Newbie initiative task 1!!! Experience and challenges.

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Greetings hivians!!!
I trust we are doing extraordinarily.
Today is my first write up for the newbie initiative and the task is assigned is to explain the problems faced on the hive, hive experience, and help from the newbie initiative which can be used to solve the confusion.

  • My experience with hive

In my application post for a newbie initiative, I stated that I am a user of the hive since July 2020 yet I wasn't able to carry my drive here.
I was a user of another decentralized social media where we engage in comments more so I started here with comments. Using the Ecency app.
After replying to two comments system was like "you can not make comments because of low balance" or something like this.
It surprised me when I got 5 points for comment and low balance for making another comment? What it is.
I didn't have a friend to consult with so I simply quit the usage for a better time. Lately, my friends from dreemflare joined hive and it gave me the motivation to work on the hive which turned to publish 10 successful articles on the platform.

  • Confusing about hive!!!

Hive isn't a simple thing to cope with. It gives better rewards yet demands better efforts for building one's profile.
I was initially confused about hive power and vote power. Then my friend @kenechukwu97 helped me to differentiate both and earnings etc.
About rewards, I was troubling with $ showing on my post while 0$ in the wallet. I am still confused a bit yet when I got to know the liquid hive and HP sort of things, it's becoming easy for me to understand what is going on.
In my first post, I wasn't able to place the embedded image link. Also, I m unable to learn the formatting of the post.

  • How would the newbie initiative help me!!!

I honestly appreciate @starstrings01 for this initiative. I believe I won't be able to stabilize myself among Hivians if I wouldn't be part of this initiative. For posting comments and publishing posts I need a hive power which is delegated by @starstrings01 which would help me to engage better. Because it's true that Without engagement, we can't be a successful writer. All the newbies will get 3% of the earnings of @starstrings01 so my wallet is being filled with money. I will get engagement on my posts and decent exposure to my content became of this initiative. I am learning from the smile Discord server
to get more friends and I would approach one of my peers to help me with formatting the post.
That's what I can say about my experiences now.
Thank you for having eyes on my article.



Hi @mahnoor1,
Thank you for participating in the #teamuk curated tag. We have upvoted your quality content.
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Thank you 😍

Hi dear Mahnoor! I'm glad you are a part of this initiative as I believe your questions will certainly be answered and confusion put at bay!

The hive platform does take a bit of getting used to. I like your statement that Hive demands better efforts for building one's profile. This is true and will help us sit tight and blog better.

You are doing good already and I know you will get better at this. Nicely written! 🙂🍀

Thank you for your appreciation.
I am trying to build better myself on the hive with the help of my friends like you.

Finally you delivered your first assignment. I'm glad. Also, I think that the reward system is what makes hive a more interesting place. Like using ecency to make posts and engage in other activities lets you earn rewards just that you had a poor orientation of the platform. But I am relieved that you had good friends from dreemflare who were here to help you.

So nice to see that you are already benefitting from the initiative. Thanks to @starstrings01 who delegated some HP to you because I noticed that you were lacking on that. Well done and good luck, friend.

It was the basic reason I wasn't able to publish and engage here.
All thanks to him and my friends.

Hive on!

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This is fantastic.

You highlighted a very important point and l'm happy to see that you are already part of the Initiative because that is a good way to reignite your hive journey and grow as much as possible.

I was also very confused about Hive, Hive Power and Hive Based Dollar (HBD) but the whole terms are becoming familiar with me.

I believe that you will do well here