Splinterlands Land Rentals? How Much Will They Be Worth?


Some of you may know I have a lot of Splinterlands cards.

It's true. I probably have an irresponsible amount.

One of the good things about that though is that I can use my collection as a proxy for cards in general.


I'm basically renting out all my cards. And I have a little over 1.2% of all the card values (which is going to go way down when all these new players have new cards to buy).


With making 87k DEC/day at the moment, if we pro-rate that up to the entire market that makes a rental potential of about 7 million DEC/day or 51,501 USD/day. Obviously not all cards are for rent so this is just a guesstimate of the total economic rental value.

Dividing into that market value, we get a rental value of 13.5% overall.

It's early in the season so that may be skewing the numbers downward.

OK, so what about lands?

We know that there are 150,000 plots. 10,000 plots are reserved for guild brawls and stuff, so there's 140,000 available for you and me.

There's a giant difference between lands and cards though. Even though both are game NFTs and rentable, we know there will be more cards (eventually) but there are no plans to mint more lands.

This makes me think rental yields will be a bit higher than rentals on cards.

If cards are at 13.5%, maybe lands will be at 20%.

But 20% of what?

We're already at 400 USD/plot before we know anything about the plots. Once the lands expansion is live and functional, I can see plots going for 1000 USD easily.

If that's the case, that works out to a potential rental value of 76k USD/day or 10 million DEC/day at current prices.

That's a lot of DEC.

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Wao...The numbers are mesmerizing.

Lets hope the moon continues till the lands becomes available.

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nice account value you have there, I found my 100k already mindblowing.

I am also renting out a bunch of cards and have players playing for me as well so this really is turning into an amazing investment.
Even the land plots are worth 500 apiece now 2 days after you writing the post...

This is starting to turn into a real income instead of just a fun hobby

Thanks @nealmcspadden, as always awesome stuff your telling us.

But i think it will depend mutch on what can land produce and how mutch it will it be worth. This whole economic of land will give aggy and matt a lot of headache and will use a lot of brain power.

Im confident they will make good decisions.

Did you already have a idea if you will rent you two regions or will you try to operate one by your self? I think with you collection it would be possible to operate 1 region. If not you, then who should? XD

I'm sure it will be possible but...how would you rent out land? Wouldn't people then build on it? You obviously know much more than I do but it seems to me land may end up being something you develop on your own and then sell. ...?

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i wonder this as well....?
maybe you build what you want on it, then rent. I guess a bit like real land. You rent it in its current fixed state with whatever it currently yields. Only the owner can make permanent upgrades.... like calling a landlord to come and replace the boiler

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Yes, but then you'll need a full description of what is actually on the planet, right? If I want to rent an apartment I see the whole layout, e.g. two bedroom, two bathroom, full kitchen, etc., and I can walk through it before I rent it.... I guess they could do that with the land plots too. It will be interesting....

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haha. we'll need estate agents to show people round!

Right now I'm leaning towards renting out all my lands except the castles. But we will see when the actual functionality is revealed.

And yeah, it will depend on the economic value of the final output. But with 100k players now and probably more then, I think it's going to be high.

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that works out to a potential rental value of 76k USD/day or 10 million DEC/day at current prices.

What are the implications of that as far as DEC price is concerned?

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I dunno. Chaos Legion is going to have a negative pressure on DEC prices as buyers will be able to burn cards and sell the DEC.

But player growth puts positive pressure on DEC.

We'll see who wins.

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Crystal ball time then as usual. 😁

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Wow, these are great numbers. You don't need to work for a living with such an amount.

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dang that's a crazy amount being earned from rentals! I didn't know that land could be rented out going to be very interesting once that starts to release and bring a whole new aspect to the game.

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Oh yeah, has been confirmed many times by agg and yaba

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man that is insane! kudos to you ;)

I'm sure they'll find something for us to spend it on.

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depends on the value on what land will be to people, if it deemed to be valuable items that are produced from land i can see it being 1000 usd a plot, and also a big factor will be if someone has multiple land if they have to claim manually the i can major land owners renting land for a 50/50 split with "WORKERS"

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WOOOOOO what incredible numbers, for a moment I thought I was looking wrong, the amount of sps you must be earning per day is gigantic, congratulations, greetings

I really need to put some serious time into getting my rentals ready. These numbers are really impressive. Not syre what I'd do with Land. I might end up using them for personal gain :)

We'll see......

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great content!