Fungus Fiend - the spectacular 0 mana Chaos Earth card

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Namaste my fellow splinter warriors!

I hope all of you are spending your day positively and also playing the game and completing daily quests. If you are unaware, there isn’t much time left for the current season to and as only 6 days left. So we better start pushing.


But first of all, let my take my quick peak at the current crypto market. The market dominator BTC is currently making waves with a +9.8% growth in last 24 hours and currently selling for 42,222$ per unit.


The other big player ETH is also following the trend with a +6.32% growth in last 24 hours and currently is selling for 2,737.35$. Hive is also doing well with a +4.1% growth and currently being sold for 0.904$.


The splinterlands token market on the other hand is pretty stable and increasing upwards slowly it seems. The main in game token DEC is currently being sold for 0.00324$ per unit with a +3.9% price change in last 24 hours. SPS has also increased +3.9% in last 24 hours and currently being sold for 0.119$.

Now, it’s time to move towards my theme of this post as today, I will be showcasing another awesome splinterlands chaos monster with you all, FUNGUS FIEND!



I always admire 0 mana cards because in low mana matches, they are very useful to fill a spot and consume one or even multiple attacks from opponent and give more time to your other monsters. Until chaos, we has only one monster with 0 mana, the FURIOUS CHICKEN and I have overused that card by now. But now thanks to the new edition release, there are now 5 more 0 mana monster we can have, each from one splinter except Dragon.

FUNGUS FIEND belongs to the Earth realm and it’s type is melee. It is a legendary type card and needs a total of 11 cards to upgrade it to max level. Let us now take a deeper look at its stats and abilities tier wise at down below.



At level 1, This card possesses 1 melee attack at one speed with two health. That’s a decent stay for a zero mana cost monster and at least it will help you to fill one space for nothing.


At level 2, This card gets 1 melee attack at two speed with two health. The slight increase in speed may hep you in melee mayhem or super sneak matches.


At level three these card gets 1 mile attack at two speed with three health the increased health is now able to bear multiple small attacks before it dies.


At level 4, this card Possesses 1 Melee attack at two speed with 3 health and also acquires an ability - slow. So, at max level this monster will slow down enemy monsters by reducing their speed by one.

Advantages of FUNGUS FIEND

  • Being a 0 mana monster, you can use it in Equaliser ruleset matches at front. You get an extra defence wall for no mana cost.
  • At max level, it gets the slow ability so it will be more wise to use this card in low mana ruleset matches whenever you have a free space.
  • In melee mayhem or super Sneak matches, use these type of cards at front and spend your valuable mana after bigger cards for rear positions. With multiple Inspire ability and +melee attack buff, even these little monsters can become powerful.

Market Stat


Fungus friend is currently being sold in the Splinterlands market for $6.25 per BCX onwards and will cost you about 1875 DEC.

Battle Line-up



Battle Link: Click here

mana Cap: 16

Splinters allowed: Fire, Water, Earth, Life, Death and Dragon.


  • Explosive Weaponry - All monsters will have the blast ability.

  • Divine Shield - First attack on a monster with divine shield will be useless.



I used the Fungus at the first place of my lineup so that it can consume one or 2 attacks before going down and my failed summoner gets untouched for longer. I am using a level 4 here and it has 1 melee attack at 2 speed with 3 health along with the slow ability.



I chose the Failed Summoner at the second place of my lineup mainly because of it’s magic reflect and demoralize ability. I am using a level 10 here and it has 0 attack at 2 speed with 9 health along with 3 abilities - magic reflect, Demoralize and Strength. So its both anti magic and anti melee and a great defence therefore.



I chose the Earth Elemental at the third place of my lineup and I chose this card mainly because of it’s heal ability. Because of the blast ruleset, it’s healing ability will help it stay alive for more against those blast damages. I am using a level 8 and it has 3 range attack at 2 speed with 8 health along with the heal ability.



I used the Khmer Princess at the fourth position of my lineup mainly because of its healing abilities which will help both the front and backline monsters. I am using a level 8 here and it has 1 magic attack at 3 speed with 5 health along with the Tank heal and Triage ability.



I chose the Queen Mycelia at the fifth place of my lineup mainly because of it’s awesome set of abilities that provide great defence and backline healing as well. I am using a level 4 in here and it has 1 magic attack at 1 speed with 4 health along with Protect, Amplify, Triage and Rust ability.



I used the Acid shooter at the last position of my lineup and I chose this card mainly because of it’s poison and Cripple ability which can kill enemies slowly over time. I am using a level 6 in here and it has 2 range attack at 3 speed with 5 health along with Scattershot, Cripple and Poison ability.



Ranked matches sometimes can be tricky when certain rulesets get combined with a bizarre mana limit rule. This time, I got a 16 mana limit match along with Explosive Weaponry and Divine shield ruleset. Upon that, this time all the summoners were allowed in this mat h so I got very confused guessing what my opponent will use. However, at lower mana ruleset matches we see melee and range attacks more than magic ones. So, I chose the Mylor summoner and also created my lineup accordingly.

My opponent used the water summoner Alric against me. He chose battle Orca at front, followed by Wave Runner, Ice Pixie, Sabre Shark and the furious chicken at the end. As I guessed, he used all melee attackers to attack me so choosing mylor was a good decision at last.


As the match starts, The enemy Sabre shark attacked first and took away the divine shield from both my acid shooter and mycelia, But the thorns ability took down the sharks’ divine shield as well. Next the ice Pixie attacked upon my fungus and took both it’s divine shield and the armour. The wave runner attacked next and brought down the fungus’s health to 1. Afterwards, my khmer healed the fungus’s health back to 3. However, it got dead just after that when the battle orca attacked upon it. But, it successfully lived the first round and also soaked 3 attacks before going down and provided me with enough time to damage the enemy lineup.


The thorns ability from My Mylor summoner was very effective in this case as the opponent used all Millie attackers against me at the beginning of second round the enemy battle orca was alive who is only one health followed by the damaged wave runner with 3 health left. The shark attacked again upon my acid shooter and took away the shields from both shooter and mycelic but also got thorns damage in return and got left with only two health. The enemy eyes Pixie attacked next and damaged my failed summoners’ health down to 5, but the magic reflect damage killed her in return. The wave runner attacked next and damaged my failed summoner’s health down to 2 but also got killed down because of the thorns. In the battle orca attacked afterwards and killed down my failed summoner but also got killed because of the thorns. At last, both my khmer princess and acid shooter attacked back to back and with the help of blast ability, I finally got able to killed down the remaining 2 monsters - Sabre Shark and Furious Chicken and within the second round, I won the match!

The main advantage for me in this match was obviously choosing the Mylor summoner. The opponent chose all melee monsters against me and hence become too much vulnerable. However, thru abilities and buffs, the Fungus become more powerful in the match with extra health, armour, thorns and divine shield when the match started. He become large enough to hold 3 enemy attacks at the first round so it became very easy for me in second round with the failed summoner at front followed by the earth elemental to defence again the enemy attacks while my rear attackers do their job. It indeed was a spectacular match I Would say and I am very proud upon my little fungus 🌵 Do you love this card or prefer other options first? Let me know feeling in the comments below and I will be meeting you all in my next post.

Wish you all good luck on all of your future Splinterlands matches.

Thanks for visiting my post.

Stay well and keep playing Splinterlands.

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