Splinternoob Day 12: Miss my part 2 and Prepare for EOS

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With the new reward system, I have started a new Splinterlands journey with an alt account starting from scratch to see how far it can progress.

Day 12

Usually, I will split the journey of Splinternoob for a day into 2 parts. The idea is for the account to play around 10-15 matches in the 1st part and then give it some time for the ECR to recover to almost full before playing the remaining matches in part 2, hopefully the ECR will go back to almost full when the next daily focus started.

Start of Day 12

There is only about 1day and 21hours left for the first season of the new rewards to end. For this new reward system, I dont foresee a huge increase in rental price in which we see last season that the rental can go as low as 20CP/DEC. As of the time of writing this blog, the rental is still going quite healthy where you can still get at least 200CP/DEC. With EOS chests no longer based on how high you end, there is no longer a need to push yourself to go as high as you can be in the season ending. However, there is still a catch. It is still recommended that you end the season being in the league 1 that you are in, like silver1, gold1 or diamond1 etc. This is so that when you reset the rating, you will start off at a higher rating which makes your first few days easier instead of having to climb up with all the equally strong opponents.

End of Season Chest= 107
Rating = 2618
Focus = Death (Again!!!)

End of Part 1(1st half)

At the part 1, I played a total of 14 matches. I won like 8 matches and lost 6 of them. Fromt he 8 won matches, I can get 22 bronze chests and my EOS chest increased to 108. My rating also able to get up to 2645 from the slightly more wins.

Quick Battle Analysis

As mentioned in the previous day blog, with mainly relying on CL cards, death is quite weak to earthquake and poison. For the bottom match, it is a low mana with blast rule. The opponent uses llama with oaken. That means each turn it can do 1 magic attack and 1 melee attack. And with the increased in speed for last stand, oaken is able to easily take down my front weakline while my monsters have nothing to blast them on.
2nd match, it is an earthquake match. I already summoner all my flying monsters already and even have a speedy lira to net the low hp monster down and even a undead priest to weaken. Yet I still lose.
3rd match, it is another earthquake match and this time I even put harklaw behind so it and my flying monster can both survive as long as possible. Yet, it is still fight against the kelya with speed and more armour making the team last longer.

Forgotten Part 2

Actually it is not really forgotten. It is more like I dont have the time the play with some suddenly arrangement need to be made. As a result, I did not even play a single match after my ECR went back to 100% for quite a number of hours.
And what is surprising is that even missing this part 2, the number of daiy chests did not drop a lot. Usually, I can get around 23-25 daily chest so I am just missing about 1-3chests only despite missing 50% of the matches for the day.

Daily Rewards

Day 12 rewards = 4 common, 1 rare, 3 legendary and 6 alchemy potion, 39 DEC and 1 epic card! The total value of these 22 chest is about $0.70. This is actually higher than other days due to the lucky drop of epic lava launcher.

Day 13 Progress

Day 11StartEnd
EOS Chest107108
Daily Chest022

Next update

For Splinternoob day 13, I will split the blog updates into 2 parts. As the daily focus for day 13 will extend over the EOS, so the 1st part will focus more on the progress to EOS rewards. Part 2 will focus more on how I prepare for the transition toward the next season and the daily rewards on day 13.

So if you would like to start playing Splinterlands, feel free to use my referral.

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Waiting for your report with seasonal awards, mate!

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Yes, I am doing it now!

Great job showing us how to make it successful in Splinterlands. I don't get the 22 chest per day but I am happy with my 9+ Chest.
As always it will be a challenge to get back to Silver from Bronze 3.

Yes, the first few days of a new season is always the most difficult.

!PIZZA for my #metafrens

So happy to see you here!!

My daily quest rewards have been pretty horrible. I hope that changes with the end of season. I don't have a lot of positive vibes left in me though!

It really depends on what type of chest you are getting. Bronze chest gives the lowest returns but now bronze people are getting more chests as compare to before.

I was getting diamond chests.

Diamond chests give great returns. Specially when the quantity is more, the reward is more obvious. And also depends on which league u usually play. If you spend more than 80% of the time in gold league, then farming for diamond can be less rewarding. The amount of the rp you won per match wont would not change whether the chest is diamond or gold, but the quantity that you can earned each day is a big difference. So a huge part of the new reward system is about figuring out which type of chests best suit you. I still remember in the old rewards, I can get like 10 chests on the 1st day of the season but the 1st day of this new reward, I only get 2 chests. So I felt very discouraged initally. But as i figure out how to play more efficiency, I hope this 2nd season I can perform much better than season 1. I also encourage some of my metafrens to downgrade their chests for season 2.

I was playing in low Diamond, but I really feel with my deck I should spend more time in Gold. That is going to be what I try to do this season. My rewards weren't great, but they were better than I have been getting from the focus quests.

Not a bad return today! !PGM

With $0.70 for 22 chests, this really considered quite good rewards already.

I would be happy to get that so early on.

!PIZZA for you boss

!PIZZA for the great vay

!PIZZA for you!

!PIZZA if there is still any left. Lol.

Thanks for all the great information. I always enjoy gain knowledge from others.

It is also my honor to have you reading them.


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OMG! 107 Season chests! You are becoming a pro splinter player name