Dreams Do Come True: First Million Token On Hive -First giveaway

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It's been quite a while I made a post about my daily achievement on rising star...

In all honesty, it's just hard to balance things on my end, I have made a lot of changes to my routine which is good.

But, it's really hard to follow up and catch up on it daily, I sometimes feel like 24 hours isn't enough, might be enough assuming I can use it without sleeping or resting but the human body needs rest, else it breaks down.

That's just a fragment of what's going on and I have been lagging in my activity here on hive due to my poor time management system.

Finding a balance in everything we do is important.

One of my goals or the one new year goal I made for the year is to build up healthy habits that enhance my self-development in the long run.

Habits that are all healthy sure take time, didn't take long for me to realize that.

My offline new habits will be revealed in a later post

I have been seeing a lot of posts about the nft game, even giveaways but never really paid attention until at one point I just say to myself I think it's time I try this stuff out.

Dcity isn't my type and spl is too hot to handle for me ATM lol.

You can check out how I started the rs journey here

I made it a habit to keep playing and that lead me to a new path which is the millionaire path. This mission is one of the reasons why you'll want to keep playing.

It's like a special coke for special rockstars in the game. I didn't put much effort into getting the premium package because I see a lot of users with huge stats and earn 10x what you earn on the special mission.

I did get 1m starbits once but my level was too low so I opened about 100+ packs and that increased my overall stats and this got me thinking....why not aim higher, we can all dream, right?

I aim to have 100k overall fans before the year ends.

I just love the idea behind the game even tho it's still in beta mode.

My curiosity lead me to see things more clearly and realize the millionaire mission would be a perfect catalyst to achieve my 100k fans goal.

Some days ago I only had 200k starbits which was saved through buying and earning, I have made the first bold step now it's time to finalize things, so I purchased 120hive to get the remaining starbits, and now that would be a boost for me to get to my dreamland.

I requested the millionaire card after I have the required amount and it was so fast that I hit the first millionaire mission the same day I requested the card.

I had extra 100k starbits which I spent on a card pack. I now currently have 25k skills 75k more to go.

Here's my current overall stat.

I have now hit the millionaire goal that will help me achieve my long term dreams of having 100k fans.

Had to stay up to write this and my 8 hour of sleep is going to be affected, I'm so sleepy rn that im finding it hard to type along with my thoughts but it's necessary I make this post before going to be and now to top it all.

I said in my previous post about possible giveaway, this would be the start of things.

Just answer a question in the comment box to get in.

What's the easiest way to start a giveaway like this, spin the wheel or choosing randomly myself??? If your answer is spin the wheel, please what tool can I use on mobile.....?

You can also let me know which type of giveaway you prefer....A common card or Starbits??

Just say something in the comments to get in

I will be choosing 5 people at random.
Price would be 1k starbits each, my favorite answer gets a random common card as a kind gesture.


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I just spin the wheel. It's a bit of work to collect the names though but there are people who use a Hive picker tool.

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Oh...i would love to get my hands on such tool.

The easier the better

I don't remember the tool for it because I don't use it. Maybe you should ask in the leomarkettalk chat if someone knows which tool it is.

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Normally in giveaways I use the spin the wheel because I just love the clickety clack sound xD and I think cards might be better so you know they'll be used for the game.

In any case, congratulations in your achievement! I'm still around a month away from getting to level 50.

I've got a question though, do you have an idea of how much you've spent to reach that many fans? Would be awesome if you could share that info.

think cards might be better so you know they'll be used for the game.

You're right.

do you have an idea of how much you've spent to reach that many fans?

I don't know how much exactly but it's roughly around $300+ from buying packs and trading cards on market.

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it's roughly around $300+ from buying packs and trading cards on market.

Thanks for this! I recently set my next goal in rising star to be 20k fans, so glad I can more or less estimate how much I'd need to reach it.

You're welcome.

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You're welcome

Thanks for the info.

I think choosing randomly now will be the best right now because if you are to use spine the wheel ,you don't have the tools right now ,I think choosing randomly will be good

Gracias por la oportunidad @hakuz12

What a great card choice! Love it heh ❤️

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