Everyone Has an Opinion, You Should Have Too! .:. #MyHiveGoals 2024

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I can smell a bull run in the air... It's interesting how we are going through different phases, altogether forming these "cycles"... If we try to get out there, zoom out, and rise to the heights, trying to be more objective, we can recognize behaviors from the previous cycles...

I have noticed lately here on HIVE that we are getting divided into two "tribes", and somehow, I can't find myself on either of those two sides... On one side, we have HIVE maxis (despite hearing from people that we don't have maxis, I'm afraid I have to disagree with that) who think that HIVE is a perfect ecosystem... That we have a perfect balance with our two coins (HIVE and HBD), that everything is going great, and that there is nothing to change or implement (the famous saying "Why would you change if it is not broken")...

The answer to the question "Why is HIVE at 352nd place of Coingecko if everything is so great?", the usual answer is how people don't understand HIVE, and how mainstream media wants to silence/hide HIVE as it is too good... I was named a conspiracy theorist many times, but this is a bit too far away for me too... 🙂

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On the other side, we have the opposite group of people who think that HIVE is on the way to the bottom and there is no way that it can survive... How nobody cares about HIVE, and everyone is just milking the HIVE cow and cashing out... We are going toward the abyss, on the one-way road with no return...

As I said at the beginning, I wouldn't say that I'm on either of two sides... I can't say that HIVE doesn't have its problems, or that it can't be better... Also, HIVE isn't on a one-way road, but we indeed have less discussion and talks about the HIVE itself... We don't have people with OPINION, or when we have, they don't like to SHARE it with others...

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What we do have is 3 to 4 Hivians who are "representing" their sides, and we have dozens (if not hundreds) of people who are FOLLOWING those people, following their opinions, without having their OWN opinion! That is a trap! We blame others for our problems without realizing that by NOT having our OWN opinion, we are CENTRALIZING our "thoughts", or better say, the narrative on HIVE... Instead of working on spreading discussion among more people, we are deliberately centralizing it to a few...

Bull markets are coming... Prophets are louder and louder... We are getting predictions of HIVE hitting $5-$10, having $100 upvotes, etc... Maybe we will hit, maybe won't... But, I would say that everyone agrees that if we hit those numbers, it will be only for a couple of minutes or hours... Nobody believes that we can stay there... Nor HIVE Maxis, nor HIVE FUDers...

Do we believe in HIVE at all, or we are just a bunch of speculators? Be objective...

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Let's go back to #MyHiveGoals as I skipped another week, and almost didn't do this post either...

screenshot from hivestats.io

It is true that the chart goes up, and the NGU (Numbers Go Up - I didn't know the meaning 😃), but it goes up slower than in the past... I did fewer posts in the last 2 weeks, and I did some "heavy posts", which people sometimes don't want to see/read... But, it was important to say...

Also, I didn't do posts that I liked to do in the past a lot more, sharing photos from my walks, or from some trips that I made in the past... While I have tons of photos and memories to share, I didn't do it in the last month or two... I will definitely try to find more time to do that... The #HHHLive show took a lot of my time which was dedicated to those posts, but on the other side, working on the show made some great connections with other people, and also connections among them! It became like a bridge between Hivians, which is very nice to see!

It's time to update the numbers and put them into the spreadsheet until the next week! So, freshly updated numbers for #MyHIVEGoals, on February 25th, 2024 are:


I have created only 8 posts in 2 weeks, including the last #MyHiveGoals report, which isn't that bad... The problem is that many of those posts weren't on the "level" where I would like to have them... They were reports, show announcements and recaps, and only 1-2 "creative" posts where they moved people to think and leave meaningful comments... IMO, it's important to create that kind of post, where people can discuss and share their views...

So, in the last 14 days, I have added 521 HivePower to my balance, which would be 260 HP per week... While it is a great number, it could be much better... I can do better with my posts...

What I did better, was my Liotes Diesel Pool numbers... In the last 2-week report I have accumulated 84 of those LEN:SWAP.HIVE shares, and this time, for the same timeframe, I have added 112 shares! I didn't reach the monthly goal, but I got closer to it!

As usual, the best numbers are in the Rising Star goal where I count the total card numbers that I own in the game... As I began with buying cards directly from the markets, this number went crazily up... I suppose that I will change it for a higher goal in a couple of months if not weeks...

In these 2 weeks, I have added almost 1500 NFTs to my collection! If I continue like that, I could reach my yearly goal in 3 months!

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These were my initial numbers and goals for 2024, created on January 7th, 2024...

MyHiveGoals 2024 Edition - The Beginning!

Join me in this awesome #MyHiveGoals and let's grow together! It is fun, motivating, and will keep you focused!

Thank you for your time,


PS. None of this is financial advice of any kind...

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I missed all the gossip!! Need to get out more

Hehehe... There is no "specific" gossip, it's more about building your own stand and opinion, and not just blindly following some hot-heads... :)

Making some good pushes for sure.

A part of me was a bit worried about hive-engine with the new VCS coming online at the end of this year but honestly unless they have people willing to build it on it I don't see it going far and I don't see most of the core platforms like LEO and Splinterlands moving off of it.

Hmmm... Why are you worried about the additional value added to HIVE? I mean, VCS could take part of the business from H-E, but it could bring so many possibilities that could benefit everyone...

Competition is good!

