Introducing Project Blank | The Everything App Launches on Hive

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Wow... I'm sure all of you have been wildly anticipating that we would one day put "introducing project blank" in the title of one of our posts.

We've been working so hard on this project. It's been 2 years now since the origins of Project Blank began reverberating around LeoFinance and the Hive Blockchain.

The work that has gone on behind the scenes is pretty astounding. From ideation to design to development and now, to Open Alpha.

If you're reading this, Open Alpha is now Live!! Please check the disclaimers at the end of this post before you ask "Wen This, Wen That"... This is a multi-phase period of testing and we need a lot of feedback on each feature before we unlock the next feature for you. Each week, a new feature will launch and we hope you test it and give us feedback so we can launch the next feature.

Enjoy Project Blank, Frens 🦁

What is Project Blank?


Project Blank has taken on a lot of different meanings. It's incorporated massive levels of feedback as we had an idea, shared the idea and then began the backend design framework that would eventually become ProjectBlank.

The original idea was to launch "Twitter on the Hive Blockchain" and with it, create the "BLANK" token and also a completely separate app from the LeoFinance application suite.

As time went on and our ideas evolved, we decided to take on an entirely new approach. We learned a lot of hard lessons along the way as we worked in other spaces like DeFi, etc. Instead of launching a separate token and a separate brand, we decided to merge Project Blank and LeoFinance to create...

The Everything App for Hive.

The Everything App gives itself away in the title. It is an application that incorporates:

  1. Microblogging
  2. Blogging
  3. Hive Blockchain Technology
  4. Web3 Principles of Immutable Content
  5. True User Account and Data Ownership
  6. LeoInfra Onboarding for Hive Lite Accounts
  7. DeFi
  8. NFTs
  9. Community Pages
  10. and so much more!

A Home for All Content

Our vision of Web3 has evolved over the years. It began by having segmented content and policing people who created content that didn't fit the mold of crypto & finance.

Since then, we've realized that a new approach is far better. Instead of forcing people into the crypto/finance content niche, we decided to open it up.

Web3 is all about giving people the tools to do what they want to do. To build the community, following and authorship that they want to build.

Our mission is to democratize knowledge and access to finance. Finance is always at the core of who and what LeoFinance is about.

With that being said, Web3 is opening finance to all niches of the world. No longer do you need to be segmented into a bucket. With Web3, even basket weaving has some relation to Finance.... Since Basket Weaving creators can now build a Web3 business for themselves by simply sharing their basket content on Web3, tokenizing it, maybe even turning it into NFTs or a weekly "Substack-style" newsletter...

Our mission is still to democratize knowledge and access to finance but now we're opening ourselves up to all types of content.

That's the power of Project Blank... Create unlimited content. As much content as you want. Nobody is here to police you on the "quality" of your content or the "length" of your content.

Project Blank is Microblogging

Project Blank was originally intended to be Microblogging-only... Obviously, The Everything App incorporates both microblogging and long-form content.

If you head over to the Open Alpha now - - then you'll see content that is related to all sorts of topics.

Now you can microblog anything you want. Want to post a pic of your dog? Then post it and tag it #dogs. There is no limit to what you can do here.

Engagement is Everything

Now, engagement is everything. Our ad revenue as a platform has more than doubled since we launched microblogging as a testing grounds for PBLANK's backend a few months ago.

Our mission is to simply expand the tools and offerings that LeoFinance as a Web3 ecosystem brings to the table. Then, you as the community and users are given the mission to turn it into something that you love to use on a daily basis.

Enough Backstory, Now Blank

After 2 years of Wens, we know that you all are anxious to get onto Project Blank and start using it.

The time is NOW... Open Alpha is Here!!

In some subsequent posts, we'll talk about all of the features of Project Blank and what you can do with it. We'll talk about the new vision of LeoFinance and what it means for the LEO Token Economy and our community.

LEO is going to get supercharged from all of this.


These are important.

