Marketing Overview | How We'll Bring the Masses to the #1 Social Blockchain in the World (DHF Proposal)

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Hive & Leo

This document is aimed at giving a broad-scale overview on our plans to 2x the current monthly active social userbase of Hive. We plan to do this in a number of ways and this doc gives bird's eye view on that plan. This document is the leading doc in a series that we'll be posting 1x per day for the next ~7 days. All of these documents outline the details of how we will build an incredibly successful onboarding funnel to get new users onto the Hive blockchain.

Our DHF Proposal is not just aimed at onboarding LEO Users. Instead, our proposal is intended to scale up our funding so that we can scale up our onboarding efforts. The onboarding funnel that we've built onboards Hive Users not just Leo users. It onboards people into Hive Lite Accounts and then gives them a few days to start using Hive through From there, they are continually prompted to take a course about what Hive is, how it works, how HIVE / HBD function and how they can utilize other Apps in the Hive ecosystem to build their Web3 presence.

Our DHF Proposal is currently 93% of the way to getting funded. We need about 1.6M more HIVE POWER to vote our proposal into the current round of funding. The funding begins on September 1st and so do all of our marketing funnels.

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2 members from the LeoTeam are also attending an event in Vegas on September 13th-15th. We'll be leveraging this opportunity to promote Hive and also showcase QR codes that funnel the in-person attendees to the onboarding flow that we've built so that we can show just how powerful our Lite Account to Hiver funnel truly is.

We'll be presenting at HiveFest this year as well. Showcasing the results from our DHF Campaign - since we'll be about 3 weeks into the campaign.

As I said above, the next 7 days are going to be filled with posts about the details of
Our DHF Proposal and how we plan to onboard 9,615+ new Hivers to the ecosystem. This post will serve as an overview - or introduction - to the next 7 days of content we're putting up about the proposal.

You can also get a PDF File version of this post which is better formatted for reading, feel free to access that PDF here.

Marketing Plan to Bring the Masses to the Best Social Blockchain in the World

Our Objective

To double the Hive Blockchain User base by December 31st, 2024 (add a minimum of 9,615 Monthly Active Social Users), through a multi-channel marketing campaign that highlights the advantages of web3 social media over traditional platforms by showcasing the user experience and leaving aside the intimidating and aggressive blockchain-related onboarding thanks to our new One-Click Onboard protocol (Hive Lite Accounts using Leo Infrastructure).

Authors of Document

Table of Contents

  • Business Summary - Page 3
  • Business Initiatives - Page 5
  • Target Market -Page 7
  • Budget - Page 10

Business Summary

Our Community

LEO is a Hive-Based Web3 Platform that offers a wide variety of alternatives to mainstream platforms and leverages bleeding-edge blockchain technology (Hive) to empower our community. For a world that is moving ever-toward digitalization, our mission is to democratize and decentralize your digital identity - bringing you the features, benefits and incredible abundance that comes with Web3.

Our Marketing Leaders

SWOT Analysis

We want to grow the Hive Ecosystem by leveraging a new and radically improved onboarding protocol to get users into Hive accounts with minimum viable effort and then educate them about Hive from that point forward. In order to do so, it’s necessary to analyze Leo’s SWOT for the remainder of 2023 and 2024:

Business Initiatives

LEO has the ambitious goal of doubling the monthly active social user base of the Hive Blockchain. To help the ecosystem do that, our marketing team will pursue the following initiatives in 2023 and 2024:

Traditional Marketing

Influencer Marketing

Collaboration Marketing

Guerilla Marketing

Adoption Campaigns

Target Market

Three broad types of audiences

In 2023, we’re targeting the following industries where we’ll sell our product and reach out to customers:

Crypto enthusiasts

If they are a cryptocurrency holder or a blockchain user, it is our mission to reach them and share with them what the Hive ecosystem has to offer through our seamless Hive Lite Account Onboarding Funnel.

X, Reddit & Medium content creators

Content creators are constantly looking for ways to increase their reach, expand their audience and diversify their sources of income. Not to mention reduce platform risk by being on Web3 as opposed to centralized Web2. If they create content, they belong on Hive and our funnel is designed to get them here.


There is a growing body of communities on other platforms. If you look to Reddit or X, you can find many communities that have built large-scale audiences that not only consume content but actually engage with it. We believe Hive has been on the right track for a long-time with the Communities protocol at the base layer. It’s time that we leverage that and get communities from X, Reddit, Medium, etc. over to Hive to build their community on Web3. Our onboarding funnel allows these communities to seamlessly give Web3 a try by using Hive through Leo’s UI.

Competitive Analysis

X (Formerly Twitter)




Over the course of 2023 and 2024 and starting in September of this year, we expect to allocate resources in the following strategies to ensure we meet the objectives outlined in this marketing plan. If we don’t achieve our minimum target of onboarding 9,615 monthly social active users to the Hive ecosystem by December, 2024, we will personally reimburse the DHF.

We are doing this to bet on our ability to deliver on this target and to give Hive a no-lose scenario in this proposal. Budgeting is about Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC). It’s important to have a competitive CaC and in the Web3 space, we’ve done a lot of research to find these CaC numbers including real-world tests that we’ve been doing since the start of 2023.

The following is a table of how many Hivers we plan to onboard, the period we plan to onboard them and the overall CaC of doing so. One major assumption made is that we can decrease the CaC over time as the DHF Proposal we launched progresses.

The primary driver of this is that acquiring each next Hiver should be cheaper than the previous alongside the network effect of running Zealy campaigns/Referral programs to encourage the newly onboarded users to onboard their friends.

Want to Help Us Double the Userbase of Hive?

