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Hello beautiful people. There was a notion that leadership was confined to or restricted to just a set of people and this has made many people shy away from accepting the leadership mantle, they run away from leadership roles and responsibilities if they were given the platform to become more than their current state, they would refuse and run away.


When I encounter such people who think they cannot be leaders, I often feel amazed and I tell them they leadership is not meant for a chosen few, everybody has the capacity and ability to become leaders, to handle leadership just like everyone else.

I also tell them that they will come face to face with this responsibility sooner or later and no matter how they try to avert, delay, or evade, they have to and they should face the reality because they owe it to themselves first and to their generation to lead.

They have to start believing in their hearts that they are leaders and they also have to make sure they understand that it's not an easy road, no one will hand them everything they need, and they will have to stand up and do what's right.

Everyone is a star in the galaxy, you have your radiance, you have your shine and there is enough space for you to blossom, the traditions and conventions of man that exist where you are may have told you that only certain people can shine but I am here to dispute them. They might have told you that you have no light, they might have used oppression to snuff out the belief that you can lead in your own are of gifting but I am here to tell you that you are unstoppable.

A leader is born when they discover their gift, you are born a leader when you discover the leadership gift that resides in you, finding out what excites you and consumes you, and discovering your passion helps determine your gift.

This discovery is indeed a process of self-exploration, you will have to do some soul searching, and here are some clues on what you should do and how you will know what your gift is that will help you become a leader where you are.

Your gift is fun.
You must enjoy doing what your gift entails, it has to be within you, you can do it all day and not get tired and not get worried that you aren't paid. People will pay you to do what you like to do. It is your passion. You could do it every day and then show up with a smile the next day to do it again.

In conclusion, leadership consists of finding your unique gift, it requires you to refine it to the best quality it should be, world-class if possible, and when you have done that, the next thing to do is brand your gift, and serve it to the world on a stage of gold.

True leaders never retire, their leadership skills live on in the lives of the people they impact. They are known for their gifts, and the world comes to them for it.