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Raw oysters on the half shell

This might be a classic dish for some people but it's one of those that I only dared to eat out of peer pressure, lol! We were in New Zealand at that time and someone invited us for a meal. I had two and couldn't get myself to have another. It was too exotic for my taste, lol!

Photo by Lachlan Ross via Pexels. Source link in the comment

#hivelearners #adventurousfood

Its been while for that. I have recently learned the fried oysters with peri peri method. As I slowly age, I can't have raw one. But I miss those days.

Raw Oysters. I tried. But couldn’t do it. 😂

Glad someone else feels the same way 😂

Sounds like you like raw? I prefer the grilled ones :)

I like raw prawns lol... mild grill. mostly fried thee days now.

Whoa! That's interesting. Never tried raw prawns before.

I have seen most people enjoy eating this, honestly I thought it was superb

This kind of food is available in tourist spots in my country but unfortunately, I didn't dare to taste it any time till now.

What is a Crypto bull market without #Coinbase going down... comforting nostalgia! #Crypto #Markets #Trading

what is a bull market without celebrities aping in memecoins

Good ol days

Bring it on!

Roar with purpose, stride with confidence. In the jungle of life, be the lion who leads not by fear, but by the strength of their heart and the clarity of their vision.

#friyay #motivation

#wordofthedayonleo - inveterate

What It Means

Inveterate is a formal word used to describe someone who is always or often doing something specified. For instance, a person could be an inveterate liar, or inveterate prankster. Inveterate can also mean "firmly established by long persistence," as in "an inveterate tendency to overlook the obvious."

// She's an inveterate traveler who constantly searches for flight deals to her next destination.

//Carla’s inveterate optimism keeps her going during challenging times.


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So nice to be back again.There are cities that know no nights as activities are done 24 hours of the day.Some parts of the city I live in used to be so but it's no longer that way.I caught this view of a part of Yaba market yesterday at about 8:30 pm

It was beautiful to behold and I wish that my city will go back to the good old days and have markets that run for 24 hours.

Today, I hope to do some threads and a post

Have some rest

Do some repair work at home

Attend a Bible study

Does your city run for 24 hours? Please tell us about it.

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In my city, I know of a place in mosque street. We call it 'Ama awusa (hausa)' where you get to buy food or any other provision by any time of the day. That aside, I don't think there is any market that runs for 24hours in any city.

Oh that's lovely, the northerners always keep our cities active.I have noticed that in my city, the natives are conservative but the residents from other ethnicities keep the city alive.

lagos is one of the cities that don't regard nights.
I have been there a number of times, that's a great city, but I can't really live there.

If not for greedy politicians,Lagos would have been a true center of excellence in Africa.

Yeah some cities are Always up for 24hours is always good to be in those cities.

Yes, the view of the lights is indeed beautiful.

Don't worry very soon your city will be more beautiful than this one you are seeing now time will tell.

I hope so oooo.

Night life is great and I wish I

I wish there is night life in my part of Aba, but there is none. What caused your city to reduce night life?

The day I went fuel hunting some years ago, I passed by some spots that are usually quiet by the day but they roar to activity all through the night.It was exciting to watch.The lights and the glam made it all the more interesting.

Exactly, night life makes a city come alive and thats what proper modern cities are known for!

Good evening sir, how is the family 🥂🥂. It's a wonderful day and I love the night view of the mini market. More of the time, I love going out at night, just to look at some beautiful places like this 🥂🥂. Do have a great day sir.

When thie lights are turned on at night, you will get to see a different and exciting view of the city.

Very beautiful

If there is steady and reliable power supply, I think most will look just like this at night. Have a great day!

I can't believe all the threads I've send over the past few days never got sent to the chain because I didn't have RCs

I never noticed :(

Oh my. Have you delegated all your HP?

Wow. 👀

what happned to your RCs? Do you need delegation?

#gmfrens this actually a new month, don't let anger destroy your mood or affect your decision making.

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Very true words, the picture illustration is perfectly fitting.

