The Farming Bandwagon for Miscreants

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I have heard people get rug pulled, I have heard that people can dump a token in seconds and it is all over...

So I lost about $350 last week thanks to getting a bit too comfy with my earmuffs and closing my eyes to the beat of the war drums as I was enjoying a daily return of close to 10%... I compounded.

Sunday evening I opened the Viking Swap site and I was dumbfounded... I mean found out to be dumb. The token went from $19 to $0.60 and in the telegram group the team was posting pissy ass things about being outmanoeuvred by other farms.. Something about layers.

So I pulled my liquidity with a sigh, did not think about it and instead of getting to move into my new Den fully furnished I just shoved my measly tokens into my jocks and hit the road.

I knew Cub Finance was coming and like many who did, wanted to get in "Good".

I got in, and like most parties you just need a few shots first. Once I got my first couple of CUB tokens I realized it is fine.

Today I have recouped the loss and I am nothing if not happy with a solid 0. I have always said: "If you have 0 in the bank, after all, is said and done. You probably owe no one."

So now with my "We trust in Khal." T-shirt I will start moving into some profit and I do think apart from the treat yo self with a 200% a day farm opportunity here and there that I will probably just be chilling in the DEN and patiently furnish the dump as the platform keeps improving.

Community is such a pissy term but it seems that because Leo has the community with a track record, the people left behind by the miscreants will be more likely to align with something tangible.

The plus side, it not only takes care of the immediate gratification syndrome in the space but also the what to do while you wait to harvest more tokens :)

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Least it wasn't $450. That's all I got for now,I didn't wanna be cheesy.

Lots of opportunities out there, but you do have to be nimble. If you don't due diligence up front then be ready to jump at the first signs of trouble.

CUB has a reputable team behind it, and that makes me more comfortable jumping in early than I usually am, but it doesn't rule out the possibility of some bug exposing the protocol to a hack (though anything obvious would hit Goose first I guess).

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Definitely being nimble helps. I entered a few high risk ones on beefy before for like 3 or 4 days then find it is time to pull as I am not sure how any of this works longterm. I think it is good the Leo is in since it also can give many people to just figure shit out without losing it all hopefully.

If it gets hacked though , oh well shit happens.

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If it gets hacked though , oh well shit happens.

As they say... don't invest more than you can afford to lose.

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Cub is my first defi experience. I'm here for all the learning experience

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Same... and the cash does not hurt. I think you are fortunate in that your learning is not going to be as abrasive as some others' have been in the space.

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I knoww riiiight.....its soothing to know

Who let the Cubs out?

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