Is the price of the Splinterlands VOUCHER not too high?

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Voucher distribution in Splinterlands started a few days ago. Before the launch there was a lot of speculation about the price of a single Voucher, unfortunately the popular 6+4 model ($6 Voucher, $4 pack) did not find its way into the reality of the secondary market. Currently, the real price of buying just one pack is around $20. But is this not too high a price for a single game pack?


This whole system of presale, Voucher distribution has messed up a lot in the minds of players and the Splinterlands market. The times of very cheap packs are over, now we actually have to pay almost 10 times more than before (about $20 to $2 for previous editions). Here the question of whether this is not an exorbitant price rears its head. In my opinion, it is due to two main factors, which I will talk about in a moment.

Voucher volume per day, Leo DEX exchange.

The event ends in 25 days, during which time the price may change. The price can go either way so if you decide to seriously buy Vouchers from the market you are taking a certain risk. If I buy them today at 20 HIVE each, is there a risk that in a week they will cost 50% less? Or conversely, can I potentially make money if the price goes up 2 times. Here we come to the first aspect, speculation. We are technically trading a token that entitles us to purchase the Chaos Legion pack in a presale. Of course, as you know, presale come with benefits like extra rewards in the form of cards or a special title. However, returning to the price of Vouchers we are currently dealing with nothing but speculation. Whether this price is not very high and will drop in the last days or maybe it will be the other way round and now is the time to buy because it will be more expensive (I don't know, the decision to buy is only yours, remember!). If you ask me for my opinion, I think that this price will slowly fall as the demand starts to decrease.


The second aspect that I see is the mysterious content that is yet to be revealed. Namely the Chaos Legion edition cards, what will they be like, what will they look like, what will their stats be, will they be average cards or will half of them be game-changers. These questions fuel the imagination and may lead to a premature decision to buy packs in the presale, and thus the purchase of Vouchers, because curiosity and the desire to win prizes from the presale will overpower us and we'll make the transaction. I am calmly waiting and will probably make my final decision in the last few days. Cool calculation in the case of the presale system will prove to be crucial in my opinion, because if you invest, you want more money than less and the risk is not zero, you have to give everything time.

These were my thoughts on the price of the Vouchers for the Chaos Legion packs, I tried to approach the subject as multi-layered as possible to consider the reason for the price and listen to the opinions of other players. And what is your take on Vouchers, good idea or not?

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To me the price of vouchers is rediculous and takes away early bonus potential for all except the whales. I myself will take half the vouchers I get and sell them during pre-sale and the other half I will join @marcuswahl deal (click his name and view his blog!) The deal he gives is too good to pass up! 20% bonus cards sharing in the large purchase bonus with us all while also guaranteeing all the bonus cards and titles for large purchasers. I will then sell vouchers for 2 months stacking SPS with it to purchase packs when vouchers go away per the last AMA.

I agree, the price is so high at the moment. Thank you for mentioning Marcus, I will check out that deal.

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