Yeah, the dog is probably hungry and angry.

And blinded by emotions too

happy New month brother.

You have a point. It is very dangerous to take actions when we are angry.

I always tell friends, don't take any decision when you are not in the best state of mind. Because sometimes, they are not always the best..

that's a good advice.

That's a good piece of advice to start the month.

Yeah sure it is?

In a world where you can be anything......

How about being kind?


A simple word and simple thing to do, yet some find it difficult, why?

kindness is great virtue indeed :)

I can't change how the other person shows their support, but I can change how I react. No matter how rude or wrong they said, my answer should be quiet and carefully thought through. You should make the best choice, even if it's not.


I shot this yesterday evening on my way home after work along Aba Owerri road. You could see the heavy vehicular movement.

After I have my bath and do my chores, I will be working till evening. #mydiary

Have a lovely day

Thank you dear.
I wish you all the best.

Thank you

Walking is part of excise it will make you to look more younger and stronger

That's only what they are good at. Commanding fear and showing off.

You taking pictures of police men make them no smatch your phone oo.

Vehicular traffic are a part of city life, commuting is really fun and enjoyable without the stress of traffic but in a busy city like mine if there are no traffic on some roads,one will begin to feel that there is a problem, because it's not normal.Very funny though but that's how it is.

Seems like you closed early yesterday. What happened. You usually close when its dark.

M.P in section... , once upon a time, that's how we were. But thank God for today, I can walk so freely in the street... 🥰🥰🥰🥰.

If these officers knew you took this picture, explanation will be supplus.

"Joy" best gift ever, a birthday gift by my best friend while I was in school. I can't just leave the house without wearing them, let me call it my good luck charm. You can see the bracelet on my wrist #mydiary

I love your gown, the colour radiates, just like your smiles. 😊😊

You look very pretty and beautiful may people continue to shower you with gifts

Awww, my cheek is red. Thank you

Nice, you standing like a model, are u one?

lol, I wish to be one. Will you like to sign me?

I wish i have a fashion house so i can employ u.

you are beautiful.. with a cute smile.
Yes I can see the bracelet, does it signify anything?

It signify friendship bond, one of the gift I received still intact others have gotten missing. Thanks for the compliment

Gifts are meant to be cherished and thats what you are doing here. You wont forget this friend of yours. How are you spending today?

My day is going to be busy, hope to achieve all I wish to achieve.

Gifts from well-meaning friends can brighten our day,they may come in small packages but the intent is much and important.

You are very correct. Have a nice day

And you too.

What a beautiful dress my dear friend, I appreciate them and I wish you all the best of the day...

Thank you

you are welcome 🤗🤗.

That was a very thoughtful gift from your friend and it's good to see how much you cherish this gift. Enjoy your day!

Thank you so much

Beautiful, my friend.

You look great in that photo and it illustrates this week's theme very well. Congratulations

Thank you so much

Any Age of Empires 2 nerd watching Hidden Cup 5?


I dont even know what those are.

hahah it's a real time strategy game

there is a tournament going on right now and the best players in the world are playing but they are all under secret identities so no one knows who is playing who. It will only be revealed after the tournament is over hence the name Hidden Cup

Fun stuff for nerds

I am not smart enough not qualified to talk on this topic so I will simply say...

New season... new quest... I think I can do this one too...

oh I have to go farming, thanks for reminding me lol #dcrops

#gmfrens, meet my nephew and niece. These children are bags of trouble, but I love them though. Wishing you all a lovely day. In Jagaban's voice "Enjoy your weekend". #mydiary

Its great to have these little ones around minus their troubles. How are you spending today?

It would be work o. If my fuel finishes I'll probably make a post..

Ok, you have a lot to do.

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you guys look very beautiful is good to be together, may these smiles on your faces continue in Jesus

Thanks you very much for the kind words.. have a lovely day.

That mean the enjoy yourself you wishing us is an Irony, if is in jagaban voice.

