Putting My Hive-Engine on a "Diet"

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My Hive-Engine account gets fed several different ways.

I comment and post often, and use tribe tags

I have delegations to tribes that pay in tokens

And up until very recently, I was feeding the Engine Using my liquid Hive (from delegations and income tokens), and liquid HBD

hive engine leofinance crypto savings 4.png

As much as I love Hive-Engine I am going to stop that

... mostly.

I will still be taking my Hive Payouts from HODling SPI and turning around and buying SPI tokens. Especially when they are on sale.

But, for the next forseeable future I will not be buying starbits (no matter how "cheap" they get), I will not be investing in any more income tokens, I will not be trickling out to SIM, I will not be fattening up that wallet.


Because it is time to build my HIVE account as well

leofinance hive engine savings crypto 3.png

I have pumped so many of my earnings into Hive Engine that it seems like it is time for Hive Engine to start feeding itself.

And, start feeding my HIVE account.

Recently I decided that I was going to keep more funds liquid so that I could take advantage of small pumps, but this action quickly made me realize how much more I could be powering up, instead of investing... even if it is on Hive Engine, which I keep saying is "technically" Hive

It is just a matter of numbers

crypto savings 17.39.09.png
look at all the on sale EDS tokens!

If I want to grow my HBD by a certain number, and I want my Hive Power to grow faster and faster, than I have to concentrate my earnings.

After all, one crypto dollar is set to build more wealth than 1 USD in FIAT. So let's make sure that crypto dollar is somewhere that is giving a 20% interest rate!

I am a little apprehensive because I love investing in Hive Engine Projects

Untitled design.jpg

But for now, my investments are going to have to be with my writing and commenting.

I will keep the delegations that are already up

And if I want to invest fiat, I will do so directly, but not from my HIVE

Seems to me like Hive Engine projects will keep sprouting up

But the amount of HIVE will dwindle more and more every day.

What's your opinion?

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For me, Hive-Engine has been an effort of focusing on LEO and a couple of other tokens for a while. There are so many possibilities available to us that it's easy to become so "diluted" that you don't really get very much bang for the buck anywhere, just a bunch of tiny dribbles.

I've got my LEO stake and my POB stake and occasionally I liquidate the "bits and pieces" to add a few LBI tokens... and that's it. Anything Hive I earn from posts and comments end up in my HBD savings for the 20%.

There's a lot to be said for "keeping it simple!"


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I reached my LEO goal and have been using the liquid to buy "on sale" LBI but yeah, I am ready to simplify.

Initially, I was supposed to invest in tribes whose interface id be using, but
I haven't quite streamlined my content.

I think that is a logical choice. I am still buying a few tokens on Hive Engine but they tend to be investment tokens that give me a return each day. I am not buying things like DEC or Starbits.

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I don't buy DEC either, though I do earn some in the rental market. Splinterlands feeds itself now.

But Starbits... I bought 10 packs at least twice, and then a bunch of others 1 pack at a time. Its because when I started playing the prices were pegged and then they kept dropping and they kept looking like "such good deals."

But now I am level 40 and will save all my bits and see how far I am from millionaire status when I am that much closer.

Really though, I bought starbits cause opening cards can be a little like an addiction.

With the price of Starbits so low it's hard not to take advantage, especially if you gaming. So many nfts!! But yeah, I tend focus on few tokens and would like to fatten up my hive wallet as well!

Have you tried threads yet?

I think you need to do what you think is best for you.
You still could do both… or all of them.
Finding a right balance for you.
Have a great Wednesday 👋🏻😊

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For me: Diversity is key, and liquidity farming helps.

I just started liquidity farming. I hadn't tried it since cub and now that it is available here on the blockchain I am happy about it.

I'm in the same boat with my number one priority now being to increase my HIVE stack.

Earning 13ish% return via curation/inflation on your Hive Power is nothing to be scoffed at.

It might now look as impressive as the returns elsewhere, but if your end goal is HIVE, it removes all currency risk.

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It's hard as HE tokens are also attractive. I'm also trying to find a balance but didn't yet.

They are attractive. I have been investing in them since they were STEEM Engine tokens. I have my favorites, but I think they are big enough to feed themselves.

Me too! It is still all quite new to me though. !CTP

Yay! 🤗
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I always have this doubt between tokens or hive, but I've been trying to focus a little more on hive to be able to increase my HP here.

The tokens don't seem to convey security, so apparently they have a sort of expiration date, starting with a high initial value and then a big decline, where it's difficult to even sell.

So I've been making some stakes, thinking about reaching a certain value of each token, from there, focusing on 50% sale and stake or even 100% sale, to gather a large amount of hive and perform the power ups.


I think investing in HiveEngine is more like investing in community, which helps HIVE in the long run.

However, having a high HP is a good #1 goal.


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