Costs of HIVE Transactions - RC to HP Visualisation

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The team at PeakD recently released another tool that shows how high the RC costs are for certain transactions on the Hive Blockchain. Here, calculations are made based on the size (or amount of data being written to the blockchain). The tool from @peakd for showing the costs can be viewed here:


With the numbers, which are displayed there, we can unfortunately do very less... Therefore I have now once taken the values and converted the corresponding costs in RC to Hive Power.

Date: November 9th 2022

TransactionCost RC~Cost HP
Custom Json 50206855753~ 0.115 HP
Custom Json 200368905717~ 0.204 HP
Custom Json 10001222863050~ 0.678 HP
Custom Json 80008685533287~ 4.813 HP
Comment 50734895816~ 0.407 HP
Vote 5%159749705~ 0.089 HP
Claim Account*11195127978211~ 6,203.186 HP

*Claim Account costs are a special feature of the Blockchain that allows the creation of Claim Account tickets above a certain amount of Staked HIVE - Claim Account tickets.

As you can see, certain interactions on the Hive Blockchain require a certain amount of Hive Power (resource credits). However, the vast majority of users should be able to manage quite well with a minimal investment and perform all interactions on the blockchain.

I will ask the team around or PeakD once if they can't add the simple transaction of HIVE/HBD, as this is one of the core features of our beloved blockchain.

Thanks and see you soon!


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Thanks for the conversion. I guess claiming account tokens will still take a while longer for me because I don't have enough HP yet.

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"add the simple transaction of HIVE/HBD"
Do you mean "track RC cost of a wallet transfer"?

Yes - Sending Funds from Account A to B.

Hey, how did you do the conversion from RC to HP? What calculation did you make?