Project Blank has been in Closed Alpha since Christmas time. It's been an important time for the team to find bugs and patch them while also incorporating new features.

DISCLAIMER the Open Alpha product launches in a multi-phase approach.

What you see today is not the full app... It has all of the major core features but there are dozens of other features that are unlocked as the Open Alpha progresses.

Rather than give you the full product all at once to test, we will be giving it to you piece by piece, week by week to test.

We hope to receive and highly encourage feedback. We need this feedback to bug fix and also add new features. As we roll things out each week, please test the latest features and then give us feedback right away! This will help us exit Open Alpha and move to Production release quickly.

We're anticipating roughly 1 month for Open Alpha but it will really depend on feedback. The more feedback, the better.

Scaling this app has been a focus of ours but keep in mind that as an Alpha product, this can still have a lot of bugs! Be patient with it and keep giving us feedback so we can rapidly improve things and get from Open Alpha to Production.

Another disclaimer: if you're writing posts/content within the Alpha UI, just be conscious of perhaps saving an extra draft somewhere else (i.e. a local note file on your computer). While we don't anticipate you'll lose any content you're working on while you're writing, nothing sucks more than losing a draft.

Another disclaimer: (well, a repeat disclaimer) - I know many people are going to ask "wen this, wen that" in terms of features. They are being rolled out week by week... So when you wonder where your wallet page is or why the curated feed isn't loading or why there is only Hive Keychain login and no LeoInfra integration... Remember that we are rolling each of these major features out in phases so that they can be tested 1-by-1...

To get the next feature unlocked faster, give us feedback so we can improve the previous feature and iron out any bugs! Can't stress this enough.

Now, Go Enjoy Open Alpa ->

About LeoFinance

LeoFinance is a blockchain-based Web3 community that builds innovative applications on the Hive, BSC, ETH and Polygon blockchains. Our flagship application: allows users and creators to engage & share micro and long-form content on the blockchain while earning cryptocurrency rewards.

Our mission is to democratize financial knowledge and access with Web3.


Our Hive Applications

Join Web3:
Microblog on Hive:
LeoMobile (IOS):
LeoMobile (Android):
Delegate HIVE POWER: Earn 16% APR, Paid Daily. Currently @ 2.8M HP
Earn 50%+ APR on HIVE/HBD:

Web3 & DeFi

Web3 is about more than social media. It encompasses a personal revolution in financial awareness and data ownership. We've merged the two with our Social Apps and our DeFi Apps:

CubFinance (BSC):
PolyCUB (Polygon):
Multi-Token Bridge (Bridge HIVE, HBD, LEO):

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There are 2 pages

That is lit! Congratulations on the new design and the timely launch!

Thank you fren!

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Thank you for the delivery! Now is our turn to promote it.

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Hey @alexvan,

just now wanted to upvote your post on alpha, but it does not work...:(

Cheers, !PGM , !LOL with a little !invest_vote 🤠

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Project Blank was most awaited on leofinance and now we have it here finally. I invite @certain to look at it and try this amazing platform.

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Now I will be able to post my photographs with this project because with leofinance it was no use to blog about them there because it is mainly finance related. As a photographer, I couldn't connect with leofinance but now I think it will be a great platform.

I have to confess being guilty for not using leofinance that often recently - however project blank looks cool - love the recent happenings in UI and gamification which really is helping to onboard folks to Leo and Hive.

Especially microblogging stuff is awesome, we discussed this often and given I was one of the earliest Twitter users I like that a lot. Sure especially @manniman loves this a lot.

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It's the right way, people love short content more than anything.


Once NEW UI launched - I see many thread posts are not fully loading up on the old UI. Side effect ?

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Awesome to see the early results from all the teams hard work. Will be a lot of fun to have all the features role out over the coming weeks.

@melbourneswest - blank is alive, have you tried it out yet?

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Noice. I might give it a crack a little later on tonight see how it goes

Congrats to all
can't reblog this from here yet .. true?

