Got my punks! Top punk sells for 5555 Hive!

Meet my punks!

So I got my punks! Five in total of which these are my favourite four. Nothing spectacularly rare but a nice range nonetheless. Some great headgear in there!


I'm going with Brett Moody - Beverage Tester as my avatar. The beard and choice of profession swing it for me!


He's wearing a Sibenik which is a Dalmatian hat. Educational.

Top punk sells for 5555 Hive! Real or not real?

I noticed in the market that the rarest punk had sold already. For 5555 Hive!

I had seen it up there earlier for 5000 and had been tempted. But a little out of my price range for my first day in the NFT world!



Of course it's not possible to tell if it's a real trade or some form of wash trade to inflate the market. Still, it's the top punk currently so if they do really take off that trade could be an absolute steal. Or it could be five thousand hive for a jpeg. You choose!

It also looks like there's a 1% fee for the trade. Anyone know where this goes? Is it for hive-engine?

And possibly another 10% in price difference going somewhere? I'll admit to not being totally au fait with reading hive-engine transaction data.

Hopefully someone will set up a trade history fairly soon so we can see the transactions.

It's exciting to see this kind of development on Hive. I'll be hanging on to my main four for the moment but every man has their price!

Not financial advice. Please do your own research.

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And possibly another 10% in price difference going somewhere? I'll admit to not being totally au fait with reading hive-engine transaction data.

I'm also curious about this, here we strive to be way better than ethereum and suddenly over 10% of the purchase is gone to middlemen.

I don't mind fees as long as it's clear what they are and where they are going. They can be a useful way to structure a market, e.g. low entry cost to attract community but proportion of sales as fees to reward devs / artists / initial minters. I've seen this kind of structure mentioned on NFTs on other chains.

From the hive-engine explorer it does look like there is a 10% fee...


I've no idea if this is a standard hive-engine NFT fee or a parameter to be set. Hopefully someone who knows a but more about the NFT market can chip in!

Market platform fee is 10% at the moment. Long term that’s an issue.

edit - looks like a real trade according to this post

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Thanks for the link I’ll have to check that out!

Nice haul and I do believe it was a real trade.

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Yes, it looks like it was real. A pretty exciting start to the market!

Those pixelated NF tees remind me of something I would see on my old Atari 2600!

They are definitely old school!

It seems one must have hive keychain to be able to purchase it , how can one get the keychain that will work on a mobile phone??

I'm not sure - I use the web version. Maybe @blockheadgames has an answer.

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Alright...I am waiting

I am also waiting

You can use keychain app on mobile.

Oh I am happy to hear that , let me give it a try @themarkymark

Your Punk is amazing.


Thanks! Yours too!


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I hope that you like your punks :)
I really love setting punk as avatar!
That's amazing!

I saw your collection of punks. You got some good ones!
Here's to punks on Hive!