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"Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears."

I Powered Up 114.32 #hive today

Cookin’ up a small test batch of homemade maple syrup 🍁

pure maple is one of my favorite thinks. expensive though around here.

Takes a ton of energy to create just a little bit

back in Berlin building up some stuff at a Congress starts in 2 days in the estrel. Guess what... Web3berlin was here last year as well. #photography #berlin #hive #travel

Here is really beautiful and you have a nice

welcome to berlin ☀️ watcha building there at the congress? are you a booth builder or a techie of any kind?

Hang in there friend, don't give up just yet. You need to look beyond what you see now to the brighter side which awaits you. And to get there, you need to continue moving.

#tipsonleo #thread2earn

Well we will see what the future brings :D

"Why the hell do you arrange the recycling like this?" Because I am the #blockchain #Beerologist dear! Legions of followers tune in weekly to watch me flog my liver with #beer!

were do I start from drinking the #beer if I was given to opportunity to drink?

Get you to the local pub and message me in the morning!

What is Bruce Lee's favourite drink?



did you miss me? ;)

Haha, yep! Glad to see you :-)

hehe! Glad to be back!

I have slept more in this weekend than in the whole year lolol but a well-deserved rest!

That's good to hear. A good rest is always needed, glad you had it this weekend :-)

Preparing already for the next build... this one needs quite a bit of resources...

Is this Dcrops?

Whatever we do in this life will surely get two responses: yes it is good by some, and no it is bad by others; therefore it is better to follow your conviction, instead of following the nearby responses.

Monday is here already. Let's have another great week, yeah?

Amid the dry season, another bloom brightens the yard.

#silverbloggers #nature #flowers

Pretty flower. I can't wait for spring and the return of some colorful flowers.

Thanks. The days are fast and Spring will come soon :-)

Another very interesting #research about music: Music May Help to Build the Brains of Premature Babies. The post link is in the next thread. 👇

If you want, you can also participate in the 15K #Starbits #risingstar #giveaway

Want an opportunity to win 10,000 #USDC then DRIP built on Solana is you're latest chance to win some serious #crypto 1/3

Entering the sweepstake is as simple as connecting your Solana wallet and accessing Drip then clicking the link and providing your email address 2/3

find out more on #Inleo built on the #Hive blockchain 3/3

Hey @khaleelkazi, what are the @leo.bounties rewards coming from? Is this the ads rewards?

Side note: Do you know you don't need to provide HP anymore to accounts that just execute broadcasts like @leo.bounties for example... you can replace the HP delegated to these with just RC delegations, and avoid loosing the voting power for both curation purposes or voting proposals.

It's from hive that you have delegated to leo.voter and it happens once a day. Ads will be paid out via leoads but we are pending still on that it's well overdue once again.

Ah yep, now I recall there was another account for the ads. Tks

Taking a test or job interview and it's not going well?

Let me cast a magic spell for you.

"Don't be discouraged, knock and it will open."


Amen to that 🙏

No truer words

Yes, love Girl Gone Crypto, Leah, she's great. :) !BBH

@mistakili! Your Content Is Awesome so I just sent 1 $BBH (Bitcoin Backed Hive) to your account on behalf of @pepetoken. (22/50)

Facts, I honestly can understand why people like those in sports that make a lot of money can quickly blow through it and have nothing left. Live a modest life and you'll have plenty of money. Plus at the end of the day all that other "flash" stuff isn't worth it.

1/ 🧵

There are a whole lot of tokens on Hive, but amongst all the tokens I have in my hive engine, the one I love most is the Dreem token.

#oliodibalena #threadstorm

Image used is mine.


I love the dreem token for lots of reasons. The most important reason is the ways we can acquire them.


You can get dreem tokens from daily curation on which run from Mondays to Fridays. Once you sign up into dreemport, you are given five posts daily to curate and you can also submit your posts.


You can also acquire dreem tokens from submitting your posts on X. All you need to do is to make a tweet and add the DREEMFLARE tag to your tweet. You will earn dreem tokens if you are amongst the top 5 for the week.


Above all, this tokens can be used to buy digs for the TREASURE HUNT which is organized by dreemport monthly where you can get a whole lot of goodies(treasures).


What is not to love about this token? Join in dreemport today and start getting your dreem tokens.

I will always be a #dreemerforlife

My love for this song "Ngozi" is on a high voltage. The bit is a danceable bit couple with sweet and amazing love words...🥰
It's one of the latest African hit by crayon and Ayraa...


