The Listnerds Price is Falling, Is the Fun Over? (Spoiler Alert - NO)

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Listnerds is the in-house Hive E-mail System.

It has a complicated payout system, that can be real easily simplified.

Simple Version

Read some emails, get rewarded.

Complicated Version

the listnerds tokenomics system is a second layer hive system that lets you transact without using your RC, and allows you to upvote without using your HivePower

The system allows you to earn three types of tokens.

  1. Mail Token - which is earned by reading mail, and allows you to send out mail. This token is a pure action token and although you can purchase it with FIAT, it can only use it to send mail.

  2. CTP - The Native token of the community who runs the listnerds token

  3. The Listnerd Token - which is the token of the system.

When I first learned about the community, the token was worth 2 Hive Each.

The price of that is quickly dwindling.

Although the listnerds site states the token is worth 1.738 Hive Each.

Screenshot 20220612 07.34.55.png

The Hive Engine Prices say something different

Screenshot 20220612 07.33.57.png

I've watched a lot of second layer projects, and this quite unfortunately normal

I recently wrote about SIM too

When a project first starts, there is an investment made from the team, and the buy walls are set at a certain rate.

Once the users of the token start selling, the buy wall does, well, whatever it is going to do.

Unfortunately for many of the HIVE projects, the tokens are usually used by HIVE users as "tags" and then whatever token is earned is drip sold for HIVE.

Many of the projects either have a dedicated buyer and/or team who believes in the longevity of the project.

They have some sort of development plan for growth they believe in, and they are going for it.

Eventually the token is distributed and the HODLers have more say in distribution, and a sort of stasis occurs.

What we are seeing now, is the popularity of the project getting bigger

And the constant drip income takers who have started their work.

I was one of them. I clearly saw this as an opportunity to power down some earned credits, to pay for a month or two of the basic project.

With listnerds its easy to pay for upgrades with FIAT.

The price today tells me that my take was definitely not a long term thing... yet.

I have full confidence that the CTP team has something in store for the price of listnerds

There is plenty for them to draw from.

There is a steady income of people paying for the service.

And they know how to build value

Which is why I implore you to look at the project from beyond the guise of the listnerds price.

Which, I'm kind of sad tanked cause I really thought I was going to get 200 HIVE in a few weeks. Ok, I knew I wasn't but I was still letting myself live in the energy of soooooooo much abundance.

The project is still amazing

Everyday people can join by clicking the "join" button, and they have an account and a community ready to onboard them to CTP and HIVE.

It sounds like a given, but, those like me who had to wait three days for their account, and then got started with zero knowledge of crypto and zero community, KNOW this is big for the whole blockchain.

You can mail a bunch of people

Think beyond HIVE here for a moment.

Do you have an Etsy Shop? Do you have affilliate links? Do you work for a different crypto on a different blockchain and want lots of crypto friendly people to read it?

People are literally getting paid to read your emails.

Telemarketers and other salespeople tell you to speak to 100 people so that nine say maybe and one say yes.

How many people can you reach with just the click of a button? About 1200-1500 was my experience.

So yes, the price of listnerds is probably going to drop some more

And then it will grow.

And the team will feed it somehow (my assumption, no promises here)

And then we will see where it stands.

And the point of the Listnerds system will continue to be

To pay people to read emails and onboard newbies.

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Good thoughts, roughly similar to my post yesterday when the price was still at 1.5 Hive. Didn't know my assumption would come true so quickly)
Came from ListNerds.

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I did see your post yesterday, and I upvoted it via listnerds. It was a good warning to look at the size of the market-cap before getting excited.

Oh cool that I carry some value) 🙏💙💜💚

I have been skeptical with regards to that price from the start, and still have my is said that the team behind Listnerds soon will add more use cases to add value to the token...
We´ll see as long as the price remains 1 Listnerd = 0.5 HIVE I will not lose money. If it drops below that I will reconsider.

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I am seeing some great posts from you, I hope you get some value beyond the fiat:listnerds investment.

Have you seen extra upvotes on posts you share or any other use wins?

For me Listnerds is to increase my own engagement, that is my I will def. keep using it, but if it drops like crazy I might go back to a free account instead of the small upgrade I have now. But I love the increased engagement and discovering good new content !CTP

I will be using listnerds as part of a growing strategy. I have a few goals in mind, and will be using their email system to let everyone who is a part of listnerds know what I am up two.

I have my e-book written, and will be uploading it to KDP soon.

My book won't be relevant again until September, so you'll be seeing me sign up for listnerds in august.

It´s a really great way to reach an audience and increase engagement so it will surely help you reach your goals !CTP

ListNerds is still in its infancy. From what I've seen, a lot of Hive users are not yet on ListNerds.

