onboarding suggestion from now on for sure!

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Why don't you do email sign ups instead for lite accounts? Users can just sign up like they do on any website with an email and password and then you handle everything in the back.

Nicee, I have one question- If i am already on hive, how can I connect metamask to leo now? When I already have leo account

3/4 of people on Twitter are libtard idiots and/or fascists, though..... what sort of demographic shift is this encouraging?

I was trying to help a friend and create his account and after verified, nothing is happening. Seems its just processing. We were able to create another account @tribune24-7 from peakd just before this and used his phone number and that was successful. Can a phone number be used only in one account ? If so, then probably Leo should tell, that the phone number is already used ?


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LeoFinance has a lot of different irons in the fire right now.

Only way is up from here

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

BOI's truly excited about the future of this platform and crypto's overall!

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

I might need to use twitter more often to post things on hive. Because I have no other use for it really except for my gaming content.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

I checked the @leofinance Twitter account an the threads. The videos have 100 - 200 views. That is good for an account with 500+ followers as long as it's not coming from existing HIVE users trying to bump up the stats.

Based on @penguinpablo's statisitics, @steem.leo is #3 in new account creations. It's only going o grow from here.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

This is all superb news. The LBI team will do its best to support all aspects of the Leo infrastructure and community.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

I was so excited I didn't even read the whole page! @khaleelkazi You guys are awesome. You're doing so much more for the community than anyone developer that's in this game. I'm not sucking up! HAHA LOL! You've given the people a proper social media experience and an opportunity to great a source of financial stability. I'd don't even know if you've noticed. But no really a big thank you to you and everyone that a part of this project>

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Wow this is a great step towards seamless onboarding. One big challenge I have had when speaking to people about Hive is to explain them about the keys they will have to store or keep safe and maintain. Great that I can bring users who don't have to worry about keys anymore and gradually when they get to know more about the ecosystem, they can download the keys and keep it safe. Great work. Cheers!

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

The easier the better. The easier, the more people to participate.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Congratulations @leofinance, You Earned 0.572 TAN & Curators Made 0.4 TAN.


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That's a incredible amount of updates in a short amount of time.

Cross-chain is the future for inter-blockchain services.

Also, adding "Log in Twitter" should be good for bringing on more users. Users should be able to choose the degree of decentralization they want.

Thats great and so good for the future of the platform,
Can I have a link to the discord please

Nice tutorial for new comers

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Thanks man this has made my life a lot easier!

nice writing 🤌🤌

I've been on hive almost a year ago and sign up was definitely pain in the ass.

Nice to see something is changed.

Nice update

That was awesome news. well structured. well done bro

Honestly speaking,your post are second to non,you really put so much effort,good job wish I can be like you

Brilliant thank you @leofinance keep being awesome appreciate it
Your Amazing.png

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It is certainly a good project, connecting wallets from web2 with web3 is a very good improvement, certainly everything you have explained looks a bit complex but once in practice everything should be easier and more attractive to use.

This is good news , I like the fact that this platform is accommodating.

This is how you guys at LeoFinance and Hive Engine are making things convenient for future members.

When I had to signup I did it with MM for LeoFinance, and then I was like amazed for observing an ecosystem full of appreciation and rewards. Indeed, it first looks where I am bro, but when I explored this huge metropolis built on Hive Engine mechanism, the system connects you with a learning experience of a lifetime.

The Hive Engine Keychain also opened more doors such as peakd, pizza.hive, tribaldex, gaming portals, and much more.

At one point I feel like I am in a land of infinite opportunities.

Bravo! @khaleelkazi and LeoFinance team you guys are making impossible possible.

Greetings friends of Leofinance, I have been trying to get involved with Leofinance for a while but I did not understand, so I decided to look for your Hive profile, possibly I would find some information that would explain me a little more the project, now that I read it calmly I understand it a little more and the truth is that I find it very fascinating, I would like to start, with some post on it, let's see how. I will continue to investigate to see how it goes, the first thing I will do is to use your interface to start commenting, looking for the possibility of earning tokens, thank you very much for this informative post.

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I didn't know that showing the Hive app on social media was so important. Normally I wouldn't use any of the social media apps. But I realized the importance of showing the Hive application on social media, especially on Twitter. I immediately started sharing on my social media account. In addition, I share from the Letterboxd movie sharing application via hive. It becomes more effective and informative.


Well done guys and gals 🙌

Great achievements

Really inspiring update... Thanks

No doubt onboarding is healthy for any project. Lite Twitter Option is good for users and for me as well. Because Hive has pile of keys. Unfortunately if we lost them we are unable to control our account. I hope Hive also will provide solution for this. Leofinance is one of the best platform for me.

Wow! That's amazing. Keep up with the good work. At least there are multiple ways to register.

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