Tomorrow, February 26, 2024 at 12:00 AM EST there will be the Fork + Airdrop of tokens of the Arcade Colony platform

If you are a Genesis League Goals and Splinterlands player like me and have GLX staked and GLUSD tokens you can participate in the Fork, if you have GLX and SPS staked you can participate in the airdrop!

I am ready! Are you ready?

#outreach #threadstorm


In my last Inleo post you find:

  • all the info
  • the minimum requirements to participate in the fork
  • the minimum requirements to participate in the airdrop
  • how I prepared for this event

Link to the post in the next comment->


thanks for the reminder


#outreach #threadstorm

Memes can relate one big story into short one. Being Memer, I always try my best to present all the fun in my memes relating to current perspectives.

#hivelearners #creativesunday #meme


Today, I have released another set of memes. These all memes are random. I love random things because they are amazing always. Moreover, I have submitted them as my entry for Creative Sunday.


We should smile with a laughter. It indicates our internal feeling. Anyway, I have designed my most memes about Crush, friend and lover and about girls habit. There are total 13 memes having different stories.


I 'm glad to share all memes with fun. All memes have awesome explanation and stories. If you are feeling bored and want to laugh then you can try my all these memes.


To read and enjoy my all memes, you should click here. Thanks!


memes are a powerful tool to express oneself

Exactly memes are powerful tools. Thank you sir.

A few days into March and February will be over.

My first month of being an #inleo premium Lion was amazing. It was special. Thanks to the sponsor.

Happy last days of February.

Mine ran out and now I am waiting for the renewal to kick in.

Oh! I just noticed yours. I am also waiting for the renewal. I wish it will roll in tomorrow.

I feel incomplete without the tick. Lol.

LOL I know. It is like being naked in the middle of the city.

I just got the check back. I am no longer embarrassed at my nudity.

Lol. Now, that's a funny one, "naked in the middle of the city." Lol.

Yeah, your check is back, no more embarrassment. Lol.

Now I feel like the Inleo team has forgotten me 😢, the premium gift offered from the January 100 premium gifts.

Yes. It was a great month to enjoy it. I do not know if they are going to run other promotions.

Yeah. Actually, @leo.tasks mentioned that my premium will be renewed after the previous one expired on February 24th. I hope to receive it.

Is anyone else finding it takes #inleo ages to load saying "Fetching results from cache". The circle just keeps turning and then times out. #question #feedback

New project on Solana using a new token standard

They’re called Mutantmon and they literally put a Weedle head on top of a Machamp

I can’t fade that

That's interesting and certainly sum potential there! Remember having sum machamps back in the Pokemon days. !BBH

@jeffjagoe! Your Content Is Awesome so I just sent 1 $BBH (Bitcoin Backed Hive) to your account on behalf of @pepetoken. (21/50)

Conjunto Feminino Cropped e Short Moda Feminina Verão

R$ 78,00 ou 7x R$ 12,17 Taxa de frete: R$ 6,85

Obs. Produto é parcelado quando o cliente possui contra na loja online

That is how browser behave when they load their cache

hahahahaha Hahahahaha Hahahahaha 🤣 😂

It's bedtime for me, good night. Hope you have a great time.

Have a great rest

Been a great weekend for BBH, the BBHM, and the increasing support for the hivHive-Engine witness node. Thank you all. 😀


#gmfrens, Monday is just at the corner, hmmm

GM to you & thank you for using the #gmfrens tag on Threads. Listen to the most recent Hive Community Town Hall!

GM tokens are now on Hive Engine! To OPT OUT of comments visit @gmfrens.

Of course we just entered Monday here in Nigeria🇳🇬

Hello my great friends, I have just dropped a post on the books I recommend you read.There are millions of books that have been written and there is no end to the writing of books.They help to develop character, promote deep thinking and stir our imagination.

One of the books is Sapiens.
In the book, the writer believes that humanity has been shaped or influenced by three major events that have changed the cause of humanity. They are: the cognitive revolution, the agricultural revolution and most recently the scientific revolution. It describes how humans formed habits,social, religious,political and economic systems.

The book Start With Why helps to explain the difference between leaders and those who lead and it identifies why some leaders are able to inspire people to follow their lead without being swayed or seeking personal benefits

Another one is Rich Dad Poor Dad.
The book also examines the life of the writer Robert Kiyosaki while he was growing up as he compared the advice he received from his biological father and the rich the father of his friend. The book x-rays what the rich teach their children about money and what the poor teach their children about money.

Why not read about the other books using this link below:

I can share a lot more about our upcoming Games and Marketplace. Think of this #threadcast as kind of an AMA.

