HILL GIANT and his furious Green Gang

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What's up My fellow Splinter warriors!

I hope all of you are having a fantastic day. While the rest of the whole world is celebrating crypto, we Indians are mourning over flat 30% tax on any crypto earnings. From 1st April, the new crypto tax has taken into action to summarise it all under 1 sentence, they have strangled traders and small people like us who are fully dependent upon crypto with high 30% tax, 1% TDS and with no loss set offs. I hope govt soon realize the mistake, as already most of the Indian crypto exchanges are facing huge decline in trading.

But anyways, when I chose the crypto life, I knew it wouldn't be a road of roses. I am at least thankful that they didn't ban it completely. 30% is surely high comparing to the normal income tax slab in our country. In Normal tax slab, upto 5 lakh (6500$) income per financial year gets tax free, but for crypto, you have to pay 30% of it. So, my plan is to withdraw fiat only when it is necessary and hodl or reinvest rest.



Now, let's take a quick peak at the current crypto market and get ourselves updated with the current scenario. The main dominator BTC is currently being traded for 46,473$ with a +4.20% price growth in last 7 days. The other major ETH is also dong well and currently being sold for 3,498$ per unit with a +11.25% price change in last 7 days. Hive is also able to hold value above 1$ for a while and currently being sold for 1.19$ per unit with a +14.25% price growth from last week.


Splinterlands tokens on the other hand have mixxed results. The main in game token DEC is currently being sold for 0.00185$ per unit with a +2.61% price growth in last 24 hours. SPS also gained a lil value and with +2.53% gain in last 24 hours, it is now being traded at 0.115$ per unit. Vouchers on the other hand are currently being traded at 0.898$ per unit and Land plots are available starting from 349$.



Now, let us move towards our main theme as today, I am going to showcase another awesome chaos monster, HILL GIANT.


HILL GIANT is a common type chaos edition card that belongs to the Earth splinter. It costs 3 mana to be used in the battlefield and it’s attack type is melee. Let us now find more about this monster tier wise at below.


At level 3, this monster gets 2 melee attack at 1 speed with a massive 7 health. A monster with such a large amount of health with decent attack even at bronze tier makes it a spectacular defence for front position.


At level 5, it gets 2 melee attack at 2 speed with 8 health. The speed and health of this monster gets increased in silver tier but it doesn't get any ability.


At level 8, this monster gets 2 melee attack at 3 speed with 8 health and it also gets the STUN ability from level 6. The stun ability if applied on an enemy card will make it skip one turn.


At level 10, it possesses 3 melee attack at 3 speed with 9 health along with the stun ability. The increase melee attack makes it more efficient for beating down enemy cards faster.

Important Points about HILL GIANT

  • Hill Giant’s best thing is it’s low 3 mana cost. It can be useful in low to medium mana limit ruleset matches as a front defence. The high health bar of this giant will consume multiple enemy attacks and will give more time to your attacker cards.
  • We already have Failed summoner for defence in low mana limit matches, why do we need it? Hmm … maybe in Odd ones out and melee monster only ruleset matches, you can rely on this monster to cover your front.
  • The STUN ability of Hill Giant is also very important to keep in mind as if it stuns the enemy front card, the enemy card misses it next attack, so the bigger is that attack, the more you got saved. It gets the STUN ability from level 6 so you may start stunning enemies with it from entry Gold level.

Market Stat


Hill Giant is currently being sold in the splinterlands cards market starting from only 0.066$ per unit and will cost you 34.178 DEC onwards. I consider this price to be very low but the current huge supply of chaos card wont allow it to moon any soon.

Battle Line-up



Battle Link: Click here

mana Cap: 25

Splinters allowed: Fire, Earth, Life and Dragon.


  • Equal Opportunity - the monsters will get the opportunity ability.
  • Odd ones out - Only monsters with odd number mana cost can be used in this match.



I chose the Hill Giant at the front position of my lineup mainly because of it’s large health at only 3 mana cost. I am using a level 8 in here and it has 2 melee attack at 3 speed with 8 health along with stun ability.



I am using the Creeping Ooze at the second position of my lineup. I am using a level 6 in here and it has 1 melee attack at 2 speed with 2 health along with the Slow ability. Because of the equal opportunity ruleset, my ooze will get attacked first.



