@phortun´s Monday tipping contest #121: winner announcement

in LeoFinance4 months ago

Hey there my Hive friends and followers!

I am excited to announce the winner of the 121st round of my regular Monday tipping contest where the winner of each round takes 5 Hive :)


The participants of the contest were supposed to guess the price of Hive today at exactly 11:00 A.M. Central European Time (CET).

The Hive price (rounded to 3 decimal digits) at that particular moment was $0.320 as you can see in the following screen shot taken from coingecko.com today at 11:00 A.M. (CET):

Bez názvu.png

I checked all submitted valid entries in the original post and the fastest closest tip $0.322 was submitted by @lovinggirl.

Congratulation @lovinggirl, you are the winner of this round! I have just sent you 5 Hive as the reward, you can check that in your wallet :)

Thank you everyone for your participation. I hope you enjoyed the contest. You can join the next round next week from Monday to Friday ;)

Check out the ranking of the most successful participants of the contest!

Rank Name Number of wins
3. - 4.@deepresearch5
3. - 4.@rebe.torres125
5. - 9.@krakonos4
5. - 9.@jjprac4
5. - 9.@yova4
5. - 9.@necho414
5. - 9.@jhonnygo4
10. - 12.@onlavu3
10. - 12.@olympicdragon3
10. - 12.@miriammarga3
13. - 25.@borran 2
13. - 25.@shashiprabha 2
13. - 25.@maxili632
13. - 25.@gingbabida2
13. - 25.@crazy-andy2
13. - 25.@jorgebgt2
13. - 25.@faithetim2
13. - 25.@maylenasland2
13. - 25.@dswigle2
13. - 25.@rosauradels2
13. - 25.@femcy-willcy2
13. - 25.@emeka42
13. - 25.@bntcamelo2
26. - 65.@liltammy 1
26. - 65.@dronegraphica 1
26. - 65.@mastersa 1
26. - 65.@tulio77 1
26. - 65.@lavanyalakshman 1
26. - 65.@minhaz007 1
26. - 65.@oresteg1
26. - 65.@rokhani1
26. - 65.@coingecko1
26. - 65.@katrin-lux1
26. - 65.@trangbaby1
26. - 65.@firstcoast1
26. - 65.@jfang0031
26. - 65.@oldmans1
26. - 65.@fronttowardenemy1
26. - 65.@tazi1
26. - 65.@jedenjenda1
26. - 65.@aleksandra.mart1
26. - 65.@taliakerch1
26. - 65.@a-alice1
26. - 65.@crazy-bee1
26. - 65.@yeckingo11
26. - 65.@nenio1
26. - 65.@worldstories1
26. - 65.@vaipraonde1
26. - 65.@maarnio1
26. - 65.@tokutaro221
26. - 65.@voidd1
26. - 65.@howzat1
26. - 65.@zzzinnn1
26. - 65.@zaneawilliams1
26. - 65.@johnbenn1
26. - 65.@pars.team1
26. - 65.@anujadhao1
26. - 65.@micheal871
26. - 65.@pataty691
26. - 65.@triplug1
26. - 65.@uyobong1
26. - 65.@hjrrodriguez1
26. - 65.@lovinggirl1

This post was created by me for the Hive blockchain exclusively. All rights reserved.


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thank you so much, i am feeling happy to be called as winner.

You are welcome. That was a very good guess and thus a well deserved win ;) See you in the next round.

congratulations to the winner @lovinggirl

Congratulations 🎉 @lovinggirl

Congratulations 💸👏👏👏

Congratulations! @lovinggirl🎯

Wow... Congratulations 🎉 @lovinggirl

My suggestion was $0.330 it's was quiet close @phortun hope I get to be rewarded

Yeah, you were close too but there is just one winner in each round. Good luck in the next one :)

Alright. I hope to win next time.. I want to be congratulated.. Really trying to work hard to earn a living

I occasionally host a special BTC tipping contest too, you better follow my blog regularly not to miss out on it. I´m considering hosting a BTC special soon as it seems that things are finally starting to pick up on the markets...

I will do so straight away. Thanks for the opportunity

It's really going to be helpful for me. Things not really funny down here (surviving mode). Will continue to try , no giving up will definitely win someday

Persistence is the key. Good luck.

Many many congratulations to the winner.


A very Big Congratulations

Congrats to the winner.

Congratulations @lovinggirl.

Congratulation to the winner





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That's amazing
I guess a lot of people never thought that the price could do well like that, lol
I predict $0.328

Again, just like in the previous winner announcement... Do you read the replies at all?

Bez názvu.png

Ooh yeah I do but most times, I forget
I'd do that now