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Alternative title: "The demise of Uptrennd..."

Not as catchy but factually correct.

For those who do not know Uptrennd is a centralized Social Media platform that paid users in their native $Eth token $1UP.

For a while, it went great since they have moderators and although you could give as many votes as you like the model did cap it, so that even higher levels would have to engage to keep earning.

I like capping vote values, and moderators are ok. I do not mind centralized...until it goes wrong.

You can read Jeff the previous owner of Uptrennds announcement here

The big thing with Centralized is, they can sell your ass at any time. As Jeff Kirdeikis did with Uptrennd, and if you ask him he just gave it away "free".

Fair enough, mergers and thingies make tokens go up most of the time. The problem is he gave the token $1UP to Trodl and will be completely scrapping the Uptrennd website.

I wanted to tell you what Trodl is but fucked if I know. Why $1UP dropped from 0.01 to 0.002 though does make it clear that Trodl is not exactly aligned with the Uptrennd demographic.

The announcement of Trodl taking over the $1UP token would make a person think that they have been working very hard to rectify the ecosystem of Uptrennd. But it is the first direct communication from Jeff Kirdeikis apart from a 2 minute monologue in a random video chat that he has given about Uptrennds future in months.

Although I think Trodl realise that 95% of the people on Uptrennd will not be using their site, and fair enough a big percentage of those are scammers and spammers. There is a big percentage that just won't make the pivot from social media to crypto centric fluff... Like Torum.

Trodl however apart from getting a slightly raw deal considering the demographic of users and being thrown into the hornets' nest due to Jeff's incompetence. They are offering a 10:1 airdrop of sorts and supposedly a similar swap option no matter the value of the tokens.

Trodl also intend on using $1UP as an internal tipping currency and offering to stake it in return for farming TRO tokens...

So placation all around, and frankly they do not need to do that so kudos that they are.


With the closure of Uptrennd end of the month at the very least Hive and friends will be gaining a few new users. As surprising as it might be but with a few thousand (Peak) active users on Uptrennd a big chunk of them have never used Hive.

Obviously, there are better options for a quick buck and easier to integrate with communities but I think with Uptrennd being shut down due to gross negligence that those who have to move and sincerely wish to keep earning from their content will be far more likely to grind it out in a place like this than put all their eggs in a basket on a centralized site.

For now, I have 400,000 1UP , the snapshot was taken without being announced so I do not get an airdrop but fucked if I am selling at 0.002 when I went through a peak of 0.03.

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So sad. It's a bad time for Trenndians especially those that were always participating in contests with weird headlines like;

  • Uptrend is my Girlfriend
  • I love Uptrend
  • I will fly to the moon with Uptrend

Worst off for those that were being enticed with some sort of fairy tale about an App. Same news since last quarter of 2020.

Whatever the case may be, it's now a downtrend. Many of us were fucked by the long-awaited message from Jeff. Didn't turn out to be what we expected.

As you said, a lot of Trenndiers will find their way to this place. Those that are ready to do well will most likely do well.

I'm waiting for them to approve my withdrawal request. I would be leaving the 1Up in my wallet until further notice

The app is basically done, I have been using it for a few months now. Yeah I will also see what the Trodl farming has to offer since I doubt I will have any interest there via content but might be able to gain more tokens from farming :)

Lol how many of these platforms are there that promised the world I remember trybe and weku and whaleshares and gosh so much shit voice too! I’m surprised HIVE even got this far I’m just riding the wave here nothing in crypto makes any sense!

We’ll poomp this year and then dump hard and it’s going to be loads of fun! Hopefully I’ll skim some free tokens to dump on bag holders this time and not be the bag holder

Yeah nothing makes sense. The Uptrennd thing and I think a few others is frustrating not so much because they just kill it off it is that few even try to build something and if it does not work to rebuild and keep improving. Then yeah, dumping time and people move on to the same shit on the neighbours lawn.

It seems like Hive is here to stay, so I will probably try to make it my focus. Maybe I should have done so sooner, but I couldn't bring myself to ignore Uptrennd. Now the only thing left to do is salvage my content...

Gross neglect and gross apathy are the words that come to mind. Even the two minute monologue came because someone asked Jeff a question about Uptrennd.
Funnily one of the interviewers had to remind him how well Uptrennd had done as a social media platform helping people put food on their tables.
That I thought was his vision when he started, equal distribution of wealth and equal opportunities to all.
I am glad its done, the wait in limbo was way to long and worthless.

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