It is not an irony o. It is from my heart to you all. Sorry for using Jagaban's voice.

they are adorable.
Happy weekend Fren.

Thanks boss. Have a lovely day ahead.

Thats part of the childhood fun, even in their trouble as you may say, you also miss them because they are sometimes, when you remember it, so will smile 😁😁😁😊😊..

Did they come over for holidays?

Nope. We are in the same congregation.

Okay. Makes sense

people are so downcast that they conclude God no longer answers prayers.Such are encouraged when they hear testimonies of answered prayers.It is an edifier.Testimonies build up spirituality. It is a motivator, when you say thank you to doer

Yeah they don't really know how prayer works , I don't blame them. They need to be thought.

God answers prayer, he still does. People tend to focus on their problems that they fail to see God's hands in their lives.

Yes we need to have faith in God. He still answers prayers.

Note: Remember to share with us how you want to spend your day. The things you will do or places you will go. Use the tag #mydiary

testimnies motivation christins it encouragies our faith in the Lord.

there is God, and he still answers prayers.
Good morning friend and happy new month.

Oh yes 👍👍!! I do appreciate testimonies because of the above. The help in building our faith more in the Lord. Thanks for this wonderful works, do have a great day 🕊️🕊️🕊️.

It is good to pause once in a while to think about how God has continued to show his support for us through these difficult times, only then can show true gratitude.


Our inner strength that manifests itself when
obstacles are encountered along the way.


Nossa força interior que se manifesta quando
obstáculos são encontrados pelo caminho.


Um dos verdadeiros poderes dos seres humanos.

Por um lado cômico, imagine que só precisamos nos mostrar resilientes quando a coisa esta realmente está ruim pro nosso lado.

#HIVE PowerUp - Something only few in the world understand... and these will be a future social community that will drive many leaders. We are creating... forging, and marionating! 😎👉😍

Why do I do this? Go check within this #blockchain...

The matrix is within the force...

We are the future.

And it’s just starting 😎

#gmfrens I went out on my bicycle and saw Kawazu cherry blossoms in full bloom. Spring is just around the corner.

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Beautiful! Enjoy your day as you anticipate the coming of spring in your place :)

Thank you. Very windy and cold though. You have a good day too!

Oh, keep yourself wrapped up and warm :)

Thank you too 😍

How's this for cold and windy? Getting warmer this weekend though.

Wow, is it foggy? It seems so cold!😲
But the lights are very beautiful.

Morning, happy cycling and what a lovely tree to spot and shot.

It was completely spring around this tree!

Welp, I'm officially back to how I was before my impromtu hospital visit. All those steroids have worn off.. Blood test is on 20th of march.. HOPEFULLY they are sent for the correct tests... If not I'm going to be pissed.


Unfortunately how I was before my hospital visit is not something to celebrate haha. Hospital visit made thing better, now things have gone back to being really bad again.

omg that's kind of embarrassing of myself. I feel like i misread that . I thought was like u are back on hive like u used to before hospital visit. so sorry. hope things get better

No worries, My fault as the post doesn't provide any context, so you wouldn't know unless you've been following my health posts for the last month. I added a comment to clarify others don't get caught out by it =p

haha i see. ya its the first time ive seen u here i think ;x

To add context: My situation before my hospital visit was very bad, I got better for a week or so due to medication which has now ended, so I'm back to being half dead again.


Thanks be to GOD ALMIGHTY for our survival in the month of February '23. We will March Forward to achievement.

#leofinance #freecompliments
#PeakD #proofofbrain

Hello friends, here is the flower of a leaf well known as Jack in the Bush, some call it Bush Doctor. In Nigeria, is traditionally known as gbogbonishai.

  • It cures cough,
  • Is also an anti-poison
  • It works for stomach ache
  • Is also used as first aid to injury in the Bush or farm.

#mydiary #amazingnature

Fascinating. From what part of Nigeria is it commonly used?

In the igbo land..

Today is HPUD....

Done 55.664 hive powerup...

#hpud #powerup

@taskmaster4450le is there a Spaces today?



