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At the end of the day, if you don't cash out, you don't lose money.

Cub was one of those projects that I was so excited over that I suggested Real Life people invest in.

I took the cash in my hands myself, bought the bitcoin, and took the steps to transfer the money in.

Each time I see the price drop, I see my credibility dropping with it.

As my dreams of making my monthly student loan payment with the interest flies out the window.

I start planning on what to do next.

The answer of course is:

  1. Keep collecting CUB

And paying attention.

I have a set amount of CUB that I want, and after that, I WILL be using the interest to fund other crypto wallets.

The price fluctuating doesn't really matter, if at the end of the day, you are building crypto wallets with the funds.

Mind the ratios, keep stacking accordingly

The price is just a reminder that I am here for the long term

I am here while we tinker away and figure out how to make things better.

I am here while I patiently wait for my investments to come to fruition

I am here while the paper hands get shaken out

I am here while the FUD is spread and the things keep growing.

And if the project tanks. It is ok.

Because you never invest more than you can lose.

Are your hand still diamond hands?

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I have learned a lot about DEFI this year thanks to CubDefi. CUB is a great token for its purpose. This is a Binance Defi token created by a Hive community. They have an asset that exists on three different blockchains, which is really innovative. It has only just begun, I wonder how many Hive users actually have taken the steps to get involved, and how many will stick with it? More use cases for CUB would be helpful. There is great value in the CubDefi project and I feel way more comfortable with the @LeoFinance team than DEFI in general. It seems to be working great and I think I am learning how to farm correctly. You can make a post on LeoFinance about LEO and CUB, then when you get your payout a week later can move those tokens right to bLEO and buy more CUB to put in the Den. How cool is that!? When I took a look at UniSwap for example, I saw that its price was low for a long time after launch, before it really took off again. Same thing with Goose, although the chart today might not appear so Golden. The great thing however is that we have choices, and you can swap your CUBs into BUSD if you really want to when it goes down (eating the fees of course), but don't miss out on a chance to buy CUB when it is cheap and increase your Den stake. This is not financial advice I don't really know if what I am doing is working, but I am here for the long term. Getting involved with what @LeoFinance has been working on has been a great experience and it is still being rolled out.


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I would also like to add that price seems to correlate with volume and when a token has a drop in volume the price also seems to dwindle. I would argue that CUB has more potential than most because hopefully as more users join Hive and discover LeoFinance, and begin to use CubDefi that the volume in $CUB will rise and the price also. We reached $20 million in TVL at one point, but it is down to $9m now, is that all you got Hivvers? I bet most reading this don't even have 100 CUBs. There are 2,839,913 CUBs with $2,581,740 in total market capitalization in right now.

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I hadn't realized the volume was down, i've just been seeing the price.

Good to know, thanks for sharing.

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Don't take my word for it, I am not 100% sure what it could mean but here is the CUB chart


I like keeping my LEO all staked.

Gonna keep building my CUB, its just a matter of what farm or den I stake it in.

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I'm not selling but I've take a step back and will reassess what I want to do once Kingdoms get implemented.

I reached my LEO target of 1000K some time ago and am well down on that.For now it's all staked. My focus for that was for the Project Blank air drop but that project now seems to be well down the list.

I'm in the DEC-BUSD farm and am harvesting CUB and adding it to the Den. I won't be adding anymore DEC though until Kingdoms have been implemented and have settled down.

For me it's mostly a HODL, Stake and waiting gain at the moment.

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Here we go, the prices is the less think in the future it will go up.

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