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SPS again?

I wouldn't mind those SPS, the season hasn't been a good one for me


nice SPS form quest

I have threads to thank for this.

Congrats 👍

Thank you sis

Threads is the saviour for all of us.

Yes. It truly is.

Indeed a milestone. Those figures are strengthening your web 3.0 social profile.

pump it those numbers

woow 17000 congrats

Threads really helps up that count.

wow, congrats for achieving that

Haha yeah, I get to my general comments target so easily because of threads now

That's awesome @ifarmgirl-leo you are definitely crushing it!

LOL, yeah, that's definitely #threads!

thats an amazing millstone you have crossed, congratz!


I'm gonna get this notification anytime this week. Threads fr.

Here is today's #threacast for the #cryptomaniacs broadcast with @khaleelkazi.

Post your questions and engage during the show here. Let us use threads as the epicenter it is.

Might not be here on time for the live but I would like to Jon have a story time about his great adventure selling his RUNI 😁 also a big thank you to Khal for the awesome hard work!

Nice, this episode is going to be huge! I'll make sure to tune in!

Nifty already sent me a DM to ask Khal about feet.

Seems he is excited too.

Feet again? Oh you guys can't just stop

What is the plan for long-form posts on the new UI. I like what they did about the publishing interface but I still think the feed or latest page is still lacking. Can we get chronological as an option?

Sure. Ask #khal

What do you think of @ecency waves?

We will see how much he knows about it.

But we will cover it.

Not the information on ecency app but what about the step forward with Hive front ends coming up with their own micro blogging app. Would that impact leothreads? is there a possibility to rather use threads everywhere?

Thanks for the clarification. I am sure @jongolson will ask it since I cant read these things on air.

Thank you. I will not be able to join live but i hope we have the answer.

We will cover it. Wish you were there live in the threadcast but it is what it is.

It's a cool frontend but there's no backend. I wish they did something on that front

I am more (worried)/focused on users leaving threads UI looking for better applications/UI features. I do not know much about backend though :)

Is it technically possible to have a switch that toggles the ordering of threads between Oldest->Newest and Newest->Oldest? For short threadstorms I prefer the standard Oldest->Newest but Newest->Oldest would help a lot on threadcasts.

Not listening live :( But, hope a good discussion. Good to see you all.

What time will it be and is there any other link besides the Vimit

There is twitter and Youtube.

Im listening on twitter. Why don't you guys use twitter space?

Cant tie it into restream which we use to stream.

Oh okay...noted

That alone is incentive to feel part of an initiative where ad revenue is part of our activity. True Web3? True decentralization?

Not sure you have decentralization since the platform is centralized. However, the data is on the blockchain and the revenue is using a personless smart contract.

But there is centralization. We are incorporating more #web3 though.

no questions - just here for the feet pics

You have your priorities straight.

Khal is working on some feet NFTs.

I heard he might be getting some help with that

Well you are tapped in. I am strictly an amateur when it comes to that stuff.

But then I prefer the amateur stuff over the pros. It is more realistic.

What were we talking about again, I might have strayed off course.

amateur > professional

69% agreed

ready for the next #lpud and so many days left lol 4991.938 LEO 💪🦁

You are growing my friend. More $LEO in the account.

For some reason, the YouTube video that autoplayed after the Live stream ended was this amazing bit of video game music:

Is everyone so engaged that they forgot to thread? :D

Hard to do it on air. But yeah I guess the masses didnt get into threading during the broadcast.

What would be the use-case (s) for these NFTs?

Many. Some are going to be just gamification; others will access features on the site. There are many different ways to go with it.

Alright...until then. I think I have a couple based in the number of quests I have completed

NFTs could be incorporated based upon that. The idea of minting them through activity could include things like quests if they keep setting them up.

why start a new NFT market? can't we partner with nftshowroom?

Not sure where the NFTs are going to be made. Have to find out where they are making them.

Very excited to see how Leo starts to touch the world outside of Hive! Once Hive applications start interfacing with bigger markets... well, that's how we start making change move exponentially.

Obviously they are working on the bugs and UI issues before rolling into mass onboarding. There is outreach taking place so that is good.

Have to have a smooth running frontend though.

Agree, first impressions are critical. Especially if the incoming users are used to smooth UX/UI.

Yeah. Have to work things out. To their credit, they are tackling a lot of things at one time.

This podcast is top notch. I like the idea of threads backup on the blockchain. Sure, it won't cost a think. 😂
Thanks Khal, Jongo and Task for the amazing show. I
And yes, I'm gonna stack more Leo

I thought iis the link to #threadcast that i clicked

The wait time is over.
Do now what you have to do.