Yes as said in the disclaimer, you’ll see many features not there yet. Rolling things out week by week

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was too excited to reblog. haden't read this completely 😻 week by week even... more exciting

This is amazing! Many of us have been waiting for project blank, and it's finally out! I will contribute with feedback.

I have been using it for the past couple of days, and it is very addictive.

I think @enrique89, @ilazramusic, @pacoandujar, and @jonsnow1983, will love this too!

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Let's do this! I'll make a video with my feedback with eng subs for tomorrow! This is simply amazing! Finally we have the BLANK for building haha.

Let's keep growing up!

I'm gonna get into it, brother. It sounds amazing, and I think it's another great way to continue building in Hive.

Let's rock!

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We are here for the long time. Let's go Blank.

Blank it up!

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BÄM! Finally! 🚀🌕👍🏽 Let's put it to the test then!

Soons became Nows today

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Such fantastic news. I look forward to testing this out over the next several weeks.

We’re gonna be rolling out features really quickly! Keep providing amazing feedback and we’ll keep rolling out the next things to test 🫡

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Amazing! Looked forward to this day for a while, the new UI looks incredibly beautiful and vibrant, can't wait to test out all the new features and have some fun! Cheers guys! Thanks for all the hard work!


Love to hear it! Thanks for your support!

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It is finally here, looking forward to testing this.


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This is great. The long awaited alpha is here, we will use and make it what we want it be on hive. Let me go there now

Check it out and let us know how you like it!

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I tried to comment using the link for it , i t wasn't easy for me to comment or vote there, but one thing is that, the thread look more attractive and is really nice. I hope to understand it more as i continue to thread. The vision is great

The launch was amazing. I know the team is working on all the new updates. But, just to highlight - search function, #threadstrom structure, profile with long form content. Good luck.

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Absolutely 💪🏽

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Thanks for the new UI! Here's some of my feedback

  • Sleek UI
  • Very fast
  • Good notifs system
  • Vote slider showing the $ (dollar) value. Hope we can we have the option to show $LEO amount.
  • Payout display option not available yet (default payout display is $$$)
  • Cannot edit threads (yet)
  • No emojis (yet)

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Did you know the new UI is already live? Check it out here

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Thanks for the link sis! I heard, but only found the new addy on my main account maybe half an hour ago! 🙈

Awww, that's great sis!😉 Glad you found it earlier hehe! Although there are some features that are not yet available, it's fast and a lot easier to find replies to our threads.

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Still can’t reply to this on new UI. I can to my own #threads though 😁🧵

Oh, it might be a bug. Let me try if I can reply to others

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Lemme know 😘

This is what it looks on my phone. Yours come in blue and I can’t open them, while replies to my threads are easy to open

Yep all are yets!!!

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I remember staking LEO when we first heard about #projectblank - thinking there would be an airdrop to leo stake holders 😄 Yeah, I've been around for that long 😅

Tagging @rehan12 because we both have been around since the beginning of when we've heard of project blank first!

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Yep now it’s even better where no new tokens take value away from LEO itself.

Leo accrues all the value

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Yes, I agree. Too many tokens would just take the shine away from LEO itself.

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Long awaited project Blank is finally here... Really Enjoying Threading now... 100 times better user experience of microblogging on hive... @kenechukwu97 been a while since saw you on threads.. check this out and Well, Hope to see you threading.

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Man, I've been seeing tweets about the launch of Project Blank. It's good to see that the time has finally come. Haha.

This is amazing

this is truly a fucking game changer. hats off to the devs and Khal for making this happen.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

This is such amazing news! Indeed, yes, it seems like we have "been hearing about it" since the beginning of time...

Well, off to check things out!


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Thanks LeoFinance!!

I was looking forward to the new UI and I got more information about Project Blank as a gift. I've been following since SteemLeo, bringing my Leo's together and encouraging the HiveBR community to participate more in LeoFinance. I have investments in CUB and POLYCUB, and I envision a very interesting future of LeoFinance's integration as a gateway to countless blockchain's. Congratulations on all you have done for the LeoFinance community. Strong tomes together!

