I have talked to him about this at length. I love gaming but am playing less and less as its.. well a waste of time. Add some tokens that contain tangibility for doing certain things in the game and it becomes much more attractive.

When will the big boys like Ubisoft jump in? It only takes one and the rest will skittle in.

It totally would be a snowball effect.

I have found myself playing less and less too. Possibly because my Xbox did am update and fucked itself meaning I had to spend half an hour fannying about to get it working again which I wasn't pleased with.

I want a next gen console but at the moment the price is putting me off

I relented and paid a swindler £525 for a PS5 and love it.., but now need to dump the PS4 on someone preferably closer to Xmas.

November will be a good time to get a good price. I am hoping to catch done kind of deal near Christmas for the Xbox one. Someone usually comes out with something. I hope they have some games out by then though!


I don't know about Xbox, but all the PS4 stuff works off an external drive. I got a 5Tb one for peanuts.. and partially filled it up. The games work better on the '5' than the '4'.

That's a good idea. All the games are meant to run amazingly on the new gear but I have played all the ones I want to death, even my beloved Skyrim!

@slobberchops! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @meesterboom.

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