Our DHF Proposal is currently 93% of the way to getting funded. We need about 1.6M more HIVE POWER to vote our proposal into the current round of funding. The funding begins on September 1st and so do all of our marketing funnels.

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I love pdf files. A great read! Thanks!

You should have used the !love command instead of simply the "love" word. 😅

Anyway, you love PDF files relative to what types of files? 🤔🤓


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When we look at the trend of SocialFi apps and the interest in that area, Hive has both advantages and disadvantages.

First of all, people look for a really rewarding platform where they get what they deserve. This is the strongest side of Hive as it is a perfect blockchain to make it real thanks to the blogging side.

Of course we need to get some lessons from the hype on Debank Stream and Friend Tech. The short form content is the most needed means of online communication among people. Twitter, so do other Web2 projects, do not satisfy the users. At that point, LeoFinance's Threads are likely to onboard these potential people via rewards and fruitful content.

I strongly believe that the next bull-run will be the year of Hive.
Let's utilize the SocialFi hype, interest in short-form content and the power of strong community.

this is the kind of marketing that Hive has been needing for the longest. acquire users that stay. easier said than done, but this is a damn solid plan. 🫡

I can’t wait to see it all roll out

It’s gonna change Hive forever

Again, the PDF version is a great read as well and has a lot more charts / graphics. Feel free to access that here if you want the full graphics

Now this is what I'm talking about. Great job and I look forward to the next 7 days of info.

First time seeing you acknowledge a post. That's great 😂

Lol, I have a few. I've been supporting the drive to get the Marketing Proposal funded from the beginning

Seems mine isn't one of them? 🤔

Yeah, everyone should be part of this drive for it's success.

I only see the leo blogs, because they have a popup showing when they are released. You blog? I didn't know that and don't usually browse the article feed

Yes, I do so please check out my blogs even though I know you may not fancy my articles 😂

You a glutton for punishment? He he he

Brazil 🤝🏻 Leo
Keep building

thank you so much for your support! 🚀

I'm been using my Hive and Hive Dollars to buy Hive when Hive is going down, and using my Hive to buy Hive Dollars when Hive is going up... I'm starting to get the hang of it, and it appears to be paying off...

I take a few days off and drive around the country...And then I see this bomb shell!

Great stuff guys, so well thought out and it highlights what so many of us believe....LEO and Hive to the moon....SOON!!!!

it will be nice to see how all this come to pass in less than 2 years.
While many see a time like this as too big a stretch on Hive in terms of funds, I say it's the best time to expand and prepare ourselves for what's coming for social media in the crypto world.

Many will contract at a time like this and that's why we have to be everywhere recruiting users who's current platform are doing a shitty job. Like we are seeing with meta and even twitter. Not everyone can go blue.

Medium is a big fish in the long form content world but I think with the ownership that Hive sells, many wouldn't think twice before setting up an account and make their way into web3.
Let's hope the proposal gets voted before the time runs out. I don't think 1.6m hp should be that hard to get before September.

I love the plan you guys are pulling out, its a great one, Great work to the team.

Sounds like what we need. I know some say we are not ready for the masses, but we need an injection of fresh users. Hope it goes well.

You have a well-planned strategy that what you are going to deliver and this is what hive needed. Everything is explained and I am sure that you will bring a lot of value to hive.

Every blessed day, leofinance keep increasing my optimistic about the future of hive Blockchain

The overview is a great one. With the clear business plan. Leofinace will reach its goal.

This is the first time I have seen any projects to come up with so much details and documentation and it clearly shows that you are well prepared with what you are trying to achieve.

This document is the leading doc in a series that we'll be posting 1x per day for the next ~7 days

I look forward to see more coming on this. Great work done leo team

this is a very good plan and exactly what hive truly needs. We must be ready for what is coming and give every support we can

Thanks, Khal and Eric for this overview of how the marketing is going to be. Can't wait to welcome new users here on Hive via the Leo UI. All the best!

It sure is disappointing to see this proposal stay unfunded. When there is no good marketing to bring users to a HIVE, the void gets filled by worse projects with far better marketing campaigns. I don't HIVE community is prioritizing marketing enough. We have already built something amazing. But only few thousand people have come and stayed. @leofinance is the best thing to happen to the social aspect of HIVE IMO.

That's a very detailed plan. Thanks for taking the time to put this together.

Really looking forward to seeing it in action!

Nice plan 🙂

The Hive lite account opening for newbies is a given for me. Bring them in let them enjoy Hive through LeoFinance a little for few days, then open up the whole package for them.
Great work guys.
Proactive as always.

Great to see a properly thought out and forward planning business model.
Some people can give out as much as they like but this is the first time that i have seen a proposal for marketing on hive with some real thought and planning put into it.

A user for LEO is a user for Hive. I don't get why people don't appreciate that. Hive is not the final destinations, it's the games and apps that people will come here for and each of these need to be bringing in their own userbase.

after that people can switch and swop apps but any funnel that is easy to gain an account and fun to use is a big win. this proposal is worth funding and even if it doesn't work it's still better than most projects funded by the DHF right now.

Glad to see the new path LeoFinance is charting for Hive development and expansion. This is really in-depth and is convincing enough for all who desire a big future for the hive blockchain.

!1UP This proposal is the opportunity that Hive needs to reach the world. Many people need a decentralized social MEDIA but are not yet aware of it. Perhaps with this intense marketing campaign, it's time to put Hive in the spotlight!


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Una buena forma de atraer nuevos usuarios que incorporen a nuevos usuarios es mediante el uso de artistas, ya sean destacados o nuevos artistas e incorporarlos en el DeFi y mundo de los NFT´s. Saludos

Hello happy night!!! How can I be part of your community???