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RE: Are they in the room with us now?

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People point to splinterlands as being a template but it is heavily centralised.

Especially the whole “you own your cards” .. are there other games where you can use those cards?


The answer is no. No other games use those NFTs.

And Idk how the legality of it all works if someone decided to utilize those NFTs in their own games.

Reminds me of console/Video games companies getting into NFTs - they make me laugh when they say you can own NFT assets but not the game itself, you only own a license that they can revoke at any time, no matter how much you “invested”

I guess we shall see how people utilize these NFTs.

For the most part, I see them more as "some meat on bones" for the consumers versus pure revenue for the game company.

At best it’s not much different to world of Warcraft and second life economies, at worst it adds a focus on speculative tactics rather than building games people enjoy playing 🤣