Oh I agree I was more so saying if they don't have any projects lined up the launch of VCS when it comes out I could see it honestly falling flat and not being used so I'm just hoping they are addressing that. Simply building it and hoping people will come isn't a great play but it's one many developers take.

Simply building it and hoping people will come isn't a great play but it's one many developers take.

Unfortunately, that's something that we on HIVE are experts in... Our chain can be superior to 90% of other chains, but nobody knows about it, and we are undermining each other in our small pond...

I am between the two currents... some days I get closer to one than the other. I see fewer and fewer rewards for content creators and curators and more speculation. I am also concerned about HP's massive movements towards a few hands. Just like the fights for traffic between frontends.

I've been lazy for a few days to enter Hive because I know what I'm going to find instead of wanting to connect to see what new I discover. 😔

I am also concerned about HP's massive movements towards a few hands. Just like the fights for traffic between frontends.

Yeah... You have probably noticed that I'm pushing the thing with "demotivating" others to delegate their HivePower and motivate people to manually curate with their stake... If we don't do that, someone else will decide about upvotes, and about the our destiny and direction of where this chain will go...

Hive isn't perfect, but it's solid to an extent and for sure we can do better. When you have great marketing you can climb the ranks on coinmarket irrespective of whether you have a good project or not. Hive can do better, but we have some solid foundation which we need to build on that the witnesses might be sleeping on.

You are spot on... I have noticed that many witnesses (maybe better said WHALES, not witnesses) are sleeping...

I'm a believer in Hive and the dApps built on it, the next thing I'm looking for the is Arcade Colony platfrom, I think that could be the next biggest thing built on Hive after Splinterlands.

I just think that Hive Blockchain is really simple and easy to use and with no transaction fees on top, is a really great blockchain for newbies to start out their crypto journey on.

Well, I can't say that I'm not a believer as I was here in the good and the bad... I suppose because of that I'm more "realistic" with my expectations about the future... I'm not expecting to see HIVE replacing IG or FB, but it can make a difference in the Web3 space, that's for sure...

and in the end... It all depends on us... People who are here, building, helping out others, and supporting the community...


I have a good feeling about Hive in the future, and for me, it's the one crypto that I hold the most of. I powered up another substantial chunk last week, and now I'm close to hitting 15k HP.

Reaching $5-10 dollars is insanity, but god damn, it would be amazing. I think it'll land somewhere between .90 - 1.20, maybe with some heavy spikes and quick falls.

Congrats on your HP accumulation! 15K is a nice chunk of HivePower that can nicely help and support many of your favorite authors and followers!

I think it'll land somewhere between .90 - 1.20, maybe with some heavy spikes and quick falls.

That's something that everyone sees and says... Spike, and quick falls... Tbh, I would like to see once that we spike and stay there... 😀

I'd love to see that as well man, I think Hive has a lot to offer and is much better than most projects out there. But, we're affected by sell suppression because a large portion of the user base is too quick to sell what they earn.

The main issue though, is we just don't have a large enough user base. I think that will change in the future, all we need is a good marketing strategy.

I don't think Hive can stay there for more than a few days even when it reaches its highest level, because that's what has happened in previous markets. I hope it stays.

Yes, that did happen in the previous cycles... It happened to many other tokens, but some of the "better ones" recovered and didn't fall that sharply like our chain... Maybe there was a lesson behind it, but we didn't learn it... so, we will probably have to repeat that class this time too... 🙂

Believer here because have been using it for so long, surely a lot more people in the world are also fan. But we just need to reach them and that is kind of a challenge since there is so much out there.

I am a hive fan with a nice splinterlands stack, and also always keeping my HP powered up, but will we make it? I really do hope so...because you...the community!

I heard many times something like this:
"If HIVE would go to a few cents, would people still stay here and create content?

If you asked me a few years ago, I would probably said NO, they wouldn't stay... But, as time passes, the community grows, and today, I would say YES, many would stay, for the community!

I think Hive is good and it can still succeed but I don't think focusing on the social media aspect is the way to get more users. The pool of users who are interested in just that isn't that large so we need more applications that people will want to use.

As time passes, I agree more and more with your statement... The blogging side of HIVE has issues and there is no "consensus" to fix those issues... In that way, our best shot is to promote our chain/free transactions and bring more devs who would build apps on top of it...

Haha I do believe in Hive! I think it's a matter of time it catches up with the market, in the meantime, I am happy to accumulate!

Congratulations to you! 😃
I see many people being "believers" on paper, but when the time comes, they run away... 😃

Hehe! Another fun day today!

Interesting observations on the Hive community's divided perspectives.
It's crucial to foster diverse opinions and encourage independent thinking to bring more people to this platform.
Your MyHiveGoals progress shows steady growth. Keep up the great work! 🚀

It's crucial to foster diverse opinions and encourage independent thinking to bring more people to this platform.

Amen! That's the exact reason why I create a lot of content about the importance of having your own view, having your OWN stake, doing the manual work to support others, etc... In that way, we are stronger as a collective... If we delegate and blindly follow 3-4 people, we are doing it wrong...


I believe the same.
Together we are stronger!

The bull run is nearby and it will be very massive
God knows I can’t wait to see the price of Hive go up
I’d be so glad

Hehehe... We will see what happens... HIVE knows to act very weirdly in such markets... 😃

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I am so sure one day also, I will get to the level you are. Consistency is the key

I still believe hive really have a bright future ahead and have the potential to dethrone a lot of project in the future. It is just a matter of time

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