I chose the Brownie at the third position of my lineup and I chose this mainly because of its swift + Inspire ability combo. I am using a level 5 in here and it has 1 melee attack at 6 speed with 2 health along with the Swift and Inspire ability. The swift will give all my friendly monsters +1 speed and the Inspire ability will give +1 melee attack to all my friendly monsters.



I chose the Screeching Vulture at the fourth position of my lineup mainly because of its flying + scavenger ability. I am using a level 8 in here and it has 2 melee attack at 5 speed with 3 health along with opportunity, scavenger and flying ability.



I chose the Goblin Tower at the fifth position of my lineup mainly because of it’s Blast ability which will target multiple enemies at once. I am using a level 6 in here and it has 4 range attack at 1 speed with 4 armour and 5 health along with the Blast ability.



I chose the Spirit of the Forest at the last position of my lineup and and I chose this monster mainly to give shield to all my friendly monster and also to heal my front defence. I am sung a level 3 in here and it has 2 range attack at 6 speed with 8 health along with flying, sniper, heal and protect ability.

Match Result


As it was a medium mana ruleset match witb only odd mana monsters allowed, I guessed that my opponent will choose melee and range monster to fight against me. In opportunity ruleset, we often use melee monsters and try to increase their melee power with inspire so increase the overall attack strength. However, as the match lineup got revealed, I found out that my opponent only used 4 monsters in his lineup, but all strong high mana. He chose an ooze at front, followed by Fineas Rage, Fire Elemental and Hydra at the back. However, I chose the Mylor summoner that will give all my friendly monsters thorns ability and will damage back enemy melee monsters each time they attack.


As the battle started, my spirit of the forest attacked first and damaged the fire elemental, followed by my brownie’s attack which successfully killed down the enemy ooze. The enemy Fineas attacked afterwards and broke down my Hill Giant’s armour, but the thorns ability damaged him in return as well. Next , my vulture attacked and brought down the fire elemental’s health to 3. The fire elemental attacked next and killed both my ooze and brownie with its blast magic attack and also wounded the Hill giant. Then, the enemy Hydra attacked and damaged the shield of my Goblin Tower, but also received thorns damage in return. Next, my Hill Giant attacked but mossed its target onto the fineas rage. My Goblin tower attacked afterwards and finally killed down the fire elemental with its high range attack and also damaged the adjacent monsters with blast.


As round 2 started, the enemy Fineas Rage attacked first and damaged my Hill Giant’s health down to 3, but also received thorns damage in return thanks to Mylor. The spirit healed back my giant’s health to 5 next and attacked the Fineas rage. The enemy Hydra attacked next and brought down the Hill Giant’s health to 2 and also hot the thorns damage as return gift. Both my Vulture and Hill Giant attacked next and together they killed down the wounded Fineas Rage. At last, my Goblin Tower attacked and brought down the Hydra’s health to 2 and the round ended.


At the beginning pf round 3, there was only 1 monster remaining at the enemy side, the wounded Hydra with only 2 health left. As the round started, the spirit pf the forest acted first and after healing my Hill Giant’s health back to 4, it attacked the Hydra and finally killed it. And I scored another sweet victory!

As you can see, at the beginning of this match I got brutally countered by the Fire Elemental as she killed 2 of my monsters in the first round and weakened my overall attack strength. However, I soon catch up and with my remaining range and melee attack power, I defeated all the enemy cards one after one. The Hill Giant performed exceptionally well in this match as he was alive till the last and was protecting my rear monsters. The vulture also was gaining health each time a monster was dying in this battle so in case I lose my Hill Giant, the vulture can act as a second defence with increased health.

I hope most of you have bought this card or got it from pack opening by now. In case you are using it in ranked or other matches, let me know tour first hand experience with this card and if you aren't using it, I would highly recommend to try this card at low or medium mana limit matches and see if its favouring you.

Wish you all good luck on all of your future Splinterlands matches.

Thanks for visiting my post.

Stay well and keep playing Splinterlands.

Want to start playing splinterlands? Click here

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Great analisys and considerations about a cheap ma usefull card

In my past life I was a turtle.
It is slowly coming back to me.

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Thanks for the detailed information about the cheap card. I am always interested in people's games.