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What is the crypto project you’re looking forward to in the next bullrun. As a crypto enthusiast, I have made my research and I found one project that is eye catching. The chainlink project
#threadstorm #outreach

is it already at high price ?

yes, it was surprising too

the market price is so high and many people don’t know about this project. You can read more about it here

Hello fren it is recommended to put thread numbers and thread emojies
like 1/ 🧵 , 2/ 🧵
so that it is easier to navigate a threadstorm by the readers
stay positive

Thanks. I must have forgotten. I have screenshot this and saved it to my brain

Testnet launch & next steps (AMA)

This is our #threadcast for today's Space on X

Add your comments and ask questions!

👇 Link to space below 👇

Eric is a legendary speaker of Twitter AMAs 🦁

I wanted to run a node but did not know how. @mightpossibly wrote a post. I will follow step by step.

Nifty can also help. He is setting a few pis up to run this also.

I will follow his posts. I need to learn to take part into the blockchain governance.

Awesome! Here you can check if your node is active and up to date:

LOL @anomadsoul trying to be diplomatic with his question.

love it when v4v I assume brianoflondon says he would be coaching 4-5 people about lightening.
Love to be a part of that
Share the link for the proposals would love to vote and support

let's onboard more people so that the staking will increase and sustain the ecosystem

Are the nodes that VSC runs on related to the Hive Witnesses's ones? If so, could you publish a list of the ones that are up to date, so that we would vote for them?


After ETH will have its ETF's, Coinbase could become a custodial and validating vulnerability door for that chain (the US authorities being able to pressure Coinbase to censor tx). Would a VSC bridge to ETH expose Hive legally?


Would a VSC exchange based smart contract be more flexible than the current Hive Engine one? I've seen that the whole EOS ecosystem chains (like WAX) have been cut off from Hive Engine, would it be fixable through a VSC run DEX?

That is what they are talking about now.

Hive Engine doesnt let developers create their own smart contracts.

VSC will eventually.


Yes, I've heard after I had sent the question that they were tackling that point :-)

Are there any financial rewards to run a VSC node that we can tell potential node runners?
If yes does it cover the cost of running the node?

You mention deploy nft on Hive, does that open the posibility to turn a post into an nft?

How is the debugging of wrapped BTC going?

Are most being cleared up?

What SLA or up time requirement is there to qualify as a successful node operator.


From the safety point of view is it suggested to run node with our hive account credential or create a fresh account to run node?

Looking forward to the stream!

It is always good to learn.

Lets get this to the top of the page.

Is this #AMA live?

It is! Join us.

I am listening.

Yes. The link for Spaces is at the bottom.

The link works now

Wow. We have over 100 nodes on the ecosystem. We need to be active and independent for more sustainable and efficient process.

Not exactly, we aim to have more than 100 nodes running but right now there are 36 active nodes

Is there a way to build a bridge between EVM chains and Hive?

inviting more people to join and engage the show. @herculead, @fokusnow, @ngobaby, @mrhive,@uzoma24, etc please

I read somewhere on Hive that #VSC is the panacea to Hive problems. Not sure how but I hope it is :)

Nothing decentralized about Hive Engine.

I do not see this threadcast on the home page. Is it because the account is not premium?


What minimum system requirement is needed to run a node. I saw one running on a pi.
Any node operation possibilities for a mobile node?

Question about running node

Do we need some minimum HP to run a VSC node?

Yes! 50 HP is need it.


For creating & running the smart contracts are there any GUI options or would it be similar to solidity smart contract creation using VSC?

yes we would support the VSC DHF proposal

This has been an awesome info filled space.
Thanks to the panel

VSC can become the largest HIVE project and be an important factor in the crypto space

I'm listening to the recording on X. This is a great project.

Here is the #threadcast for today's AMA

Start dropping your questions, comments and concerns in here and we'll answer them live

I'm sure today is gonna b a fun one for me


I see we now have all communities listed in the UI for long form content. Good one guys.

we are the early birds presented on the show for huge listening base. That's interesting and motivational. X space is very clear and wonderful. I'm enjoying the show

Had this issue few minutes ago when I was trying to editing a post, unfortunately I was able to get through it and edit this post.
That's the positive aspect of the team fixing the bugs in real time,kudos.

The platform has crashed twice for me in a few minutes

did you mean this? I experienced it too

You are doing well. It was 5 before.

See progress and perspective changes everything.

The phrase "Superfans" might throw people off. Maybe Super-Users would be a bit better. Otherwise we get the picture of nutty fanboys and fangirls... which, in hindsight, might be accurate lol.

I want to bring my sister-in-law who is a psychology major to InLeo, but as I'm far from her, it will be more difficult to explain these instabilities to her... Better to wait a little longer.

We will be glad to have her. 😃

Can anyone see my threads?


Oh! This one showed. I made about 4 threads before this one.

Cool. Waiting for this AMA, I know a lot is going to be talked about. Great to be here. Now, where are all the lions?


Don't forget to summarize the AMA, please my friend. I'm literally flying (lost) here. LOL

I'll start processing the recording as soon as the stream ends 👍

Thank you very much! It will help me understand everything and will also help me create a post about it. You are incredible!

Is there any prediction so that there could be 5 alternatives in the poll?

I would like to ask how long the threadcast icon stays up there after the last engagement in a threadcast is done?

about 3-5 hours from when it starts

Ok coo. Thanks so much.

Wow good to know that Inleo is working perfectly now.

I wouldn't say perfect but definitely better than before!

Absolutely, replying you is part of the testing

It absolutely is, thank you for helping!

