When Hive comes out on top :-)

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Something super interesting happened tonight in a study group session. Let me set the scene for you first.

Students are currently taking an 18-week Expert track in Blockchain, Web3, and Digital assets. We have just started the 4th week and students have covered the following topics in a lot of detail.

Blockchain and how it works
The Scalability Trilemma and Blockchain Layers
Consensus Mechanisms
Blockchain ecosystems

Tonight's study group activity was as follows

You are developing a decentralized messaging app. Being a messaging app, it must be scalable and it must be accessible. What Blockchain ecosystem would you build on and why? What will your initial token distribution be and why?

Challenging right!!!!!

The two key elements here are scalability and accessibility.

The first team selected IOTA based on its TPS and scalability on that side. They did not consider fees.

The second team decided blockchain is just not scalable enough and so a mesh network would be their preferred option.

And the final team selected Hive. They selected Hive because of free and fast transactions and also because it hosts the top-ranking social DApps on dappradar.

During their exploration of the Hive ecosystem, they also came across LeoFinance. In a previous presentation on blockchain ecosystems, Leofinance and its DeFi stack were used as an example to gain an understanding of ecosystems. This made leofinance 'familiar' and as it was created on Hive it also solidified their choice on selecting a blockchain. they also like how you could log into Leofinance with Twitter, removing more barriers to accessibility, and would like to include a simpler feature

It's really interesting having these study groups and although I'm the mentor, I gained a lot from tonight's session. I was really impressed with the team that selected Hive as the other two teams did not consider fees, and fees can make a blockchain not so accessible.

So what do you think of that then? It sounded to me like Hive came out on top. Comment below, I would love to hear your feedback.

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I think that's very interesting and when i was studying blockchain for business i found that hive was so much better than a lot of the other options out there for building projects.

I think that over time we will see the success of projects like leo and splinterlands attract more and more projects to build on this chain.

It won't happen overnight but over the next few years we will continue to expand and grow. Hive is superior to the majority of chains out there and this will pay off in the long run.

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Hive as a blockchain is superior for sure. What's holding it back so much??

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I think that the lack of structure hurts us.

We have blocktrades working on the development but we don't have a team looking at the business side and going out to projects and selling them on integration with hive.

We have lots of apps but they are all indie projects rather than large scale like splinterlands that can develop and market their project.

IMO there needs to be some sort of team that has a plan and a roadmap to grow the userbase and work on partnerships or onboarding existing apps.

Just a lack of planning and structure that comes with a decentralized project. It could be done but there needs to be a group of people to come together and sit down until there is a solid roadmap and get funded from the DAO to go full time.

Was this not tried? I'm not sure Hive really wants that, but it would be awesome.

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It was started on steem and was just getting together when the split happened as far as I remember.

Starkerz and pennsif were a couple of the big players organising things. Then everything went to shit. 😂

I don't know enough about other blockchains to know how viable they would be for messaging, but it really needs to be fast and preferably free. Hive has those features. There is messaging in peakd, but I don't know what's behind that. I'm just happy to hear that more people are getting to know what Hive can do so they can consider it as an option for their projects. We have a great community of developers and some nice tools to use.

This was just an exercise, messaging is one of the blockchain problems that needs solving. web3 email is what we need

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For a messaging app, fees are indeed an insurmountable barrier to entry. Good job to those who spotted the feeless transactions on Hive! However, short of RC delegations, Hive still poses massive problems as far as scalability. When we do allow RC delegations, it will be more fair to think of Hive as free but in its current state, it is not. That being said, I understand Leo and Splinterlands have implemented light accounts which is a step in the right direction.

The feeless part was a great spot by the students, I was so super impressed.

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Wish I was a student again, as we never had the opportunity to cover stuff like this in the 80s 90s, it was a different world then with Web 1 emerging at the time.

Great they chose Hive, much less friction involved compared to other blockchains which to me always seem a bit of a "black box", you can view them but there are too many technicalities involved for people who are way less technical than you or I.