When you have The #cryptomaniacs 😎 @jongolson & @taskmaster4450le with guest @khaleelkazi 🦁 on the show, you know it's going to be on and poppin' - ROAR! It was definitely that. Great show fellas! #ctp #leofinance

A fabulous combo, all superb speakers.

Thanks for rocking out with us man!

Good morning everyone. The cryptomaniacs have Khal as their guest so I will be looking forward to watching that tonight.


Well that is awesome fracking

Did you watch the show?

#gmrens dear friend

Good morning (sorry if it's late).

We are looking forward to having him on.

Yea. He is elusive so I am glad that you could get him as a guest.

Yeah. I sent him a bunch of feet pics to get him to reply. Once I had his attention it was easy.

Good morning hope you had a good night

Good morning. I had a great night and I feel refreshed today.

Awesome go slay some #threads

It's almost time for work so that will probably have to wait.

Okay, enjoy your day. Almost time to go far a walk for me over here

Good morning. Me too

Good morning and I definitely look forward to the Cryptomaniacs. It's even better when we get to pick Khal's thoughts about LEO.

GM to you too and thank you for using the #gmfrens tag on Threads.

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Ohh, looking forward to this one too!

Leofinance might have some issues in its app(which will be eventually fixed) in the context of UX, but in terms of tokenomics, no tribe token is even close to it. Let that sink in. $LEO

There are a lot of things brewing and, trust me, I keep dropping Khal ideas.

Not only tokenomics but we need to focus upon finance. Still need some infrastructure but we could see some great things coming over the next year or two.

Still need some infrastructure but we could see some great things coming over the next year or two.


They have indeed strengthened their finance, sustaining it on their own, robust ad revenue to support tokenomics. They have every single box ticked in terms of finance. The only need to fix UI/UX.

Waiting for Hive-Engine to fix this API issue!

Thank you. I hope it will be fixed soon.

Am waiting for the time I will not be seeing mmy threads disappearing

Alright. About to go dive into the new long form UI. Optimistic I shall emerge unscathed ;)

Except... where did the Publishing button go? LOL

(I'm glad it's gone because it was easy to confuse for the "Execute Thread" button, but... where's the editor now, ha)

Someone stole the button.

Alas, UI updates. We have to be patient.

Go forth and conquer

Is this a bug? or just the future? $LEO

Hive engine predicts the future :)

it is a nice prediction btw

I think that's the future

If that´s the future, then I´ll appreciate it, and sell some


A temporary bug that will be real glitch in the future.


I think he is making a trip to the near future. Hive Engine likes to give us a few surprises from time to time.

jeje, pero mejor de estas que te hacen creer que eres rico. no esta: cuenta vacia jjaaj

LOL a prediction.

I didn´t know about our new oracle, it´ll pump the $LEO token to new ATH

It will get people excited at least. Not sure how people will take it.

But maybe foreshadowing the future.

Looks good to me :P

Hahah, that is a bug from Hive Engine

yo wrong I just bought a ferrari with it

Hahaha, congrats then, enjoy man

The future

keep up the threading frens! I see some really cool numbers about ad buybacks on the horizon 👀

That is what we want to hear. Hopefully you will have some insight on the show today.

Welcome back Khal. In June what is your prediction for $LEO??

Cool. Waiting for more details but all good in the hood. btw, nice UI updates rolled in today.

That's great to hear. 🚀

Nice! Curious to see what the CPM ends up being.

Oh, really. Anything else to tease us with?

it's cool to see the price of $LEO holding firm!

The leo is maintaining its price very well from the last lpud refused going down.

I think it will rise at least 20% in June

There is daily buy demand through the delegation mechanism. Just wait until we get the Ad Revenue being used to buy it.

I can see a Tab for "Articles" and the new long-form editor. :')

Perfect ✅

Great additions, much needed.

Yeah they added those last night. Was a great addition.

Need to see what we can do about getting more updates.

The articles were there before but they just changed it. It was explore before.

I took this picture when we traveled to Lagos at lekki conservation center


Very nice. It is always good to be close to nature.

it looks pretty and that you had some fun, I hope you share more pics of the reserve soon!

Sure, I have many of them

That $HIVE and $LEO pump x10 so we can make #threads all day long

That's all I want literally!

Exactly 10x in stash size can be disgusting if you don't have it. I see the potential of the $LEO and $HIVE. Let's help it grow.

not even only x10 on $LEO $1 is x20 from here, next bull run will be our best fren

LOL I see what you did there.

I wonder if she has an interest in this?

All of them have a price maybe thousand for some, millión for another. She has for sure.

We want to see $LEO at $1

I am a Lion hear me roar.


Hahahahaha Hahahahaha Hahahahaha 🤣 😂 thanks for that.

Yes you are my friend.

Thanks so much my friend 😀

Your roar is so powerful

Thanks, I am trying

for sure you are