Ask away!!!

You have talked about this in reference to some other games.

How is your approach to blockchain gaming different? Maybe a few bulletpoints.

Interesting question.
1st off you have to define blockchain gaming.

Does it mean using a web wallet for Authentication (verify who you are)?
Does it mean Play-to-earn with a layer 2 token?
Does it mean GameFi. I want to earn. I don't care about the game?
Does it mean game actions are recorded on chain ?

or does it mean something different?

We believe blockchains provide the benefit of Immutable Human Readable Digital Ownership. That is what our Marketplace system powered by native layer 1 Hive data provides to games/players that join us.

We are starting work on some mini-games that can quickly get made and connect to our marketplace system.

What is the point of this? Is it a proof of concept to get other devs to see the value?

What do you think went wrong with the #play2 earn model?

My view is, like most things #crypto, people focused upon the tokenomics and not on the user (player) experience.

I know this is true for Web 3.0 apps. Do you think it is true for gaming also?

Absolutely. The fact that people can get money out of the games becomes the focus. That also hurts the whole #gaming aspect. I don't think web3 games are actually fun just because you can earn. If earning is attached to the formula, it usually takes away from the experience as a player.

The problem with play2earn model is everyone is focused on get rich.
Now nothing wrong with players having a way to earn money for the time spent in a game but if the only reason they play is to make money.

Eventually a lack of new players and money will cause the project to fail.

How do you do a play2earn game without it ending up as a Ponzi?

Profit instead of fun feeling of playing. That is.

Any teaser content yet? Screenshots etc

Let me introduce you to some women I teases.

Oh and so is Khal.

😂 I mean I guess that's what I asked for!

LOL Deep seeded masochism is my only conclusion.

web 1.0 is read,

web 2.0 is read, write

web 3.0 is read, write, ownership

Can HIVE monetize ownership after 7 days?

That's the question we need to solve.


Just realizing about this... and how it would be interesting if enabled for everyone, and how payouts would be "processed"... never even occurred to me the idea of this being possible... But opening up monetization for more than 7 days, would drastically change a lot of minds and probably even improve quality (and reduce low quality things), because people would be more concerned in improving than creating new posts.

I have a lot of questions, on how technically that would be possible and what would need adaptations... examples:

  • How much RC cost would that increase to posting? And would be something people state at posting time, how long they want the curation to go for or something built into the system?
  • What would be the default? no time limits?
  • When payouts would occur... because I suspect if long periods would be considered, then payouts would only occur at the end of the period? Could there multiple periods?

Damn... so many questions... 🙂

I think this is difficult with the 7-day reward rule.
For posts older than 7 days

As an alternative method,
We propose to manage points for sponsorships.
Pre-purchase points with HIVE, HBD, and sponsor with points.
(may be cumbersome)

Also, as an alternative,
Have a reward pool with 5% reward for posting,
When the user clicks the donate button, the daily reward is determined within the reward pool limit and divided by the number of donations. (Only allow donations made through the homepage)

They can but we do not know when it would be put to action

I am interested to understand why you mention this... any links to code or was it based on conversations?

Curious about the RC costs of implementing this...

GainsI though INLEO already did.

yes inleo did it and inleo and hive are not different things.

I just wrote a new post about owning digital real estate. It’s not even what you’re thinking 😅

🧵/1. This is Zing Token buying week 6 and this time I have bought some more due to the low price of Zing.

#outreach #threadstorm #zing

🧵/2. I have bought 375 Zing tokens and some tokens were left as liquid so I have also used those tokens here for staking.


A look at the December 1989 issue of The One For 16-Bit Games

#retrogaming #retrocomputing #Amiga #AtariST #DOS


At the time, it was covering the Amiga, Atari ST, and the PC (DOS). Highlights include reviews of Ghouls 'n' Ghosts, Hard Drivin' and It Came From the Desert and much more.

1109 by Keor Meteor: Osama

#911Truth #music #conspiracy #Osama #news

In this video I have uploaded the 6th song titled "Osama" of the music album 1109 by Keor Meteor. This song outlines the role that CIA agent and patsy Osama bin Laden as a perennial "boogeyman" which the US can blame for anything and everything.

Zelensky next))

Here is a #container for #videos about trains.

The railroad industry is a part of most developed countries history. Today, they are a combination of high tech along with nostalgia.

Here’s how Mutantmon works

I love it's ability to sell on any market that supports Token 2022 NFT collection

Satisfied my sweet tooth!