Want to know how to check your DeFi profitability?

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There are a few good sites to get a better insight of your DeFi positions, but I find this one has the information presented in a better way. Although the site is pretty simple, it does give you some information most don't.

Just connect your wallet via metamask or just type in the address.

Once it loads your wallet, you will see something like this:

This display will show your positions value, how much you spent in fees to get in and what it will cost to get out (combined), profit/loss of your liquidity.

Most applications don't allow you to easily see your profit/loss. This particular display is for one of the larger wLEO liquidity providers.

If you look further down on the page you will see some more information that is even more interesting.

Here you can see an actual breakdown of your positions.

This default display only shows your isolated liquidity performance as if the price of either token didn't move. If you click "Net Market Gains" you can see your actual performance based on market conditions.

In this case you can see the user lost a bit on the actual liquidity position but made a killing on the market conditions.

There are a lot better sites out there, but this one is great for a quick insight in your actual profit/loss which most sites don't do well.

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