The price of the ListNerd token may rise or drop but the value of ListNerds is undoubtedly priceless. :blush:

(Got here through ListNerds)

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It is a great project, I've joined recently, and only made my second post a few days ago. I also received more comments and upvotes on the blog posts I was promoting in Listnerds, so it worked for me !

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Yes! It definitely brings extra eyes to what you share.

I am loving the system.

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We should probably look at ListNerds as the showcase of Hive communities and Hive content creators. It gives us the opportunity to discover and explore what's available on Hive. Much of which we would likely have missed without ListNerds.

The team will most certainly improve on the existing offering. One possibility would be to allow readers to choose specific communities and areas of interest. This would mean, say receiving posts on photography, travel, or finance rather than stuff the reader does not really want.

It is the value created for readers (within ListNerds) and content creators (within ListNerds AND Hive) alike that the project focuses on. Not the price of the token. That will take care of itself when value is created.

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I agree, the value is beyond the price.


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Ouch! Didn't know it dropped until I read this :) But like you, hoping it will rise back up.

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Not so much hoping it will rise back up, but more seeing the value beyond the price.

This does not seem like a "moon" project but more like a BUILD project.

You are spot on there. I guess the "price" has gotten me, lol! And yes, just like other projects we believe in, BUIDLing continues.

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From everything I've seen regarding ListNerds, it's 100% BUIDL by the CTP Team. I think it's been a long-time dream of @jongolson to bring it to this point and beyond.

While there are metrics to justify support for ListNerds, my gut feeling is that this is the real deal.

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Would love to be part of it. Someone showed me how, but am still not clear.

Have you logged onto the site?

It's the best content discovery system on Hive. Let's see where the price settles/ what use cases get introducecd.

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I am espcially liking all of the "New to Hive" introductions. I hadn't said hello to any new Hivers in a long time and now every time I see them on listnerds, I go give a welcome, and leave them some upvotes.

I think listnerds is a good opportunity. I was going to try it, but still haven't. It's mainly because I don't make a lot of posts. Every month is about average, and it's just about Silver. It's difficult to reached out to people. If it's about a product or sales that's more interesting !

You don't "have" to send out a lot of mail.

In fact, unless you pay for the use, you only get to send out one per week.

here's my link come join the fun.

Most of the in system emails are HIVE related, so you get to meet new Hive Bloggers while you read, and its a long term project so I am gambling on slow and steady.

If I just send one email a week. Then what can I get out of it !

Once per week, you have new people seeing your content and reading your work.

Everyday, you get to meet new HIVE people.

Also, you get rewarded in listnerds, but this article is all about how that's just a bonus.

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Think of ListNerds as another way to engage with other Hivers, only the Hivers at ListNerds are more disposed to respond to messages. They're all looking for the same thing, so they are more willing to give everyone else a chance.

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Yes that is true. If you are using listnerds, you are joining a community, that community is completely linked to CTP and CTP is all about engagement.

Its like trading some reading time for getting your posts read.

It was because @blainjones and @jongolson had set up a buywall at 1,5 Hive. They could or can keep that buywall because of people buying Listnerds at 2 Hive each. People who see the longterm value, and don't dump. Now there was one seller who eat up the buywall. I don't know if the CTP team can or is even willing to setup a new buywall. As it also was always meant for the market to take over. If that's now or later. The project stays the same. Just like you said, and we'll have to find out what the hive community is going to do, and if people can see the true value of this.

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One seller took the whole pie?

It was to be expected as it was such a juicy steak of a pie.

I see the value so much that even when my listnerds become liquid, I will likely just HODL them. Selling them for 1.5 HIVE to pay for the listnerds subscription made sense, but anything lower than that, and you may as well just keep them and use them to grow your system.

Especially if updates are coming to the site. Having an audience of people who get paid to read your emails is great, but having an audience of people who get paid to read your emails and specifically want to see your content? Even better.

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Thank you for your analysis and sharing valualbe information. I am going to reblog your post in the hope that others will read it.

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Thank you for the reblog :)

Upvoted on behalf of the VYB Curation Project - a useful intro to Listnerds and where you see the price heading.

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Team can always give a soft-peg , like we have for DEC.
They can always take inspiration from SL marketing team like 50% discount in SPS while burning Vouchers. (50% discount in payment if x amount of Listnerd sent along with it)

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There is a lot they can do.

I am sure they have more ideas than time.

Splinterlands has grown well, if listnerds grows like that we will all be happy.

I like their 10 week power down, it lets you know that you have to be committed to the listnerds platform for at least 2.5 months.

Thank you for stopping by :)

Thank you for this synopsis of Listnerds.

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You are very welcome :)

When I see your title, I am expecting you to have some reasons or backings to justify for listnerds. However, I am quite disappointed to see that these bullish reasons are somewhat unconvincing.

Nevertheless, I will still upvote you here and at listnerds for the great effort. Cheers.

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Thanks for the upvote.

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