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Yo, @dfinney, Leo Finance new User Interface is live, have you tried it yet?
#threads ;)

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Twitter sucks but these guys use it for promotion which I get so I joined that cesspool site again until #threads rules the world. Happy Valentine's day to you and yours!
PS: don't forget about #threads and the new UI!
(don't worry it's not a UtI, that would be not good and I would never invite you (or anyone) to THAT).

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

I love the new interface it looks great. On Firefox though I can't vote. The vote slider pops up, but the "heart is greyed out"

Congrats on going live!

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Wow! let me now enjoy the new UI.... So much freedom to do what we want. This is great and I have read through all disclaimers and will definitely see how it works. Feedback is important too to know what next to be done until everything is completely in order.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

This is a good one, kudos to the teams that made this come to life

!1UP Creating interfaces like this that facilitate web usability is one of the most important things to allow "normal" users to eventually experience Web 3.0 envisioned by the ability to own their content (and receive for this) but without abandoning an easy UI.

Leofinance is following this path and having great success so far!


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This evening I was caught by other things, but looks like tomorrow I'll start checking the new interface deeper than writing my post on it. I hope guys like @acesontop who were waiting for the new interface and had some issues accessing it finally made it.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

This is going to be a killer app for LEO and by extension all of Hive.

It may even get me more involved in producing content. There is a nasty rumor going around that even @edicted may begin to shift some of his content to threads. :-)

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Love the new UI, although I haven’t fully discovered it yet. First thing I had to find how to #thread 😁

Ei @wiseagent, você que está sempre a par das novidades, lançaram a versão Alpha do app da LeoFinance

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Finally, it's here
We've all been waiting for it!!!!

@merit.ahama have you seeeeeeeeen it???

Jump sharp sharp if you haven't ooo

The New UI is really fast and looks so cool.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Still can't log in to it 🥲

Awesome to see Leo team hard at work and bringing us more and more so often.

I've been waiting for this day since the first murmuring of project blank on discord. The reason I've been Leo focused for so long was to prepare for microblogging. It's finally here!

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Khal knows how to rock the boat!!!
Super Excited 😊🎉🎊🤩

Congratulations! It was a long way to reach this day and start a new Epoche of Leofinance. The founding idea to do „Seeking-Alpha on the Blockchain“ is still intact but over time a lot (really a lot) ideas have joined. I hope that this new UI will bring all the different ideas back into one place that will also be the basis for all future developments and will grow into a populated and successful place bringing in thousands of new web3.0 users.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Thanks for the introduction.
I will use the UI and provide feedback #feedback

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

@trumpman , the new soon site is here! How do you like it? I like that it is fast, much faster than German internet.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Looking very neat, can't wait to be able to do more!
#projectblank is finally here!
Thanks to all of you working on it day and night!

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Instead of forcing people into the crypto/finance content niche, we decided to open it up.

I think, that's a brilliant decision, LEO definitely is going to get supercharged from this. It will be like everyone's app.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Wow - quite impressed with the new UI - great work !

The UI is very Twitter-like. Its set to be awesome a little slow but I am sure you guys will fix it soon enough.

First impressions are very positive.
I will be spending the next few days test driving the new UI!
@lhes come see what this is all about and don't forget to #thread

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

The game changer is released! When I first heard about Project Blank, I was very excited and we finally got it. We are still in the early stages but promising for the future. I am very optimistic about Project Blank and I think it will add a lot of value to HIVE.

Have you seen the new UI? @joetunex, @micay, @tariksaran

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Lol not yet! I have been under the rock 😃

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

I was mentioned earlier in one of my friend’s content in Hive. This is wow! congratulations on this success. All the best for Web 3. And of course, I will try this. This seems so interesting because it is microblogging of all forms. Have a nice time.

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