@adambarratt! Your Content Is Awesome so I just sent 1 $BBH (Bitcoin Backed Hive) to your account on behalf of @bradleyarrow. (6/50)

1 pm eastern time.

that is 2:30 Newfoundland time. 😉 if boss is gone I will attend.

This would be awesome and I can not wait for it

me also.


@michael700! Your Content Is Awesome so I just sent 1 $BBH (Bitcoin Backed Hive) to your account on behalf of @bradleyarrow. (7/50)

It's getting good.



It's HIVE POWER UP DAY, folks!

Happy HPUD!

Jogar as batalhas dos campeonatos de splinter e partiu pro trampo.

Boa sorte man! Bota pra quebrar!

Vleeeew mestre!
só Bora!!! yugiho

kkkkk yodin nervoso ai kkkk

The weather is really hot here. How is your side? #mydiary

🧵 1. In 2024, the U.K. is poised to lead Europe's real estate resurgence, attracting international investors eyeing attractive pricing and revitalized market conditions, Savills research shows. #business

  1. U.S., Israeli, Japanese, and Taiwanese investors are expected to drive a 20% rebound in real estate investment activity this year, particularly in Britain, Germany, Spain, and the Netherlands, following a challenging 2023 for the sector.

HiveBR Thread Day #16

Batemos a meta, e quintuplicamos a meta. Vocês são fera. Então mais um Thread Day começando, hoje é sexta feira. E quais os planos? Vão sextar ou guardar energias para o sábado?

Meta de 300 pra hoje?


Se continuar nessa pegada, esse mês de Março vai levar o preço da Hive para 0,40.

Concordo, até pq já era tempo das alts estarem começando a se mexerem. O protagonismo tem que ser para elas tbm e Hive tem seu potencial.

Potencial é o que não falta, mas a Hive depende justamente dessas altas pra subir também.

Sim é verdade... Mas a gente já sabe como é o mercado Crypto. Ainda vai acontecer muita coisa.

Pois é. Falamos por experiências próprias.

Eu não reclamaria. 🤣

acho que busca uns 0,46 a 0,48 facil, uma semana antes do halving

Ai eu liquido algumas posições tranquilamente, e faço a aquisição de uma web e um mic.

então já fica com o dedo da liquidez engatilhado ai.
que esse valor vem, com toda certeza.

Me arrisco a dizer, que talvez, em duas semanas já chegue.

é @vemproomundo cantei a pedra ai hein ! kkkkkk


hoje vou sextar na academia pq falhei em ir de manhã com o corpo todo dolorido

No pain no gain, bota pra moer nessa academia! Boa sorte rs

Força aí. 💪

finalmente lili cantou! sextooou

Se a inleo não estivesse tão travada para navegar dava pra fazer muitaaaaaaaaaaaaass threads aqui, o jeito é ir tendo paciência e esperar as melhorias chegarem!

pior que hoje to achando até bom! ainda não deu nenhum bug

espero que continue assim

Aqui também tá sem bugs, mas a navegação está estranha, bem lenta, eu estou tendo que clicar 2 vezes nos contêiner das informações para ela abrir, aí para você ta normal?

e eu achando q esse lance de clicar 2 vezes era o 'normal' pq sempre foi assim aqui kkkk socorro

kkk, mas não é não, pra navegar nos textos e tal aqui era so 1 clique, agora nao sei se ta eh lento ou bugadaço mesmo, mas tem que ficar clicando 2 vezes o tempo todo affs

agora que você comentou, percebi isso também

as vezes preciso clicar 2 vezes sim

Pois é, isso que ta chato, estou teando que clicar 2 vezes em um monte de lugar e a setinha de voltar também ta lenta, vc clica e tem que esperar um pouco pra voltar kkk

No Labs estava com um bug chato que não conseguia entrar na seção de blog.

Eu não to conseguindo entrar no meu perfil, ai nao consigo chegar no meu blog pra ver tmb, nao sei como chega por link direto lá kkk