Be Careful What You Wish For Is a Dumb Saying

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I have a few crypto-goals on my dream board.

Become a whole coiner x3

HODL 10 Litecoin consistently so that it can be used for purchases

Become an ORCA in the HIVE system

I have other goals of course, but those are the ones that are consistently on my dream board, the ones I work towards a little bit at a time.

Screenshot 20220614 09.22.44.png

Today it looks as if my goals will be easier to attain.

When I made the litecoin goal, litecoin was worth about $300 a piece. I was very excited about it, until I read one of @broncnutz comments about how he bought litecoin for 0.06 cent a piece.

It was sobering, and reminded me to lower my expectations.

Since then, I watch the price go up and down.

I always thought $60 would be the lowest it would go, but look at it now!

It reminds me of the saying: Be careful what you wish for

It is something that comes up a lot when I am talking to clients (I work for a psychic hotline), when we are talking about manifesting or making dream boards or even making future plans.

"Be careful what you wish for"

The saying keeps people scared to manifest. What if I don't like what I recieve?

Well my answer is simple

If you wish for something, and you get it. And once you get it you realize you don't want it, then...

You simply wish for something else

So, what am I doing during this bear market?

I am re-calibrating. And knowing that I can ask for more.

Buy the dip or don't buy the dip. Keep blogging or stop while the prices are low.

Whatever you decide, know that the bear cycle and the crypto red is not because we wished for too much, or flew to close to the sun, or have karma coming our way or any of that nonsense.

The bear cycle is happening because crypto is young and the prices are volatile. It is ok this is when legends are made

Losing money sucks

Even if you bought in lower than the current low. Even if you are whistling while you work during the bear. Even if you expect it.

It especially hurts when you see people who have been using Crypto to put food on the table or buy themselves medicine.

But it does not mean anything aside from...

Crypto is volatile, don't invest more than you can lose, and hang on to your pants.

Another crypto winter is coming

crypto winterimage fom hive stock images thanks, @erikah

Can you see a path through the snow?

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I'm going to be making some big bets on Litecoin, but I'm waiting for the price to fall some more.

How low do you think it will go?

To get Bitcoin to pre-Luna collapse levels, probably sometime after October, or worse Mid-2023.

What about your litecoin and Hive predictions?

I'm still betting big on Litecoin. I'm using some Hive to get Litecoin, and if I manage to get some extra disposable cash, then I'll be buying more Litecoin.

Hive is positioned really good, but its unlikely that the price would reach more than $1.10 USD. Currently the price of Hive is ~$0.34 USD. Litecoin's current Price is ~$45 USD, I'm expecting, when the rebound comes, that LTC will be around $160-$220 USD.

Yeah, that's what I see for Litecoin too.

I won't trade my HIVE for it, but I'll buy some with fiat.

For HIVE I think it might go down to the 0.15.

For HIVE though, I'll keep buying in until I reach ORCA status. It is the network I know the most, the one I see the most development, and the place where I see something I can do with the income. Although I do always question how we will continue to use HIVE once the blog to earn (or play to earn or comment to earn etc) income is all used up. Perhaps the second layer and RC delegations?

Our reality is a manifestation of our thoughts and wishes.... This is what I learned here.

So I have to be careful what I wish for.

Yes, crypto is still early and it's volatile, we should be well aware of this while making investment decisions.

.06 cant believe you remembered that....but its true!

Be careful indeed because if you wish it strongly, it will come to you :) And this season is as you said, where legends are made so I'm hanging on to my pants :)

All the best to you :)

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It's nice to see someone is using these free photos on hive, so thank you!

Anyway good luck with your goals! You'll need it 😀

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