Our Adoption Campaign | $10,000 & 200k HivePower prize pool!

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On May 1st, @leofinance launches their new User Interface, and to celebrate that, we have a huge campaign with a Prize Pool of 10,000 USD and 200,000 Hive Power in delegations (worth $80k USD at current price - to be used as influence in the Hive Blockchain) for 6 months.

Join our Zealy campaign and compete for these prizes!

Ten thousand dollars will be distributed to those who win this Adoption Campaign, and the 200k Hive Power will be delegated to the communities that the top2 users represent.

This Adoption Campaign starts on April 30th

You can already join this campaign and start getting ready, all you need to do is Follow this link.

Start claiming Quests - don't worry, everything is explained thoroughly in that link - and get prepared for April 30.

Finish all the quests available to become eligible to finish the quests that will appear on April 30!

100k Hive Power Delegation for two communities

This is an open challenge for everyone:

If you are part of a community on Hive, you can also represent that community on this Adoption campaign.

The top 2 spots of the Leaderboard at the end of the campaign will win a 100k Hive Power Delegation for their community that will last six months.

How can you represent your community?

Make a Thread about it:

"I'm on Threads for the Adoption Campaign that starts on April 30, and I represent the xxxxx Community"

Save the link to that Thread. If you finish on the top2 spots of the leaderboard, we'll want easy access to that thread so things stay transparent*

Are you ready?

This initiative is open to every Hiver and every community, and any user can represent any community - and yes, several users can represent one community.

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Cool initiative, I will drop our participation. Cheers

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This is really cool. The team has been so devoted to this project and now we have a fixed date for the campaign. Expecting this to be really huge!!! Getting ready too.

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Dang, there's me out, I have no Frens who aren't here already.

I highly doubt all your friends have already joined the Adoption Campaign, check the link to the campaign!

I see that I was very mistaken. :) The plan worked, to get me to post a thread, but the plan didn't work because I don't really want to link every account to everything. That's a personal preference.

Totally understandable, just to let you know, you will only be connecting Discord and Telegram to Zealy, all the other accounts can be separate and don't need to link at all (there's no automation) and we do not use that information for anything.

So cool, can't wait to see what's in store for us

Lot's of grinding in May, but the prize is huge!

This is going to be Boom. We have been waiting for this official date. What is in store in huge

Finally a hardcoded date!

Wow let's invite as many as we can

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All you need is to invite 3 people! More than enough and not so hard to achieve!

Wow am already on it,

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I was too early to post a thread about it, right @khaleelkazi? I do not make an invite link in my thread. What a shame :-).

It's still good, I hope you reach the 3 invites!

I have been enjoying the Alpha mode interface already. We will spread it . Interesting.

It's going to be amazing to see the new user interface be officially on leofinance.io and not on alpha mode :D

This is definitely awesome, with new UI to be launched and that huge prize to be won, the community is definitely the best place to be always

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that does look very nice, congratz!

So looking forward to this!!!!!!!

I just wrote a post last day explaining the LeoThreads and stumbled upon this post today that melt my heart even more. Looking forward to participate soon.. thanks for the great initiative!

May 1st will be here soon 🥳🥳🥳
This is so cool and the team are working so hard to make things better for the ecosystem and the adoption challenge? I have been expecting it.

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Hehe, yeah we have.

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O yeah, this ain't passing me by

Let's go tell it to the mountains that the long awaited campaign date is fixed. 😅

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May 1st ! Save The Date Y’all!! . We certainly can’t get enough of the Leo dev team inputs , clearly sound and evident . Keep on grinding !!

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Great to hear that the new UI is coming out next month. That's something to look forward to and how cool that the adoption campaign coincides with the launch. All the best everyone!

That's really cool and interesting!

Does it have a wallet?

This is going to be so much fun!

Eagerly waiting for the full launch and next sprint.

This sounds awesome. I think I have more 25 days to plan to start up the month of May with this.

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So cool, looking forward to this

I am so excited about the launch. The new UI looks slick. Great job done by Khal & Team.


The much anticipated event has a date and this is super good news. Now we can pace ourselves and put our foot on the accelerator and move towards the main event with full gusto.

I hope many will participate in this impressive initiative.

May 1st, I will mark that in my calendar.

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This is amazing! Let's go to the next level!

Prizes for daysssss

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I'm sure nobody wanna miss this BIG thing this spring. Let's go get family and friends join us and win BIG.

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Awesome this is very nice can wait

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The long awaiting day and date is here finally. This team is doing great. Let me spread the message abroad

This is indeed a sprint race.
More can be told about this campaign but it's indeed worth it.

Wow, this new interface will be fun and interesting. Looking forward to welcoming it

$10K?? My god this is good.

Bye the way, the new leofinance looks great 😎😎😎

This is an exciting update where we can earn a great reward and also we are going to get the new UI.

10k USD prize pool is huge and I am sure people are going to take part. Looking forward to see the new UI and this should be even better.

Love the interface and the idea of spreading the word about it with a generous prize pool behind! I can't wait for this to be officially launched!

Nice news!

ecxcellent project, @leofinance congratulations

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Congratulations on the upcoming launch of the new Leo Finance User Interface! It's great to see the hard work and dedication that has gone into this project. The fact that you are also launching an adoption campaign with a $10k USD prize pool is truly impressive and shows your commitment to the Hive ecosystem. Your efforts to spread the word and onboard more users to Leo Finance will surely make a significant impact on the community. Keep up the good work, and I wish you all the best in your endeavors!

Not down for that, it's stupid

What exactly?

That zealy stuff, it's a distraction.

Well, I do also a giveaway for the ones who want to join the campaign:


Awesome! I am in already. Awaiting for confirmation of my entry :) Peace.

I'm in. We'll see how this will go. 😀

Wow - this is going to be massive. Looking forward to all the changes and to use it all.

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