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I already made two animations for this great community, here comes another one :)
The idea is to show the power of the community that looks like a big Wall street corporation.

Here are my first two:
(Ice and Flame)Leo Finance intro animation

Leo Finance intro animation

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hey oleg - everything allright? no post so far. Are you busy? I am thinking about getting a trailer for my 3Speak account. Do you take clients paying in HIVE/HBD?

Hi Felix, thank you for asking I am fine :) I just went to hollydays on Island in Croatia and I have poor internet connection here.
I am back home in 10 days than we can talk about trailer,. I be happy to make one for you, no charge :)
Talk to you soon.
Hope you are good too!

Nice, this an awesome animation like your other ones as well. We may be able to cut this into one of our podcast intro/outros.

Would you be ok with us using it for that?

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Of course, you can use it.
It is made for it😀
I am glad you like it.

Pretty sweet

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Thank you.

Are you building up my complexes??? Didn't you see how much frustration I had with my "flying plane," and now you've created this. Are you nuts man?! 😅

@olegw, sorry to see you have less Hive Power.
Your level lowered and you are now a Red Fish!

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