LeoFinance Weekly Dev Update #2

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In This Week's Update:


  • BNB Dividend API Fixes
  • IDO Release Schedule Update
  • IDO #1 Details


  • LeoFi Application - Final Touches Before Launch
  • Automated Geyser Operational For August 15th
  • LeoFinance.io Performance Update
  • Return of the Daily LEO?
  • LeoFinance WhitePaper Book


  • AMA Tomorrow At 12 PM EST



In last week's dev update we discussed the rollout of BNB Dividends. The dividend faucet has now been on for over 2 weeks and if you have CUB staked in the Kingdom, BNB rewards are accruing for you.

There is an API server that we operate which allows the https://cubdefi.com server to pull real-time data for the accumulation of BNB dividends in your address.

I.e. when you sign-in to CubFinance with your BSC address, the UI attempts to interact with the API and pull the BNB Rewards currently accrued for you.

Our server that runs this API needed an overhaul and upgrade for various reasons - the structure of the API server, the size of the server, the UI pulling too many requests from it at once, etc. - we're currently re-deploying it under a different server.

Once it's back online, BNB rewards will display properly. Many have said that they either see a low BNB amount or 0.000. In most cases, this is because the API is continuously crashing.

Our hope is to have the API fixed, redeployed and live in production before the weekend.

IDO Schedule Update

IDO - Initial Dex Offering - is the newest product to be released for Cub Finance.

Kingdoms were our migration from "Goose" farming to "Autofarm" style farming. This brought on a high degree of sustainability and more options for building a long-term liquidity portfolio for digital assets on Cub Finance.

The goal of CUB is and has always been to build a platform for the long-term. A platform where our community can participate in all of the best aspects of DeFi:

  • Build a liquidity portfolio with digital assets
  • Earn yield from multiple platforms
  • Explore the world of DeFi
  • Gain first access to new platforms

This last piece is where IDOs come into play. CUB IDOs will allow CUB hodlers first access to new platform tokens before they launch their own liquidity pools and platform applications.

We discussed IDOs in more detail in last week's dev update and we'll soon launch a post with a deep dive on our model for IDOs and how they'll build a mountain of value for the CUB Platform as a whole.

The IDO schedule was originally:

  1. IDO #1 -> Polygon CUB Launch
  2. IDO #2 -> XYZ Token Launch
  3. IDO #3 -> ZYX Token Launch

Obviously, we won't give away the names of these tokens until their team's give us the go ahead to release their tokenomic/platform details.

IDO #2 has now switched places with IDO #1 (Polygon CUB). There are a few reasons for this but two of the major reasons are the size of IDO #1 vs IDO #2 and testing the IDO platform.

IDO #1 Details

Here we'll share some early details about what has now become IDO #1 (XYZ Token):

  • Initial Liquidity and Raise: $250k raise ($125k CUB and $125k BUSD)
  • Initial Liquidity Pool: $125k BUSD (from the raised amount) + $125k XYZ
  • IDO & Platform Launch Date: Tentatively August 12th - August 16th

The IDO is a much smaller one than Polygon CUB. This gives us a nice way setup to test the IDO system in real-time and see how it performs with a smaller raise.

It sets the stage nicely for a very large IDO event for Polygon CUB, which is anticipated to raise north of $1-$2m in CUB.

As we approach their IDO and subsequent launch, we'll release details on their platform and links to their UI, Twitter, Medium blog and LeoFinance blog.


LeoFi Application Launch

Many of you may remember the LeoFi leasing application we started building earlier in 2021. As CUB rolled out and we started our expansion into DeFi, we decided to hold off on the launch of LeoFi.


After conducting some final tests on the leasing backend, we're nearly ready to launch LeoFi. This week, we've been working on the final round of UI fixes.

The past week includes the following updates:

  1. Dark mode
  2. Adding "Pending" Leases to User Dashboard
  3. APR Decimal fix
  4. Add Auto Login (fix logout bug on actions)
  5. Add Power / Stake Display next to the username
  6. Add tooltip dialogues when a successful action takes place

The last round of updates we make will be primarily cosmetic. Adding some final dialogues for certain pages/widgets describing LeoFi.

After this, we've decided to launch LeoFi into Open Beta. The "we're doing it live" approach that we all love here in the LEO community.

We'll put a nice banner at the top of the LeoFi UI indicating that the product is in open beta. While we've now had an extra several months of testing, there still might be bugs once a larger group of users are actively interacting with the application - with the interface itself and possibly with the leasing backend.

Despite this, the best way to roll out products is to ship them and rapidly fix & iterate. We'll be shipping LeoFi for open beta in the very near future once these last cosmetic updates are in place.

The launch of LeoFi will mark the release of the LEO POWER leasing application first. Once we're confident that LEO POWER leasing is working well, we'll begin shipping the other products available through the LeoFi dashboard.

