I don't know how many times I've looked at a new person's profile and see nothing but reblogs. As a recent person on the chain said when I told her that.. her answer was 'so don't do like Twitter'.. I thought it was a great comment.

"so don't do it like Twitter"

Excellent advice. That may change in the near future, but for now it's excellent advice.

Until recently, I hadn't understood how valuable reblogs were as a form of engagement. It's a way of gaining visibility with a larger audience. It's also a way of attracting attention (however unexpected) of someone with high stake who saw value in the reblog of so-and-so's post-- or even the actual high-stake blogger.

If someone's blog is only reblogs with no content at all, that would be a concern. Even then, there could be a valid reason for that. For me it's May 2022, not September 2017; much has changed in how we view certain things.

I know of some who will unfollow people who reblog too often. So, doing reblogs on posts you really find well done is also a form of building credibility and doesn't drown your own content.

And yes, rumour is we're going to see a twitter like service that will definitely be good to 'do twitter' on. D.Buzz is not bad to do so on now.