@ijelady, @sammyhive, @ngobaby, @empressjay, @marajah. Roar over to this place. The long awaited AMA is live!!!!!

thanks so much for the invitation. Time to learn more and engage with others favorably

I would like it to be possible to have "pinned threads" on each threadcast.

Won't it be cool is ama x link is being attached to the threadcast for easy assessment.

I think this will really help hiver join the x show.

Hello, I recently realized that there is the possibility of creating a poll within a long post, but when creating an article it didn't work.

I don't know if it was before this period of instability began. I ask that you please fix this, as having a poll within an article would be very interesting and could bring much more interaction to the posts.

One major difference I have already noticed is that threads is now faster. Amazing speeds. Once this is transferred to production, the experience for everyone is hitting new heights!!!!!

it so cool to finally threthread properly, it's beena struggle for a while now

Please what's those cloudfare of a thing that shows as a bug, what does it mean please? Keep on getting that

Polls are great but wouldn't prioritize those on the top of the list...

I would. Consider there is a major use case for them.

I'm sure there is but wouldn't put them above the general functions

We have missed threads stability in the last 48 hours, dear frens, threads is back, stable, fast and much better!!!!!!

The wait is over - its definitely worth it!!!! Lets enjoy threads the way we never imagined it. Thanks so much team. Its a streamline nexperience now for everyone

I have to go for a bit, I hope I get back barf the AMA ends. See you in a bit!

It often get darker before it get brighter and brighter This is the Quote of today. Thanks for the progress and success

Already experiencing awesome speed over herebin publishing threads. WaooooH! This is FAST and SERIOUS!

Hey @herculeand, @uzoma24, @chichieze, @philings, @beauty197, you wouldnt want to miss this AMA will you, gather here then and lets hear from the team!!!

Ohh! Thanks so much sir. I even forgot that ama is today.

Thanks for the mention Sir. Am in. Where is it holding

Expect more glitch and slowness as Khal's recent post on the upgrade really explained. It because of much works done for the betterment of the UI. It will get better and stronger. It's for good intentions and faster processing speeds

Yea its gonna get darker before it becomes brighter, we are getting there soon.

I already know that the instability of the interface for the mean time is for the better so i expect better next time.

inconveniences pass and the benefits remain!


Nothing good comes easy, the interference of the bugs to our use of the UI is a good thing for, it signifies that we are in a good direction, we are getting there soon, i trust the process.


Please what is the methodology implied towards solving all these bug issues because it seems like they keep reoccuring the more.


Please @khal can you talk a bit about evergreen reward, the recent upgrade and more

I got pissed of with the constant bugs, even now it's still buggy.

I think it's better today.

With all the current LEO revenue streams, I thought $LEO's price would be above $0.10 by now.~

Would you say the "other side of this" is about a week or 10 days out?

Containers are the next big thing on Leo. It is a bigger use case as compared to threadcasts but taking the same idea of isolating focus.

That's right.

Yeeeeah, I watched a few episodes back then.

I am adding more. Up to 60 videos in there now. Going to get it close to 100 I believe.

Oh! Wow! Great. I know you can do that. 😀

I never watched this series. At the time it was released in my country, it was very late on open TV... time passed and I didn't even remember this series anymore. LOL

Well there are now 70 videos to watch. LOL

Wow! It's really a lot. Thanks Task! Without polls, bringing videos to Leo is even faster hahahaha...

You will be able to join in again in a few minutes when the premium catches up.

Yeah, I miss the features attached to premium.

I just hope that I can show my friends how inleo works irl sometime. It has been pretty funny to try to show people what inleo is, and it was bugging. So it was kinda hard to onboard

We need to think of being a true digital platform and copying the likes of Amazon.

Amazon builds everything themselves. X is starting to do the same thing.

That is what will rule in the future.

Question: would it be possible in the future to add a banner(or a pinned thread) if there's some major updates going on with the UI?

For example something like this:

Will there be a focus on DeFi such as CubDeFi with the new devs? Some how integrating it for swaps on InLeo UI?

Gud question! Will check back on this and hope to raead up further over time. !BBH

@bitcoinflood! Your Content Is Awesome so I just sent 1 $BBH (Bitcoin Backed Hive) to your account on behalf of @pepetoken. (19/50)


What best describes the activeness of one on the UI when it comes to threads because the leaderboard space aren't working for long now

Can you share a bit about LeoAI and what are the thoughts with that?

Are we going to see some things such as image creation?


In respect to increasing more views to our content, can one post the link of his or her article on all of his social media handle and maybe do a bit of an introduction of what the article is all about.

I never thought about it, but I just realized $HIVE is actually listed on Thorchain. That's good!!

That's cool.

working very hard to get the bugs being fixed will really make the UI very functional and awesome. Our UI is getting enriched and better user experience

Good day everyone, it's great to see that the team is working around the clock to fix all this bugs showing up lately.

A bit angry due to UI not working , but good to be here sir.

We have to think that everything will pass and it will get better, time and patience and things will sort themselves out.

Please did the hackathon affect the onboarding process, tried onboarding someone but couldn't get a positive feedback

One thing I noticed about notifications:

I'm getting the pop-up notifications but not the little numbers next to 'Notifications'

here for me they are appearing doubled or even tripled

The numbers or pop-ups? Now that you mentioned it, I'm actually getting triple pop-ups

It's crazy lol, that's right multiple pop-ups

The weather here is changing, cough, cold and a little fever is here .

Threadscast feature is a good one, no doubt about it

our thumbnail on the threads are more clearer and displayed. It's a wonderful things. More improvements are coming.


What's the essence of the leo curation thread that suggests one posting the link of the article?