So many choices! WLEO, LEO, PLEO, GEYSER, KINGDOMS, Farming Aaaaaahhhhh!!!!!!!!

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Recently I have been thinking about the best way to support the Leofinance/Cub community and when I say that I mean where is the best place to stake my crypto? Now a skeptic might say I am just looking for the best yield but after doing this for a few months and seeing several rug pulls ("it was a bank run!"), I see that the Leofinance community is amazing and filled with caring people. This is a huge asset and what makes me not always go for the highest apr farm.

As a relative noob though, (as @scaredycatguide calls me), I am really twisted over how best to stake my cub, leo etc.

First the Geyser reward for Eth-Wleo is exciting when you get that big airdrop. Next, the native leo is awesome because of the curation rewards that seem to magically arrive in my wallet, as well as the good vibes I feel when my vote gives others in the community a boost.

Then there is the new cub kingdom which is awesome and I love to stack @cub in there as a moonbag. I have heard predictions cub could go to $50 or at least perhaps to $20. That would be amazing!

Also, the cub-busd pool has that nice high apr and since it is a pair that has a stable coin I like the security.

The other kingdoms are tempting too!

So...then the other day, I am listening to @financeleo, @nealmcspadden and @scaredycatguide on the AMA and now I hear about a bridge to MATIC and PLEO! So, WLEO, LEO, BLEO, and PLEO!!! Plus I am sure Kingdoms involving MATIC too!!!

For a "noob" like me, it makes the decision interesting to say the least!

Despite the many options, I have done my best to choose what I think are the right places for right now.

I will gladly accept any thoughts or advice any of you have regarding this fun and exciting conundrum!

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It is a wonderful situation when it is a bunch of first class choices, all of the above have their benefits :-)

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I think your right to look at the liquidity pools supporting the Leobridge, because it will yield good rewards in the WLEO-ETH pool and the BLEO-BNB pool, for good earning, good support for very important Project Leobridge, and your WLEO and BLEO should earn you a good air drop for PLEO token, to invest in Leofinance Polygon Farm or Liquidity pair PLEO-MATIC.

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This is a very interesting dilemma, because I too have experienced these impermanent losses, and it bothers me also. I was heavily invested in the Cub-BUSD pool and I lost quite a bit of BUSD. Additionally I am heavily invested in BLEO-BNB, where I have lost quite a bit of BNB, and on top of that I have lost quite a bit investing in Cub, as it’s value has gone down quite a bit. I feel like I feel your pain, and I understand why you are at this decision point. Oddly enough I was contemplating using my ETH and entering the WLEO-Eth pool LOL 😂 about out of the frying pan and into the fire! LOL

However, I have accumulated quite a bit of Cub, and BLEO, so longterm I could be very profitable, despite the apparent short term losses, as the Total Value locked of my investments is currently down, but it’s potential total value is very high should it rise as I have placed most of it in Cub Kingdom.

My perspective is that longterm the value of Cub and the all the versions of Leo will rise. I think Leobridge has good longterm potential, and Cubfinance will continue to evolve and become more stable in terms of value and sustained profitability.

At the beginning of Cubfinance, I unstaked over half, of my Leo, and invested my Leo in Cubfinance. So I also understand what your saying about giving up consistent daily profits on curation on Leofinance, if I had kept my money there. But I also would not have the potential to multiple my gains like Cubfinance has provided, and I would not have the invaluable experience and understanding of DeFi, cross blockchain trading, token wrapping and smart contracts that Cubfinance has taught me. And that is priceless.

I think this is truly the road to knowledge and riches we hear about in cryptocurrency, and many romanticize. But those who travel it, know it’s a journey characterized by both pain and pleasure, with no guarantee of the ultimate goal; financial independence. But the goal is worth it, and so we travel the road, it’s small gulches and big valleys, traverse the little streams and big rivers, climb the small hills and big mountains. All in search of the ultimate goal, Hodling and trading our way to the prize.

We are Leofinance Lions, we are learners, we are teachers, we are those who are in between, who both teach and learn. We are in this both together and by ourselves. It is a not a lonely journey, but each of us alone must deal with our individual reactions to stress and tolerance for risk and paper losses. Each of us must choose our path and ultimately take responsibility for our investment decisions.

As they say amongst the Mandalorians, that is the way.

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Ive been wondering these same things.... Im kind of leaning towards buying some more Leo so that I can muck about with it, and chuck it in the kingdoms and pools and whatnot when interesting opportunities arise, whether its bleo, wleo, pleo or any of that madness. But yeh, I cant claim to have any real 6th sense for all this stuff, its just like one of those euro games where theres a million ways to get victory points but its a bit challenging because theres some mega RNG at play so prediction is near-on fruitless for an amateur like me.
The more time goes by, the more CubDefi looks like the game-plan for us folk with less theoretical knowledge

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Well, at least for the ETH-WLEO pool, I just wrote about it a week ago. Since then I've done a bit of thinking, while waiting for the Geyser reward. It was supposed to have arrived on the 16th, but just as I suspected that it would be late ... I still haven't gotten it as I'm typing this. So my mind is made up: get out of that pool, and use my funds elsewhere. And I'm really just thinking delegating a massive 10k of HIVE to @leo.voter.

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Very interesting thought. Let me know why you are looking at delegating HIVE instead of holding LEO. Which do you think is the better long term token?

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Well, I'm actually talking short-term here. In my post from last week I compared the returns of the Geyser pool over the last six months with the Leo Bounties I keep getting for delegating HIVE. The two rates are quite comparable, though at the moment I only have delegated 1k HIVE to leo.voter. With 10k HIVE, I should get around the same return I've been getting from Geyser.

The big difference is that with Leo Bounties my HP doesn't even have to leave my HIVE wallet, I just delegate it out, whereas with the ETH-WLEO pool my money's on Uniswap. (You know, not your keys, not your cryptos... though I'm still confident I'll get it all back properly). The other thing is, I get Leo Bounties every day, while Geyser rewards come monthly (or now bi-monthly), but so far it hasn't been on time, not once!

BUT ... : This is all just my own reasoning. I'm always happy to hear suggestions, counter opinions, recommendations for other approaches, and most certainly I'm grateful to be corrected when I'm simply wrong. Also, would love to hear your thoughts regarding this.

As for the long term, I feel HIVE is just as good as LEO, though with its fast-paced development LEO is sure to generate a lot of excitement, thus more spectacular price movements.

Yea, I think many of us are going through something like that!

Personally, my biggest stake in CubDefi is currently in the CUB Kingdom. I think there is real potential there but then again, there are a lot of other great options there too!

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