In the long-run, LeoFi will also likely serve as an analytics dashboard for other aspects of Leo-based DeFi.

Automated Geyser Operational For August 15th

We're currently monitoring the automated Geyser system we've been slowly building for the past several months. All systems look operational and we're hoping for a smooth rollout of LP rewards on the 15th of August.

Provided the system works well, we'll see automated payouts every 2 weeks on the dot for WLEO-ETH liquidity providers! Having the geyser fully automated will bring a large degree of value to both our team and the LPs.

No more wen geyser 🤞🏽

LeoFinance.io Performance Update

The LeoFinance.io performance update is coming along nicely. We're hoping to have it live by tomorrow (Friday).

The speed that this update brings to LeoFinance.io via frontend and lightning DB improvements will blow your mind.

This will also likely be the final update we make to LeoFinance.io before the Mobile App and revitalized Desktop Web app are rolled out into production.

As mentioned in last week's update, the mobile app will rollout first (our current target is to finalize mobile app development & deployment in the next 30-45 days). After that, we'll finalize the merging of leofinance.io into the new desktop framework and attempt to roll that out shortly thereafter.

The performance update will still carry over into the new application (both on mobile and desktop), so that's why we're rolling it out prior to their release and also making it our final major release for LeoFinance.io until the new apps are live in production.

LeoFinance Alpha we may roll some of these updates out into our Alpha server before they go live on production. If we do this, we'll push out a new post from @leofinance announcing the Alpha server and ask for anyone who wants to try out the latest features to utilize that version of the UI and give us regular feedback on any bugs you discover. Stay tuned.

Return of the Daily LEO

I (Khal) have wanted to do the Daily LEO for a long time now. I wrote the newsletter inconsistently for several weeks/months, but the development behind LeoFinance, Cub Finance & ____ have soaked up all the time I have for writing content of my own.

Recently, I spoke with @taskmaster4450 about an idea to bring back The Daily LEO under his management.

Our newsletter is at over 1,600 email addresses and it continues to get signups every single day via the banner on leofinance.io.

I imagine that this could bring a large amount of recurring traffic to LeoFinance if we brought back a daily newsletter with the best crypto news each morning.

Details soon™️

LeoFinance White Book Release?

@nealmcspadden mentioned on the last AMA that we should release the LeoFinance White Book that's been hidden from the public for more than 6 months now. After spending so much time working on it, it still doesn't feel complete and it likely never will.

His idea is to release sections of it with other sections labeled as "Hidden" until I believe they're ready for the whole community.

This White Book contains everything from the LeoFinance history to the future roadmap to the multi-year plan for DeFi expansion (CUB), our new mobile app and much much more.

There's so much information in there about the history, current status and future vision of the project. We'll likely release it in "docs site" format in the near future. It will also take on Neal's idea and be released in "chapters" with many sections hidden until public announcements (i.e. mobile app details, ___, etc.) are ready.

I can already hear the wens of readers who look at the future plans

Tomorrow's AMA

Tomorrow's LeoFinance x CUB AMA will take place at Noon EST. See you there!



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I can't tell you how excited I am about the fact that you continually make decisions behind the scenes about what's best for the community rather than trying to deliver on what you "promise". Seriously, making the switch from the hyped up #ProjectBlank to CUB; going radio silent for a month and switching the entire Cub platform from Goose to Autofarm; kicking out the Polygon and going to IDO number 2....these are all things that are very obviously good decisions when viewed from your perspective....a perspective we don't get to see....but can't be easy choices to make.

THIS, more than anything else, is why I'm in CUB and LEO. You keep making the difficult and right decisions rather than the most popular ones. Keep up the great work! You're leading a strong and eager community and buidling it to greater heights daily. Keep pointing us in the right direction and the day will come when most of the cryptosphere will only wish they would have been a part of what LeoFinance becomes. It's a marathon, not a sprint. I truly feel blessed to be part of this community.

Looking forward to whatever comes next.

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This means a lot to me @dagger212, thank you! 🦁

I know the hype can be a lot at times, especially when delivery is much longer than expected. Behind the scenes, I'm always working with the team & devs to figure out what is best to focus on and when. The shift to CUB (DeFi) earlier this year was an obvious choice once we saw the tides in the broader crypto market change.

#ProjectBlank will make its debut at the perfect moment later this year IMO. If you watch the crypto trends, there is a slow but steady shift toward community tokens. Raoul Pal mentioned them recently and I think that trend is going to get stronger in the coming months ;)

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Many have said that they either see a low BNB amount or 0.000.

I am in the or section :)

Hopefully, some $BNB will show up eventualy.

Good work overall, congrats!

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Yes, once the API is live you should have some BNB start accruing. Even if your CUB position is small. It will just take longer to be worthwhile to harvest (just like CUB rewards for some farm positions)

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Great! Thanks a lot for your answer. I appreciate it that you take time for such minuscule questions too despite being busy over your head :)

Have a great day and weekend.

