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The LeoFinance team made a promise and they have fulfilled it. Finally we now have a new baby, which is the LeoFinance UI. The news about this is everywhere and this was made possible by the adoption campaign (Zealy quest).
If you haven't heard about it, then I think you aren't in this space with us.

The focus of this week's LEO&HODL contest is reviewing the LeoFinance New UI link as published by @idiosyncratic1.

My First Impression With The New UI

  • Just like the birth of a new baby which comes with joy, excitement and celebration, that was the feeling I had when the news about its official launch was up, which was followed by a threadcast that recorded amazing engagements.

  • Threading with my mobile phone after the launch I found that the new UI is easy and simple to navigate such that a new user will easily find his or her way around it without needing help from anyone.

Comparing the Old UI With The New UI

  • The old UI seemed like it was built for long form content as threading wasn't really its main focus, while the new UI allows for microblogging on threads.

  • Also I found out that the old UI had some complexities with many parts such that it was a bit difficult to understand and navigate. It wasn't user friendly.
    But the new UI has just the needed features of an all everything app. It is simple and easy to navigate with all features very accessible than the old version.

  • The new version has virtually all the features needed for threads, this will attract users who love microblogging.

How New Users Can Engage In Threads

  • Threading is all about sharing contents and engaging with other users. New users upon onboarding can start creating threads, engaging with other users, so that they can been be seen and receive engagements too.
  • New Users can look at following other users who will in turn follow them back, that way they are able to build their network.

Some Features In The new UI

  • All in one mode of Logging In.

The team was proactive enough to add this amazing feature. Users no longer have to complain of having difficulties with logging in as they can either go through the Keychain, Hivesigner, QR Code, Twitter, Hive Authenticator. Facebook. All of them makes logging in easy such that when there's a glitch in one, you can switch over to the next one I can testify to this. Not only that, one can comment through the Facebook page and Twitter too.

  • The Link Filtering Feature in Threads
    If you were using #threads before this feature was added, you will agree with me that it is simply amazing. It has made #threads look like what a standard microblogging platform should be, neat, tidy and devoid of link dumping. This will invariably attract more users and bloggers who love well organized platforms.

  • Long Form Content Publish Feature
    Not only does the new UI allow users to create and publish short form contents (threads), long form content lovers can now publish their contents just by clicking on Publish on desktop or the Pencil Icon on Mobile phone. This feature is so encompassing such that one can schedule the post to be published at a later time or even save in drafts.
    No more posting from other frontends.

  • The One Click Vote
    The one click vote weight of 5% is another amazing feature of the new UI. Once activated, it allows for easy voting. One can vote as many posts as possible just in a little time, without draining his or her credits. No more dragging of voting arrow just to vote again.

  • Easy View Of A Users Profile
    Just a click on someone's username, a pop up showing the profile information of the user will be seen.

  • Emoji Use In Threads
    Use of only emojis in threads is no longer supported in the new UI. I noticed this while trying out the new UI, and it's really great. Threads is all about creating contents and using only emojis to communicate, isn't one of it.

My Suggestions For New Features On UI

Although the new UI is up and running, there are still some hitches and these suggestions are based on my Mobile phone use experience;

  • The inability for mobile phone users to publish long form content should be fixed as soon as possible so users can also enjoy this feature like the PC users.

  • Fixing the Image upload in threads to allow for mobile phones users to enjoy too. I've tried uploading images but it doesn't seem to work out. When I click on submit it keeps turning and turning and after minutes stops and logs me off threads.

  • Use of Voice Notes On Threads.
    My imaginations may be running wide, but I think the team can look into this suggestion though 😂. You know, there are times you may want to write something in #threads but may not know how to communicate via writing, and using voice notes at that time looks like a better option. I see engagement in #threads moving to a different and higher level if this can be done.

  • Thread Editing.
    It would be great if a thread edit feature can be added so users can edit threads when they make mistakes.

  • Rethread
    It will be so cool to see a re-thread icon in threads. This will enable one share his or her thread in other platforms without having to copy the links.

Threads Resemblance With Twitter
There are some resemblance found in Threads and Twitter;

  • Both Threads and Twitter have a profile page for each user.

  • Same Number Character of 240.

  • Use of Emojis and Gifs: Both support the use of Emojis and Gifs.

  • Images, videos can be shared on both.

  • Polls can be created in both Twitter and Threads

  • Users can reply to both threads and Twitter contents.

  • Already published Threads and Twitter links can be copied and shared with ease.

  • Both Twitter and Threads support the use of tags while creating contents.

  • Finally, as all everything apps found in the Hive blockchain, threads and Dbuzz have similar features. Both are used for microblogging as well as store data on the blockchain.

May #LPUD is just few days away, hope you are gearing up to be part of it.
The Zealy Quest is still on, if you haven't joined, use this link
Hope to see you there.

This is my submission post to the LEO&HODL Contest organized by @hodlcommunity, @leofinance, @idiosyncratic1
I invite @rmsadkri @bradleyarrow @moreta to the contest.


You're already the winner in this contest @luchyl , I enjoyed your post, well explained . The new UI is indeed a baby that needs to be nutured with some of the features you suggested like image uploading failure and the rest, especially for mobile phone users.

Hahaha, thank you for the kind wish.
Indeed, our new baby needs all the nurturing and fixing up so she can grow well for all of us to enjoy it more.

Yes dear . You're welcome

Awesome post. Thanks for the invite.


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