What are Punks on Hive aka Hive Punks | Purchased my 5th NFT Punk today

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Hello readers,

If you are a crypto enthusiast or have been in this crypto space for quite some time now, you must have heard about the Cryptopunks NFTs. They are one of the earliest NFT (non-fungible token) projects in the crypto space and were developed in the Ethereum blockchain which consists of a set of 10,000 portraits algorithmically generated 24x24 pixel that features random and distinct from each other. The pictures were pixelated random cartoon punk-dressed human characters with different attributes to themselves like wearing hats, glasses or jewelry or smoking a pipe, etc and though they are distributed freely (just the Ethereum fee to mint those), because of their rarity and increasing demand over time, the prices for these digital pictures or NFTs literally went to the moon and stayed there forever. They were launched back in the middle of 2017 and developed by Larva Labs and made with ERC-721 standard. The inspiration for making these images was from the London Punks scene and cyberpunk films and novels.


As of the current time, the minimum price to buy a crypto punk NFT is 46.87 ETH and if anyone is thinking they are just artificial with no active trading, think again because within the last 24 hours, 5 crypto punks have been traded worth a total volume of around 250 ETH. You can view or buy them on opensea.io NFT trading platform website. But even looking at the current minimum price, no doubt many of us can not buy them right now because even the lowest one listed costs around 50 ETH which is out of reach for me and I believe the same for many of you as well. However, depending on their attributes, their prices are decided by owners and the ones with more attributes or the rare combinations are priced way higher than the floor price.


But, before we start mourning why we were not present there at that glorious moment when they were being distributed literally for free, let me give you some hope on something similar that you may grab without breaking your wallet. Yes, I am proud to say that here in the hive blockchain, we already have a similar project already that exists named Punks on Hive aka Hive Punks. If you do not know, Punks on Hive is a project that is inspired by the Crypto Punks but developed in our own Hive blockchain by Blockhead Games and the project was released back in November 2021. The project consists of pixel portraits of human cartoon avatars with different and unique attributes just like crypto punks and the total number of hive punks minted is also the same as 10,000.


Official website - https://punks.usehive.com/

Official Discord - https://discord.gg/x2SJ9n4gvu


On the website, you will see 5 different tabs as follows..


Gallery - The punks you owned will be visible here along with their occupation, ID number and rarity score. Every punk will have 3 buttons on them - Details, Send and Sell. If you hit the details button it will open the tab showing all the different 13 attributes for that punk such as - Full type, Gender, Profession, Accessory Count, Hair, Eyes, Nose, Ear, Neck, Mouth, Mouth Prop, Facial Hair and Blemish. Depending upon these attributes owners decide their punk value and list them in the market and you can also send these punk NFTs to anyone else who has a hive account. Not only that, you can also set these punks as your hive profile pictures directly by just clicking Details -> Set as Hive Avatar. As you can see I have also using one of my hive punks (the one with top rarity that I hold) as my profile picture on Hive and in Discord for quite some time now.


Market - Here you can view and browse all the punks on hives that are presently listed for sale. As of writing this post, there are a total of 1807 Hive Punks listed for sale and the floor price starts from as low as 21 swap.hive only. There are different filter buttons as well to browse the listed punks based on their rarity, recently listed or Price and you can also use these filters to search punks based on certain attributes as well. The price for any punk can be seen at the right below every NFT and the floor price for these hive punks is only 21 swap.hive at the moment, the highest one may actually cause you to faint, just check it if you are interested because I don't want to be responsible for any heart attack lol.


All Punks - the next tab contains all the 10000 punks if anyone is interested in viewing them. While writing this post, I actually visited this tab for the first time and after spending some time I found out that not human but there are Alien, Orc, Robot, Vampire and Skeletons too as punks and no doubt these are pretty rare ones and will cost way more than the floor price if the owners decide to list them.


History - Nothing fancy here, just the log of all trade history of hive punks that were bought and sold using the official website and you can also see my name as I just bought my 5th punk right now! Here you can also click on the serial number or PUNK ID of any of them to find out all the previous trade trade history about that punk.


Promotion - this page includes if any active promotion or collaboration is going on with Hive Punk. As of right now, there is a special Rising Star NFT named S40 Douglas selling for 10 hive. If anyone of you reading this is a rising star fan, you may check this out.

Fun Facts

  • Punks on Hive project launched on 14th November 2021 and a total of 10,000 Punks on Hive NFTs will ever be exist.
  • Upon lunch, the whole 10,000 NFTs were minted within just around 36 hours!

My collection


During the launch and mint event, I was gladly there present at that time and minted myself 4 Punks on Hive simply because I didn't want to miss out this opportunity. Today before writing this post I thought to gift myself another punk and bought a cheap but a good looking one with 24 hive. The best punk (rarity wise) that I have in my Collection is punk #341, the same one that I am using as my avatar right now and I really like the big sporty sunglass and the beard on it. I have shared my collection of 5 punks in the screenshot above for anyone interested to take a look at. I am not very optimistic with their future price but value them as rare digital collectibles, but something in my heart says they may worth a fortune in future. But please note that it is definitely not a financial advice for anyone to invest in Punks on Hive or any other crypto project. Please always do your own research before investing money.

I hope you liked reading my post and if you didn't know about this project on hive and find out after reading this post, please do tell me as I will be very happy to know if my post is helpful. If you own any Hive punks, please don’t not hesitate to share them in the comments below and I will be seeing you all in my next post!

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Still need to pick me up a punk here one day. Just haven't been able to break myself to do it yet lol. Looks like you have some pretty solid rarity ones there though!

No mate not that rare 😅 but yes you should grab at least a few before they o extinct like cryptopunks

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Cool, I wasn't aware of this project!


Glad my post was helpful to you wolf! ❤️

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I remembered my Hivepunks after reading this post. I have 60 Hive Punks, which I like regardless of their price. And I believe that they will become a classic collection object.

OMG 60 punks! You should be called punk God of hive man! Amazing!

Yay! 🤗
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