Hive should be a top 5 coin and any project of the leo team should be a top 20. Congrats to @khaleelkazi and @leofinance they are winners.

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I see dizzying messages rolling across my screen and thinking only one thing… how is it possible that more people haven't discovered LEO yet?

Great updates and I can´t wait to see them all!

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This has changed drastically since the beginning of LEO! Far more people here than ever before. What we need now is to continue and accelerate that growth.

I believe the next few months will make that a reality. Time to deliver 🦁

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I sure believe it will happen and can´t wait to see it happen.

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I am really pumped up for all of the things about to roll out! Bring on the IDO's!

IDOs will change CUB drastically.. the tokenomics are about to get shaken up at a fundamental level

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Ah man Taskmaster4450 managing the Daily LEO is an awesome idea.

I think he'll do an awesome job! Great and consistent writer - he was born for it!

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Happy to see @taskmaster4450 becoming a part of the Leo team

Great news and if you want LEO Finance to grow you need to add more members to the team and start delegating. You cannot do it all and that simply stops this ecosystem to become something amazing. I see you are already getting some gr8 people on board, hopefully you will continue this direction in order to be able to expand!

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

It's been a tough process finding the right people to help both with development and with administrative tasks. It's not going to happen all at once, but we are steadily improving.

The automation and expansion of our team is continuing at a rapid pace! 🦁

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Dont suppose your hiring ;) worth a try

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So much happening! Exciting times.. Good job guys.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

Working hard to expand the operations and dev team! I'm excited to see us roll out a lot of new features and applications throughout the rest of 2021 and set ourselves up for an even better 2022! 🦁

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Is there a post that goes into more details about LeoFi? I am not so sure what it is.

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

We haven't released a large-scale post about it yet. If you're familiar with something like the d lease application for Hive Power - it's very similar to that but for LEO POWER leasing :)

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A lot of progress being made. It seems like a great deal of all the development is finally coming together.

It is great for us Lions to see progress being made on Leofinance. As much as we love Cubfinance, it is Leo that brought us together.

The flagship is finally getting some attention.

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A lot of behind the scenes work is coming together!

I'm very excited to unveil this mobile app and then the new desktop framework. I think it's going to blow everyone away and take LeoFinance to the next level.

"Native IOS & Android Application for Blogging & Earning Cryptocurrency Rewards" will be an awesome way to onboard new community members

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I think it's going to blow everyone away and take LeoFinance to the next level.

That is what we are here for.

So let me ask, wen #ProjectBlank. Jack Dorsey is waiting.

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Gonna change the game... again

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Awesome stuff and I really like/want the daily Leo back. It keeps everyone in the know about things going on, the general state of crypto as well as it's not just fully about LEO but other tokens and blockchains that are in some way connected with it all.

Keep up the good work. Projectblank wen ;)

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I agree! I really want to see The Daily LEO make a comeback, I just am spread too thin to do it myself.

Hoping to see TM4450 take up the mantle and write some great newsletters so we can attract that recurring traffic to leofinance.io

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Very excited to see a further focus on Leofinance and all these IDOs and BNB rewards coming in!

Congrats and keep BUIDLing Lions.

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This is great progress on all fronts. And im looking forward to the implementation of this asap.

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Congratulations on the success of your projects, and all the amazing developments you are rolling out. These posts and the AMAs have been great. Your hard work is being rewarded, and your dreams are coming true.

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Hi,at list before they go live on production I will put my effort to achieve More pob. But I believe their coming back then will be greater than now, thank you for the update.

Posted via proofofbrain.io

Our newsletter is at over 1,600 email addresses and it continues to get signups every single day via the banner on leofinance.io.

This is much better than what I was expecting. I still suspect a good amount of these are from those who are not hardcore HIVE/LEO users as we regularly check the blockchain and Discord for news anyways.

How about @khaleelkazi create some trading guide or some short E-Book including details about LEO and few other HIVE DAPPs and allow people to download it in exchange for an E-Mail address. That might be an effective way to collect a sizable list.

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@vimukthi, sorry. :(

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@leofinance! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @vimukthi.

Learn more about $PIZZA Token at hive.pizza (3/10)

Great news 👍

Pls, what is leo finance about?. I want to know.
what benefit will some one derive from it?

Pls, kindly educate me.

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Probably the switch of the IDOs is a great idea, even though most of us are excited for the Polygon Cub IDO.

I really enjoy these dev updates. :)

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Hi @leofinance, @khaleelkazi can you kindly tell me where I can verify that this is actually happening with my delegation? Thank you

Oh gee... never mind. Just worked it out. Sorry! 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

I'm new here

That's an awesome job by you guys. Well done to you all because I know full well that to come up with such** critical works mainly on analysis and programming** is not always easy but you guys made it possible by leaving all your doing just to actualize the work. Much is really expected from you guys. Thanks.