What I learnt through a homeless man

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Last night, my wife took our two kids to do some shopping, and on the way, they came across a homeless person outside and gave him $5. My wife wished him Happy New Year, at which he responded that it was his birthday today. When they got back to the car, they told me about this and my wife suggested we all go back and do something more for him. So we went back and bought him a cake, drink and birthday card. We then gave it to him and sang happy birthday to him. He said, "you are making me cry" and started tearing up. He also gave my daughter this bangle when we gave him the cake.


Afterwards, my son said to me in the car, I am so happy! Sometimes, a little gesture of kindness can open up the door to a deeper encounter. We don't know what that man has experienced and why he was on the streets, but we may have been the only ones to celebrate his birthday with him yesterday. For that, I'm so thankful to God for the privilege. I know God has wonderful plans for that homeless man, just as He has for me and you, because Jesus gave His life for each person in the world, so that we can have fullness of life through Him.


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Wow so glad you all celebrated with him.

Yeah, it was totally a God moment, and it was a blessing to be celebrating with him.

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Hey man, hope you had a great new year's! And wishing you and yours the best in 2023!

How's your walk with God going these days?


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Hey bro, great to hear from you. Happy new year and blessings to you and your family for 2023! Walk with God is getting sweeter by the day. Been learning and growing a lot in the area of faith and divine healing over the past year. In particular, I’ve been learning a lot from JGLM and Curry Blake. This is one of their series about praying for the sick I highly recommend.



Hope you’ve been doing well too and that your walk with God is strong. Feel free to DM. Take care and God bless.

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hello sirr can i ask why you stopped posting?

Awesome. I have never done such for people on the street. Only a bit of alms when I can and that's it. Am working on it slowly but surely. Soon I should be able to be as giving and caring to them.

it is said " love others then love return" , you have a love family , god bless you !

Such a womderful message @nextgen622 . ..

Hello @nextgen622 .. Can I join in your gc?.If thats fine..you can add me in..Thanks @nextgen622

A little kindness indeed results to great happiness.