This Is When Legends Are Made

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My four and a half years of Hiving have taught me the following about the current HIVE Prices.

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1) It can Get Worse

A whole lot worse, catastrophicaly worse

2) The worse it gets, the better it gets

You'd be surprised how many people lose interest in blogging when they payouts are worth pennies.

And you'd be surprised by the tight knit community of die hards who are going to keep blogging.

This is when you become "one of the oldies"

3) Which means its a great time to learn

People who Hive through the bear markets are financial geniuses. And trying your hand at some of the projects they suggest you invest in suddenly becomes affordable.

Ever felt like being a rising star millionaire so you can benefit from one daily mission per day that pays 10,000 starbits per day?

Now is the time to buy in "cheap"

Want to try your hand at email marketing on the blockchain? Now is the time to buy CTP and stake in their community.

Whatever it is you want to try your hand at, it costs less to do it.

4) Token prices are going to go wonky

Because people panic sell and cash out, or because the ratios are all over the place, or because of a plethora of other reasons.

So pick your horses (the token you want to accumulate), watch the ratios, and make your purchases.

5) Some projects that are dying will completely fall off

And that's ok, try not to spend too much time trying to revive a dead community.

Sorry, they don't all make it :(

If you stick around, you will see the value even if the price is tanked.

And. The price will come back up next bull cycle.

You won't lose any money you invested, unless you cash out. Keep the money there, and the value will eventually come back.

Unless it doesn't. Because, well, its crypto and some projects die.

This is of course financial advice.

And I really hope you take me up on my offer to stick around, keep blogging, keep BUILDING, and keep going.

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Thank you for putting out these truths out here. This time is giving us the ultimate tests so to speak. Those who waver will fall away and the strong ones stick around.

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Diamond Hands - this is when you earn them.

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And I definitely want that kind of hands :)

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Oh jeez, that's beautiful!

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It's actually a great financial advise. You've spoken like a true OG in the game.
I understand what you mean about trying to revive a dead project. Sometimes when you see a promising or dead project. Irrespective of the price, it was actually to know.

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Thank you for the acknowledgement.

I have followed a few ghost ships - its always sad when you see that even their website didn't get renewed, it feels like sunken dreams.

What was the latest tribe you invested in that tanked?

Mine? Holovision, Blogtoken, and my all time favorite that never even made it to HIVE Marlians. I loved those ulogs and really supporting them.

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What was the latest tribe you invested in that tanked?

That was natural medicine token, bought about 20$ I think, it tanked.

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True!!! 🎉 Loved to get in to projects that I really love. Thanks for this! !LUV !PIZZA !GIF Awesome

Thanks for the suggestions of projects to buy into.

Now is the time to bet on your winners and losers!

!LUV is my fav.

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You are right. The cycles of crypto and it's swings, it doesn't amaze me anymore. Eventually there be a demand when they realized it's dipped enough. So just hodl and buy, this is opportunity right now. I got a few Hive, so now I go shopping for a bargain !

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Who will you be investing in?

I'm thinking I need to be a SIM and STARBITS Millionaire

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i just bought some Leo tokens. Its useful for sending to polygon network. To receive pleo and Hodl too !


I am working on becoming a LEO Tiger(? HODLING 5000 LEO) and if prices stay like this I may just buy the last 1000 instead of blogging for it.

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It's a great time to be blogging on Hive with these current prices. You get to earn more token as the dollar value decline.

I'm going to keep up with my activity as that's the best way to be in a better position when the bull hits.

I'm still bullish on Leo and that's where my focus will be most time. A good time to be a rising star millionaire too. The gaming world is going places and this dip provides more chances to get in at a low cost than ever.

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LEO is one of those projects that you know will keep growing even during a Bear. Leo is growing with advertisement, engagement, and really building a place where we can read about everything finance.

I believe in it and am bullish on it too.

And YES, gaming on the blockchain, like splinterlands has been very lucrative.

I am def, looking into becoming a millionaire in both SIM and Rising Star - although last I look, those prices were pushing up on the Ratio to Hive scale.

Thanks for your comment I really appreciate you taking the time to read.

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It's a good time to be on hive rn. You are very much welcome.

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We can get cryptos at a cheap price in a bear market. Again, most of the cryptos might not make it in the next bull run. The market cycle is a test to see which project stands out. It is difficult to say in a bull run since shitcoin makes its hit show at that time.

Thank you @metzli for sharing some facts on cryptos. :)

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You are very welcome.

I hope my pet projects stay alive... but if not, we will go on, and find different favorites.

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True that people stop blogging when earnings are reduced but that's the time stay consistent. Nice financial advise

Have you seen it slow down yet?

I am mostly reading new articles via Leo and Listnerds and the bloggers seem to be here even in the price dip.

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I'm still here, now living on exclusively HBD until the the crypto markets turn around. I can't wait to to have some fiat income so I don't feel the pressure to sell off other crypto assets that may/may not be in the gutter in a time of need.

Shame I don't have the funds to buy in this dip because there are a few tokens I'd like more of.

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Well, you got your land, and you got to go back to Cambodia, so at least we have that. I would imagine it would have been harder to receive a loan off of crypto if prices looked like they do now.

I kept getting confused during covid with your Suriname posts cause how the heck did this Cambodian Family end up in South America?

I google Suriname bunches of times expecting there to be a different Suriname (maybe a small city or something) closer to Cambodia - Silly me.

As for me, I really wanted to buy some litecoin when I saw it go down to the 60something USD mark - but I remembered that I have a long term plan, and right now, it does not include buying more crypto.

Unless Hive keeps dropping, then IDK what the plan was I am buying more.

I am not buying lots of tokens either (though I do want to become a SIM and STARBITS millionaire), I did last bear market and they just seem to grow at their own pace no matter what the market is doing.

Slow and steady. Let's hope your HBD helps you survive until you have your rental ready.

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Suriname is worlds apart for sure, we originally left pre-COVID because Cambodian wouldn't allow us a legal marriage because of a new law requiring me to have $2,000 USD+ per month salary. We went to Ecuador to get married and also because of the easy 90-day visa for Cambodians, but our lawyer conned us, took the money and never fulfilled any promises, allowing us to approach the day of our visas expiring.

To avoid overstaying, we chose Suriname as the other country we could get a visa too and which we could afford to fly to and potentially survive in and/or finally get married. COVID closed the borders not long after our arrival and it took us nearly 2 1/2 years to get married in Suriname, and three years to escape it. I still can't believe we lost three years of our lives, and I will never forgive the USA and Cambodian governments for doing less than nothing to help us.

But now that we're back, we're trying to build a life again, and it is very satisfying.

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I am sorry for your trauma and hope that the long term healing necessary is steady.

Congratulations on your marriage.

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