MARO/BIBOX Withdraw by P2P: Money 💰 Withdraw Procedure

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Hellow Everybody!

Learning is always fun and if it is money-related then the fun crosses the benchmark 100%! I was using TATA Connect (another decentralized social media where we could share pictures) about a couple of years ago when I was not engaged with HIVE and after joining with hive leaving steemit I left everything and take hive as my only attraction.
It is an easy process as you need to upload pictures and people will vote and comments on your pictures and you need to do vice-versa to earn coins which are called ACN.

So recently one of my nieces called me and said that she works since the first lockdown a year ago and continuing this. So she asked me to convert these as the price is pretty high! So I tried to connect the person to whom I used to send the coin and he send me money! Could not able to connect with him so I had to give it a try as I did a nice job recently P2P: Money 💰 Withdraw Procedure

Learning p2p was a huge approach and this learning changes the way of my investment and earnings earning

Screenshot_20210403-031553_One UI Home.jpg

Today my topic would be "how to transfer between wallets and withdraw money!"

So at first, I would convert these ACN into MARO from the default wallet of TATA connect my job will start just after transferring these coins to Bibox and transfer them to Binance for withdraw the money, so basically I will show you three wallets transection.

Let's start to convert the ACN to MARO by following below procedure-

ACN to Maro.jpgACN to MARO

If the amount is not so big it would take seconds to convert ACN to MARO and the convert rate is reasonable. After having the MARO at your MARO wallet you need to send them to BIBOX. The process describe as below, you need to go to the BIBOX Wallet and look fro Deposite at the bottom of your screen while using a cellphone, click on deposit and search MARO in the search box. A QR code and address will appear, you could do both way- coping the address and pest at the MARO send box (3rd & 4th box below). A little fees applicable, to make it faster you need to spend bit more using the green bar (bottom of 4th box).

The way we would send MARO to BIBOX-


Similar way we would transfer the deposited MARO to our BINANCE wallte but first convert it as USDT (whenever you convert any coin please keep in mind the price) then you are ready to transfer between wallet. Select TRC20 as transfer methods as wouldn't cost you a lot (Highlighted below).

Screenshot_20210406-191317_One UI Home.jpg
Send from BIBOX to BINANCE

After receiving the USDT at you BINENCE wallet you'd know how to withdraw from here P2P: Money 💰 Withdraw Procedure, actually I am comfortable with BINANCE but you could withdraw from BIBOX as well (the process still unknown to me). I hope some other day I would come with another process of Withdraw your coin into cash!

Happy Earnings!

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Thanks for your time and I hope you enjoyed my post!
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